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Barefoot Resort - Dye Course

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Barefoot Resort - Dye Course

Named as 2013 Golf Course of the Year by both the Myrtle Beach and South Carolina Golf Course Owners Associations, it should come as no surprise that the Dye Club at Barefoot Resort and Golf has carved out a spot as one of the nicest golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area year after year.

The site of Darius Rucker’s annual Monday After the Master’s celebrity pro-am, the Dye Club has something so few others in the Carolinas have: Pete Dye’s architecture.

“He’s one of the only golf course designers in the hall of fame for a reason. The guy just gets it,” Dye Club head professional Jeff Diehl said. “On top of that, the land he built it on, the acreage he built it on, just set up so well for him. How he frames out each hole is distinct. you can play all of his courses and get a feel you’re on a Pete Dye Course. But each hole is distinct in its own right. That’s what impresses me the most.”

As far as impressions go, No. 18 leaves everyone who plays it with a memorable capper. The 471-yard par 4 bends around a left-side pond while banked hills and sand traps line the right. The “monster” hole, as Diehl put it, is classic Dye.

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Barefoot Resort - Dye Course Course Reviews

Recent Reviews

by Trent (West Jordan, UT) - 08/12/2016
The greens very difficult.
by William (Centerburg, OH) - 07/01/2016
The greens were aerated recently and it would have been nice to know prior to booking in May or at least before we play there so we could cancel and play some place else. At the very least we should have gotten a discount or money credited to my credit card. I did not think the course was in good enough shape to justify the price we paid.
by David - 06/27/2016
Nice course. Good condition and great value if you play on a Wednesday. Definitely worth a visit.
by Iain (Denny, UK) - 06/10/2016
More like a UK course than US I liked the fact that off the white tees you didn't have to drive the ball huge distances to play the course.I enjoyed the par 3s.
by Jonathan (Pittsburgh, PA) - 05/22/2016
Favorite holes: 4, 6, 10, 18. Unique: Never have I ever been told to play slower on a golf course. As a 2some is playing behind a 4some, I expect to have a few periods of waiting throughout the day. I do not expect to be told to play slower by a ranger while proper etiquette is being followed. I can't comprehend what inspired the ranger to approach or monitor our ability to stay on pace with the group ahead of us. Especially as a 2 following a 4. Totally unique experience. Great golf course. A fair yet challenging test.
by John (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/13/2016
Exceptionally well-conditioned course - better than Kingsmill's LPGA River Course. Extremely courteous and helpful staff. Typical Dye layout - you are either on a tee box, in the fairway, on a green or in sand.
by James - 12/18/2015
Typical Pete Dye design that we enjoyed playing. Tough but fair if played from the correct set of tees based on handicap. Can see how this would not be fun if played from yardage longer than you normally play. Conditions in line with all other of the Barefoot courses we played this week.
by Mark (New Bedford, MA) - 09/11/2015
Very wet conditions, needs better drainage. No drink cart due to the conditions with no water on the course
by Jong - 09/01/2015
Great shape tee to green. Played 8/22/15. Beautiful layout. Greens rolled true & somewhat fast, not super fast though. Lots of fairway bunkers. Fair but challenging. Will definitely play again.
by Mike (Matthews, NC) - 08/18/2015
The course was fabulous. Nothing much to say other than that.
by Jeff (Hastings, MN) - 08/07/2015
Fabulous course.
by Nick - 07/31/2015
Play the Dye course for our final round of the week. Out of all the Barefoot courses the Dye course is as close to 10 as possible. Greens were great. Fairways were great. Rough was fair. Sand was played as waste bunkers. Overall a great experience.
by Chad (Greenville, SC) - 07/26/2015
Fun course that demands respect if playing from back tees. Greens were in great shape but pace of play was slow due to high volume.
by Jason (Masury, OH) - 07/22/2015
Tee markers would have been nice.
by John (Albany, NY) - 07/02/2015
The nicest course that I have ever played on. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Beautiful course in excellent shape from tee to green. It was a very hot day and when we finished, the starter had a cold towel waiting for us. While we cooled down, he cleaned our clubs. Very nice. Would most definitely recommend this course.
by Carl (Birmingham, AL) - 06/25/2015
Great in the clubhouse but not very nice starters. Second year in a row for this problem.
