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Barefoot Resort - Fazio Course

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Barefoot Resort - Fazio Course

The Fazio Course at Barefoot Resort and Golf isn’t taking a backseat to any of its Barefoot brethren when it comes to awards. The Lowcountry track has piled up honors from Golf Digest, Golfweek, and the South Carolina Golf Course Ratings Panel - and that’s just since 2010.

Depending on whom you ask, the appeal here can be traced to a lack of housing, the overall lack of outside distractions based on each hole’s separated feel from the next. Or maybe it’s the top-notch surface or the flow from start to finish. Or could it be the overall playability?

One thing is certain, the consistency, including the course’s lack of an obvious signature hole, is a good problem to have.

“I don’t know if there is one, per se,” Director of Golf Mike Ross said. “There’s probably three or four or five of them.”

The 499-yard par 4 No. 5 has its share of supporters. From any of the five sets of elevated tee boxes, players are afforded a wider landing area as long as they don’t try to do too much. A slight bend to the left on the second shot leads into more sand and, if you’ve found enough distance with your first shot, an elevated green.

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115 reviews

Latest Review For Barefoot Resort - Fazio Course

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Barefoot Resort - Fazio Course Course Reviews

Recent Reviews

by Rod - 09/23/2016
Contrary to many of the reviews regarding the Barefoot Courses they were all in magnificent shape. The Fazio was probably the best kept of the three. Bunkers had sharp edges and were a perfect consistency, fairways were like carpet and the greens were smooth and fast. They had just top-dressed a few days before but the sand had settled so that you could barely see it. If anything the fine layer of sand made the greens roll a little faster. Lots of memorable holes. Definitely check craigslist/Ebay for a Unaccompanied Member/Guest Pass. You can play for 1/3 the retail price.
by Christopher (Marriottsville, MD) - 06/20/2016
Fazio was beginning to lose their greens. Fazio, as well as a lot of other courses down here are in awful shape.
by Hillard (Lewisburg, TN) - 03/07/2016
Pretty course.
by Ian (Bedford, Ot) - 09/18/2015
Played here before and it's still as tough as ever, but very fair. Love the different challenges as the round progresses. Shot to my handicap which was a major surprise.
by Bill - 08/07/2015
I have played this course a number of times on spring golf trips, and have always enjoyed it. This time however I was really disappointed. There was no one at the bag drop, which is no big deal but summed up the day. The putting green was closed to be redone, and we had to wait for the range cart. Then once on the golf course we were amazed at how bad the greens were. Some were more sand than grass! We had played the Dunes Cub earlier in the week and they were some of the best greens I've ever putted on, so not sure what happened here. The rest of the course was ok, I know summers can be tough in the SE, but the greens left a bad taste. Barefoot is a great facility overall. I hope they get it back to where it was.
by Nick - 07/29/2015
Greens were receptive and had good pace to them. From 100 yards and in the fairways were great but the rest of the fairway weren't cut and several fairways had what looked like high rye grass growing. Overall pace of play was good.
by William (Meriden, CT) - 07/05/2015
500 yard part 4 is crazy. I golf in Florida all the time. There is an ice machine and water to drink everywhere. Why are they cutting corners on water when everything else is excellent or outstanding. That being said I would play it again.
by Jeffrey - 05/05/2015
Terrible shape ... greens look like they have a fungus.
by Pat (Waxhaw, NC) - 04/28/2015
After our round on a course that was not in very playable condition for a $187 green fee we discussed the playing conditions with the mgr. My playing partner questioned what had happened to the course, we've played here before, how can you charge a top dollar for a course that is in terrible shape... He stated I have not heard any complaints... THAT right there makes me question his ability and knowledge of golf... has he traveled around the course to check the conditions? We then informed him that we played behind members of the course and they, the members, apologized profusely to us for the horrific condition that the course was in. IE, 5th hole, whole fairway was ground under repair. In the end, the mgr just dismissed our comments with a hearty sorry. After going into the grill for a few minutes I then went back and pulled the mgr to the side and told him you cannot charge that price for a course that would not pay $40 to play... why did you not tell us that the course was not in tip top shape? AGAIN, a hearty sorry from him. I finished our conversation by stating that I will never spend another penny at Barefoot again. We were not looking for a free round on a course that was obviously in poor condition, but maybe a give me your email address and we'll let you know when we are back in top condition and a possible replay rate at that time... NOPE, not even that. It just felt like he told us that's the number you pay, we will fill that time no matter what, thanks for your money... next in line please It was indeed the worst golf experience I have ever had a golfer... that is 42 years of play.
by Mike - 04/04/2015
Do not play this course until the summer grasses emerge. Course did not overseed and grass on fairways is very thin. The greens are not much better they just paint the greens to make them look nicer than they are. It's unbelievable they charge the price they do for these conditions.
by Paul - 03/25/2015
Barefoot Fazio is a fun and challenging course. The course was in good shape and the staff was very friendly. My only complaint was the pin placement on 17. The green speeds were too fast to put the cup on the slope where it was placed. Even when putting from below the hole if you missed the putt the ball would roll back to your feet. It was pretty ridiculous. Overall nice course and they offer complimentary warm up balls.
by Elaine (Simpsonville, SC) - 12/15/2014
Okay - but was not like the Love Course.
by Andy (Indianapolis, IN) - 12/10/2014
by Bill (Plantsville, CT) - 11/24/2014
Great golf course, nice people.
by Jack (Hot Springs Village, AR) - 10/14/2014
by Joe (Spring City, PA) - 10/09/2014
Very good.
by Dennis (Goodfield, IL) - 06/06/2014
A beautiful and well groomed course, but lots of sand. It's a fun course to play but I can't understand why there isn't a turn at the club house on 9. You literally finish the first round at the cabin and a soda machine. You might consider more than vending at the turn.
by Gerald (North Adams, MA) - 06/03/2014
by Rob (Sevenoaks, