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Arcadian Shores Golf Club

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Arcadian Shores Golf Club

Arcadian Shores Golf Club just north of Myrtle Beach city limits boasts awards from Golf Digest, and the Myrtle Beach Sun News from the not-so-distant past.

The Rees Jones course opened in 1974 and eventually received joking references as one course that had as much sand as it did grass. In total, 60-plus bunkers still present a challenge, despite some significant work recently to provide a clear divide between surfaces. One sand trap on the opening hole at times looks suspiciously like a set of brass knuckles. However, players can obviously avoid feeling beat up by taking their time and not fixating on the sand, even if that is easier said than done.

The par four No. 13 is one of the few where that isn’t the primary concern. The 408-yard hole begins with an up-and-down tee shot that leaves first-time players unaware of what’s to come. Up ahead is a downward slope leading into oversized pond. It forces a carry into the green with next to no room to work with. Go short, and a drop is necessary. But go long and - just for good measure, of course - a backside bunker awaits.

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406 reviews

Latest Review For Arcadian Shores Golf Club

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Arcadian Shores Golf Club Course Reviews

Recent Reviews

by Joey - 07/05/2016
Was 2 min late for tee time do to the club attendants at the parking area. Desk attendant was rude said we would have to take a rain check and could not go off 2 min behind on a week day they were not busy in no way. Yes i am a young golfer but very professional ive played in high school as well as college and this is tge first time i have ever been disrespected on a golf coarse.also no were does it say that the proshop is closed so bathrooms are porta-pottys had a small trailer with very limited room.
by Brent - 03/04/2016
White tees, wet fairways, cart path only, firm greens, good value,medium difficult, nice course. Recommend for the cost.
by Peter - 10/11/2015
The layout brings a challenge for all golfers from each tee block. The 13th hole was very challenging and when you get near the green and go across the bridge keep an eye out for the two gators which call the swamp area to the right of the green home. Good course to play for the price. I would play this course again on my next trip. Only problem we had was the grill was broken so we couldn't eat there.
by Peter - 10/09/2015
I was surprised by this course. Although not rated very high, I enjoyed my round there. It was challenging enough but not to challenging as my wife also enjoyed her round. Would definitely play this course again .
by Curt H - 09/21/2015
Was pleasantly surprised. Course was in good shape, and greens rolled nicely, and not overly fast. My expectations weren't terribly high, but they were far exceeded. This is not one of the top 10 courses in Myrtle Beach, but I'd play it again.
by Gary Lane - 08/16/2015
Starter was really nice as was the snack bar attendant. And that's where the good review ends. Thankfully I wasn't in the 100s of bunkers that they have, but ideally, you would want each bunker to have more than one rake per bunker. The fairways were somewhat bare and a few of the greens are not in shape. Spend a few extra $$ and play another course.
by Jeff - 06/27/2015
Played with my son in the morning. Staff load my bags up and got me right out to number one. The greens were a little slow but not bad for my son and I. It was a great course for my son to learn on. He enjoyed #13 signature hole. Also pro shop was having a 50% off sale on shirts.
by Tony - 06/12/2015
I am part of a group that has been coming to Myrtle Beach for 38 years and have played Arcadian at least 20 times. I'm not sure what's happening here now but the conditions today were so bad that we told them we wouldn't be back. We were told that they don't care about reviews these couple of weeks because they just airified their greens. Let me tell you that for the money we paid it wasn't worth it. We've played Shaftesbury Glen twice already this week and it was amazing. As Usual. Don't waste your money playing Arcadian, we only played it because it's close to condo, that's not happening again.
by Chris - 05/25/2015