by John (South Bend, IN) - 05/23/2015
Excellent experience.
by Ron D. - 05/18/2015
The flagship Barefoot course. As mid handicappers from the UK we enjoyed the layout with some real challenging pin positions. The Tees were in good condition along with fairways and bunkers / waste areas. The downside without doubt were the greens, they were awful due to the unseasonable cold weather. We wouldn't be happy paying the full green fee for the greens to be in that condition though we stayed at the Yacht club villas which had a great deal on with the Barefoot courses.
by Jeff - 04/16/2015
Played Fazio last year, decided to try Dye this year. The course is in rough shape, they said it has been raining quite a bit which is fine but apparently the drainage on this course is non existent. The bunkers (not the waste areas) were 50-60% mud and many areas around them were dead. For a course that is very bunker heavy this makes for a pretty unenjoyable round. I like tough courses but the course can't be both tough and in this shape. I played it on their Wednesday deal which cut the price down to near $100 but for that it's still overpriced. We played World Tour today and while their greens were in tough shape the course was head and shoulders better for $101. The Dye greens were also pretty slow. Coming in from CT (where golf is generally expensive) i can play courses that are in better shape back home (right now.. after the worst winter in 10 years) for $75. The staff was great, no complaints at all. My issue is more a cost to quality issue. Was really looking forward to this course too, had heard great things.
by Daren (Thorofare, NJ) - 04/05/2015
The course was not in very good shape especially the greens which had bare spots. Not at all what I expected when paying $105.00. I played on two other courses earlier in the week which were in far better shape and cost less than half the price.
by Fred (Newton Center, MA) - 11/13/2014
Outstanding course. Lived up to its reputation. hard but fair. I play to an 18 but putted well on terrific greens and got the ball up and down from around the greens and out of nicely maintained traps. Shot a 79 on a course i thought I would not break 90 on. Took advantage of risk/reward options from the tee which helped when I drove the ball well that day.
by Brian (Ocean City, MD) - 11/09/2014
We played all (4) courses at Barefoot Landing including Barefoot Dye the last day. What an ending to a great trip. I would rate this course one of the best in Myrtle Beach, if not the best. Absolutely beautiful. The one thing we noticed on all four courses, was that the actual distances seemed longer than the GPS & score card was reading, but that was not a problem. We adjusted.
by Dennis (Mount Pleasant, SC) - 11/06/2014
Beautiful course. Excellent facilities, nice people, great pace of play.
by Jon - 11/04/2014
One of the best in Myrtle Beach, In very good condition! Exceptional layout by Dye!!!
by John (Pittsburgh, PA) - 10/30/2014
by John (Roscoe, IL) - 10/27/2014
A must play when in Myrtle Beach, A very fair course depending on which tees you play.
by Jim (Kansas City, KS) - 10/14/2014
by M/M Byron (Callingwood, Ontario) - 10/13/2014
Very good.
by Richard (Pittsburgh, PA) - 10/07/2014
This is a Pete Dye course, all right. Visually intimidating, yet totally fair if you can manage to play within your own game. All parts of the course, from pro shop to tees to bunkers and greens were immaculate. Can't wait to play again.
by Neil (Houston, TX) - 08/01/2014
First time to play the Dye course. Liked it, everything was first class.
by Keir (Rittman, OH) - 07/24/2014
Greens were in poor condition. Holes were falling in on sides and were likely not moved for several days. A lot of weeds in course.
by Alex (Muncie, IN) - 06/18/2014
Really liked playing at the Pete dye course. Very fun experience. Very nice course. People in front of me played extremely slow. About 40 minutes off pace.that was pretty annoying. Course and customer service were excellent!
by Tom (Lexington, SC) - 06/09/2014
by Tom (Ooltewah, TN) - 06/09/2014
The fairways still had winter kill, and the greens were slow.
by Mark (Swanley, KT) - 06/06/2014
Very poor greens and bunkers for the money. Did not meet our expectations with bunkers, greens and wasteland having the same amount of sand.
by Brian (Whitby, ON) - 06/03/2014
We were informed that only a couple of greens were being punched-more like most greens-we would not play it again in that shape. Course design is great however.
by Ralph (Philadelphia, PA) - 06/02/2014
The Barefoot courses are a challenge to play. The courses are exceptional and well worth the cost to play.
by Robert (Chesterfield, NJ) - 04/25/2014
Good layout and condition, unfortunately we had a cold windy day
by Dario (Morris Plains, NJ) - 04/16/2014
Tough course but the rangers keep the pace of play moving. Good condition and very enjoyable.
by Keith (East Falmouth, MA) - 03/18/2014
I realize the weather has been an issue, Hopefully the greens will improve for next year !
by Joe (Havertown, PA) - 02/28/2014
by David (Wrightsville Beach, NC) - 02/25/2014
Great layout, Very fair but challenging course if played from the correct tees.
by Timothy - 02/13/2014
We played it on 2/10/14 and had a great day. Greens have been painted and rolled and down wind, down hill are lightning. The staff were friendly and helpful and the pace was good. The layout is great with a bit of target golf on most holes. Choose the correct tee for your game. I liked the Fazio Course better but this is still a premium course.
by Brian (Wilmington, DE) - 01/22/2014
Even though rain the day before, course drained well and no restrictions on carts.
by Louise - 01/03/2014
The Dye club is certainely one of the best course in the area of MB, if not the best.A must play when there is a good special like at new year eve!Greens, fairways, tees we're in perfect shape. Mutch better shape than Caledonia where we played on 30th of December.
by Youn (Potomac, MD) - 12/23/2013
by Yvon - 12/02/2013
Green was perfect
by Kevin (Melbourne, FL) - 11/15/2013
Excellent course!
by Patrick (Mint Hill, NC) - 11/05/2013
Some of the loved it, others didn't. It was very hard to hold the green with approach shots. Some struggled on hitting the fairways.
by Raymond (St. Fran of Brompton, QC) - 10/25/2013
Not Worth the price we pay
by Buddy (Henrico, VA) - 10/10/2013
Course was in great condition, it was tough but fair except for the bunkers which were well placed but were difficult because of type of sand used. Your staff were great and made the experience memorable. This was our first time there and we will be back.
by Glenn (Manasquan, NJ) - 09/16/2013
Would have been nice if they told us it would be cart path only because of over-seeding.......Great layout, good challenge
by Robert (Willbraham, MA) - 09/16/2013
Couldn't drive in fairway. Getting correct distances was not good. Inability to drive in fairways forced players to select 3 or more clubs.
by Scott (Millsboro, DE) - 09/09/2013
The day we played, all of the carts were being replaced. There was no GPS available. The starter did provide a yardage book, but course was not marked as well as it could have been. Yardage book was not great.
by Freddie (Franklin Square, NY) - 09/02/2013
Played here before and the course was in much better shape. Lost it's luster. won't be back.
by Doug (Albaquerque, NM) - 08/23/2013
by James (Staten Island, NY) - 06/13/2013
Entire experience was memorable. Great conditions all the way around.
by Wilbert (Fayetville, NC) - 05/13/2013
by Paul (Glenmoore, PA) - 04/29/2013
Greens were a little hard.
by Ferd (West Deptford, NJ) - 04/16/2013
by Randy (Horton, KS) - 04/01/2013
by Dennis (Bertoroborough, ON) - 03/25/2013
by Chris - 03/21/2013
Course was ok however played on Wednesday special rate and found course overbooked with doubled up tee times. This caused the staff to push golfers when it was there own doing in overbooking. Bunkers had numerous rocks/shells in them not sure I will be back. Oh and had issue at turn when rangers said we where 10 minutes behind but when checking both carts GPS systems they realized both carts showed different times and they then backed off. Get the facts correct before accusing people of slow play
by Chad (Sandy Risge, NC) - 03/08/2013
by John (Middlesex, NJ) - 03/05/2013
by John (Carlisle, PA) - 12/29/2012
Not too long, but truly rewards good shots and severely penalizes errant shots.
by Yves (Farnham, QC) - 11/06/2012
Excellent course.
by Eric (East Northport, NY) - 08/12/2012
Course was in absolutely amazing shape. The new greens which are only several weeks old were the best my group of 12 saw all week. You read a lot of horror stories about how people are treated at some courses in Myrtle. We were treated as guests by everyone we came in contact with. The head golf pro, Jeff Diehl came over to our group on the first tee and gave us a great overview of the course and all the improvements that are going on. Other courses in Myrtle should take a lesson from the people at Barefoot.
by Mark - 08/11/2012
Played on 7/30 and was looking forward to playing the course. Course was very wet from the rain during the morning which was fine. tee boxes looked like they haven't been cut in a week and had crab grass growing on them. The fairways were decent but there were spots of large clumps of grass from the mowers. Greens we were told are newer and seemed quite sandy and they rolled out slightly but mainly deadened shots into the greens. Pro shop was decent, I've seen a lot better. I wish the lady at the kiosk at Martin's hadn't talked the rest of my group into playing there. Although we got a Wednesday special of $58. I wanted to play Thistle and I wish we had. Decent course but there are a lot better out there.