I called to make a tee time and was told by the person over the phone that it would be $49 per person but when arrived it was $60, didn't mind paying the 11 dollars but the greens were not in good shape with dead spots and ground hog tunnels other than that the fairways and tee boxes were in great shape. My group of six was told to start on the tenth tee, and once we met the starter he instructed us that we could all play together which i found odd but went and started on the tenth tee anyway. when we finished our first hole a man named Dan approached us yelling and cursing about how we aren't suppose to play together. I approached Dan to try and talk to him and tell him the starter told us to go out but all he would say is, I don't know where you guys are from but we don't do this sh*t here and We never send six or even five out at a time, i will have you guys kicked out if this sh*t happens again. He also said we were not keeping pace even though when we got to hole 11 we had to wait for the golfers in front of us to finish, If Dan would have simply came up up to us and said the starter made a mistake and i need you guys to split up I would have been OK with it because I thought it was strange anyway. I have been golfing for three years now and this is by far the worst I have ever been treated, I also had a first time golfer with me who said he will not be golfing anymore because he thinks this is how golf courses treat there guests. I'm in the Myrtle area very often with friends and will not be returning to this course and I will not recommend this place to anyone.
by Ronald - 05/22/2015
Enjoyed playing this course, especially signature holes #2 and #13. Fairways were awesome. While the greens were transitioning they were in good shape and putted true. Sand in bunkers was soft and fringe was full. Cart paths may need a little work, but not a deal breaker for me. Staff was great. Recommend you play this course.
by Jase - 05/18/2015
Whilst the layout may be a little ordinary there was nothing ordinary about the greens. Some of the best we played on in our 2 week trip and should make other courses embarrassed when moaning about bad winters (Long Bay/True Blue).
by Jimmie - 04/26/2015
Pro shop is out of date. Booked a package at 4 different course. Best greens we played while in Myrtle Beach. Staff was really friendly.
by Panisse - 04/07/2015
My first experience here was great but my second left much to be desired. The young man at the pro shop needs some much needed customer service help. We arrived on time for our tee time but had to use the facilities since we were just coming in from a 4-hour trip. He said I need you on the course now. He was so rude. I explained to him that of course, I was not the one playing considering I had on a dress and sandals. He proceeded to pick up the walkie talkie and tell the other guy that the party was here but he didn't know where the bodies where. I had just told him that they went to use the facility. How rude. That sealed it for me. My family will never play here again. I am not a child and I resent being talked to like I was ignorant. You all have lost a customer for life.
by Brad - 04/05/2015
Not a bad course. Spoiled at 8:15 a.m. on hole #2 by the smartass ranger who asked if I was color blind. Seriously, those were his first words as he stood over the fairway cart stake in the fairway as we finished putting. Apparently I exited the fairway in my cart behind the cart exit sign, but I traversed onto hardpan sand on the incorrect side of the green (20 yards from the nearest blade of grass). Had the course not been a goat track, I may have realized I was in an area where a cart should not be taken.
by James (Pickering, ON) - 12/03/2014
Very good.
by Travis - 11/26/2014
by Linda (Scotia, NY) - 11/25/2014
by Bob (Bethany Beach, DE) - 11/17/2014
by Max - 11/17/2014
Great place to play had a wonderful time from the moment we dropped the bags off Pro Shop and staff was very professional and very funny They let us know all about the course and what it had to offer The course had everything you need in a course great design and layout It was in great shape greens rolled great We will book the this course many more times Thanks for the great time guys.
by Richard (Ontario, Canada) - 11/16/2014
by Jan (The Blue Mountains, ON) - 11/10/2014
Love the reward card, great burgers!!! We arrived for our game during the start of a tournament so things seemed a little confused at the beginning but all in all it was a good experience. The women liked the course more than the men.