by Mike - 08/04/2012
Do not under any circumstances pay for this course. The amount they are asking is ridiculous for what it is. You are paying for the name Pete Dye, nothing more. The greens were sanded, long, and slow (and I always ask about maintenance when booking, was not told this). The tees had weeds growing on them, and the fairways were mushy and long, and they were cutting them probably for the first time in many days and rows and rows of grass clumps were all through the fairways. Almost every hole is the same, a blind tee shot to a fairway with waste bunkers on either side (or both), and a second shot to a green surrounded by mounds. And once you get off the fairway, the rough is nothing but weeds, crabgrass, goosegrass, and waste areas, certainly not rough. The only positive thing was the super friendly marshal who passed us several times during our round and had a big cooler of ice water that we could fill up our bottles with. For as much research as I did, the Barefoot courses were always top-rated and offered a good junior rate, so my son and I picked one. What a major disappointment, don't believe the reviews, at least for the Dye course.
by Gary (Nelsonville, OH) - 07/21/2012
Was warned about slow play at turn. Waited every shot except 10th fairway when we stopped for a water ? Never been treated so rude. The kid had no idea of what was happening. Must have more business than you need!
by John (Greenville, NC) - 05/23/2012
by Forrest (Midlothian, VA) - 05/14/2012
Good mix of holes. Did not like the traps. Too many shells and rocks in the waste bunkers.
by Jan (Prague, EU) - 05/11/2012
by Kim (Tiny, ON) - 05/09/2012
Very good.
by Ray (Linthicum Heights, MD) - 05/05/2012
First time we have played the course. Heard many horror stories, but didn't find it to be that bad. I didn't play well, but that had more to do with me and not the course. Just a matter of ball placement and smart shots.
by Michael (La Porte, IN) - 05/03/2012
Greens were almost as good as Fazio but not quite.
by JIm (Landisville, Penn.) - 02/24/2012
Played in a rain storm, conditions were terrible.
by Jason (Blandon, Penn.) - 02/24/2012
Great course. Played in heavy rain and wind but enjoyed it. Would play again.
by William (Cleveland, Ohio) - 01/15/2012
Hard course. Good for low handicap players.
by Robert (Clinton Twp., Mich.) - 01/13/2012
Wonderful track.
by Frank (Rio Grande, N.J.) - 11/21/2011
Good greens. Helpful pro.
by Bill (New Rochelle, N.Y.) - 11/15/2011
Course was in great shape. Very nice course, would play again. The only drawback is the price. The replay at $40.00 is also expensive.
by Mark - 11/05/2011
Poor greens and bit tricked up. Need to play once to know where to hit the ball, very tough course, it gives nothing. Overpriced!
by Chas (Warren, Ohio) - 10/20/2011
It was OK, greens needed work.
by Michael (Adamstown, Md.) - 10/16/2011
Everything was great except for the greens.
by Bob - 09/10/2011
Fairways in great shape but the greens need a lot of work.
by David (Cumberland, R.I.) - 08/21/2011
Typical Dye, great layout.
by Phillip (Newark, Ohio) - 08/17/2011
by L. Ross (Charlotte, N.C.) - 07/11/2011
Beautiful course.
by Brian - 06/24/2011
This is the most overpriced, poorly conditioned course I have ever played. It is quite evident that management is scrimping to cut costs on maintenance and conditioning. I feel due a refund for this course.
by Martin (Hoopeston, Ill.) - 06/23/2011
(Would like to have known prior to play) that the fairways were in need of water and the greens were slow.
by Pat (Glenburnie, Md.) - 06/15/2011
Great course and staff was excellent.
by Daniel (Kirkland, Quebec) - 06/01/2011
Everything was great. Special thanks to the person at the desk when we went and accommodated us by changing the following day's tee time. Also, the starter was a class act! Thanks for everything and will play the Fazio on our return if everything is repaired.
by Tim - 05/07/2011
Beautiful golf course, but terribly overpriced and with a staff that is not at all concerned about customer service. There are dozens of better values on the Strand.
by Dan (Arvada, Colo.) - 04/25/2011
Difficult course, we had a blast playing it.
by Neal (Littleton, Colo.) - 04/08/2011
The greens were in superb shape. Would definitely go there again.
by Steve (Sherborn, Mass.) - 04/05/2011
Great people inside and out, course we will play again and again.
by Roger (Wappingers Falls, N.Y.) - 12/28/2010
I am a group leader & we travel to MB twice a year. This course and the other Barefoot courses are excellent. We enjoyed the challenges & feel these courses will remain on our places to play.
by Gary (Pinehurst, N.C.) - 11/22/2010
Didn't like having course maintenance, (cutting fairways, 3 workers inside a green side bunker, etc.) on the course while we were playing.
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