by Leroy (Ailken, SC) - 11/09/2014
We enjoyed it.
by David (Stoney Creek, ON) - 11/09/2014
Had a 8:00 tee time played the front nine made the turn at 10:15 found 7 groups on the 10th tee. We were told a large group unexpectedly showed up so we left - didn't have time to wait an hour to tee off.
by Don (Barker, NY) - 11/05/2014
Average course, nothing special.........
by Brian (St. Eustache, Quebec) - 11/03/2014
Enjoyed the entire experience.
by Robert (East Hampton, NY) - 11/03/2014
We enjoyed it.
by Dick (Kansas City, MO) - 10/27/2014
by Chet (Kansas City, MO) - 10/27/2014
by Stephen (Pottstown, PA) - 10/26/2014
by John (Richmond, VA) - 10/26/2014
Course was average! Pro shop personnel were friendly and helpful.
by Fred (Bethany Beach, DE) - 10/26/2014
by Al (Battle Creek, MI) - 10/22/2014
by Don (Latrobe, PA) - 10/21/2014
Overseeded and rain.
by Mr. and Mrs. John (Knoxville, TN) - 10/20/2014
Very good.
by Tony (Winston, GA) - 10/20/2014
by Jim (West River, MD) - 10/18/2014
Was not in good shape. Would not go back.
by Mary (Leesburg, FL) - 10/13/2014
by James (Columbus, OH) - 10/08/2014
by Dan - 10/02/2014
Great staff - big improvement in course - food and beverage always polite as is staff in pro shop. Starters always polite and great with any communication that is needed. Range is awesome need new club washer.
by Stan (Oshawa, ON) - 09/29/2014
Greens were great but the fairways were sparse. It was very wet that day.
by Harold - 09/19/2014
For the past several years I have planned a small tournament (25 to 30 people) with Jason. Jason and the entire staff will go out of their way to accommodate all of our needs, event to the point of making several changes the day of the tournament. No matter how poorly I have planned the tournament, Jason will make it happen and all will have a very enjoyable day.
by Jim (North Java, NY) - 09/18/2014
Playable course for all levels of play. Staff was very friendly.
by Dennis - 09/18/2014
Took a group of 12 for a bachelor party the staff was really great with making sure we had a good time...Cart guys had us laughing all day it was truly the greatest time of golf for the group.. Course was in great shape considering all the rain the course got that week... Thanks for the great time...
by Matt - 09/18/2014
Played the course about a week ago very nice track. It gives you everything you want ... Staff was excellent very friendly and made you feel like you were part of there team ... It's a must play will be telling friends about this course will play again..
by Rich - 08/26/2014
by Kerry (Mooresville, NC) - 08/12/2014
First time playing this course. Course was in decent shape. Greens were in very good shape. Greens have a lot of undulations. Overall, we enjoyed the round.
by Dennis (Bensalem, PA) - 06/13/2014
by Kim (Tonawanda, NY) - 06/12/2014
Greens a little rough the day we played...clubhouse definitely old school...........but course layout is interesting.............good course for the value..............would definitely return without hesitation.......
by Dave (Waynesboro, PA) - 06/06/2014
by John (Seaford, NY) - 06/06/2014
by Dan (Arvada, CO) - 06/05/2014
Nice course, greens were quick but rolled true. This course exceeded our expectations so we were happy with it.
by Kevin and Paula (Ashburn, ON) - 06/03/2014
Was a good cource however needs a bit of work to bring it up to par with other cources
by Dan (St Catherines, ON) - 06/03/2014
by Lloyd (Mississauga, ON) - 06/03/2014
Hadn't played this course in 30 years . Love the lay out of the course but appeared to be very run down compared to the other courses . Club house old washroom dirty . Really need a face lift & could rank up with some of the best .
by Arthur (Virginia Beach, VA) - 06/02/2014
by Sandy (Piedmont, SC) - 06/02/2014
Good older course and fun to play. wide fairways and big greens.this course is well maintained.
by Barbara (Swansboro, NC) - 06/02/2014
Only 1 hole a problem for me. Love the course other wise.
by Robert (Wheeling, WV) - 06/02/2014
This course is good would play it again
by Anthony (Colonia, NJ) - 05/27/2014
There where only two attendants at the bag drop, neither one attended to my bags carried my own bag up to the club house. But the starter and the person I was paired up with made the day awesome!
by Robert - 05/27/2014
Course was in Great shape.The stater from NY what a nice guy he was very good to us even though we were from Boston. staff inside was great to !
by Jim (Winston Salem, NC) - 05/21/2014
by Jeff (Dover, DE) - 04/30/2014
by Daniel (Montreal, QC) - 04/30/2014
by John (Rockaway Park, NY) - 04/30/2014
Dave from the Bronx was very helpful about course and also suggested an excellent restaurant... Course still needs a lot of work
by Acklin - 04/29/2014
Staff very unfriendly , not willing to help vacationers at all. Just are all about the dollar. Do not play this course, plenty more with a very courtesy staff. Played 5 rounds during our stay and all were friendly except Arcadian Shores!
by Bobby (Disputanta, VA) - 04/17/2014
This course not for average golfer,too many bunkers @ tee times too close long waits 5 hr play
by Fred (Fruitland, ON) - 04/16/2014
by Ed (Brantford, ON) - 04/16/2014
Not much has changed in 20 years. Lots of trees have been removed. Fun course with some difficult holes. Worth the money to play.
by John (Seymour, CT) - 04/16/2014
by William (Ottawa, CN) - 03/21/2014
Very friendly staff and excellent course conditions. Enjoyable round of golf.
by Tom (Alpha, NJ) - 03/07/2014
Enjoyed the course
by Frank (Windsor, ON) - 02/28/2014
by Russell (Lonaconing, MD) - 02/25/2014
Every thing great
by Nora (Pinehurst, NC) - 02/25/2014
by Todd (Lexington, SC) - 02/20/2014
The course was not in good shape. They are in the process of cutting down trees around the course and it was a mess. I'll play it again in the summer and give if a second chance. For the price I expected better.
by Tom - 01/22/2014
by Gary (Roanoke, VA) - 12/06/2013
by Randy (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/06/2013
Course and employees have greatly improved from 4-5 years ago. Fun layout, fairway turf was a little thin for this time of year.
by Bonnie (Barrie, ON) - 12/04/2013
Only reason we have a 6 in fairways, greens and tees is due to windy conditions and leaves everywhere
by Duane (Petersburg, NY) - 11/26/2013
by Christine (Venice, FL) - 11/21/2013
Old but traditional layout. Hey owners some money you receive from the greens fees needs to be re-invested in the appearance of your clubhouse and course signage and restrooms. The grounds crews were clueless when a group was approaching their shot to the green and never stopped blowing leaves or leaving the area when a shot was made. A lawsuit waiting to happen. Perk up the place and we may return.
by Elio (Manotick, ON) - 11/19/2013
by Charles (Dodgeville, WI) - 11/15/2013
Reasonably priced
by Brent (Oakville, ON) - 11/15/2013
by Deb (Orillia, ON) - 11/12/2013
Extremely wet conditions and cart path only the day we played. Would go back to replay under better conditions. Enjoyed the layout.
by Tommy (Lynchburg, VA) - 11/07/2013
by Dave (Kingston, ON) - 10/29/2013
Enjoyed overall nothing stoodout
by Randy (New Castle, DE) - 10/29/2013
by Ray (Kingston, PA) - 10/24/2013
Too much sand bunkers by greens
by Deborah (Salem, NJ) - 10/22/2013
Enjoyed the course. The started was great as was all the personnel we encountered.
by Dan (Pickerington, OH) - 10/18/2013
I enjoyed the layout. The greens were in good condition. Even though we had a good deal of rain the day before and it was cart paths only, the course was not too wet for play.
by Karen (Gainesville, FL) - 10/14/2013
Enjoyed very much, except the slow play as we got to the front 9 after playing the back 9 first.
by John (Monroe, NY) - 10/07/2013
The course was close to where I was staying and very similar to Waterway Hills both are R.T.Jones courses.
by Brad (Oakville, ON) - 10/04/2013
Enjoyed the round, unfortunately new sod was laid which was limiting to some areas to drive. Was as a great experience and value for the price.
by Steve (North Augusta, SC) - 10/03/2013
Course marshall very rude
by Anthony (Oxford, PA) - 09/26/2013
First time here. surprised at the width of the fairways. good for me. starter said more trees to be removed. seems like you're moving in the right direction. will play again the next time I visit
by Bobby (Clayton, NC) - 09/24/2013
I play this course 3-4 times a year because of its location. It's right across the street from where I stay.
by Christian (Greenbay, WI) - 09/23/2013
by Stephen (Monument, CO) - 09/18/2013
Inexpensive course, reasonable value, nothing particularly unique about the course, but pleasant nonetheless.
by Misti (Spotsylvania, VA) - 09/18/2013
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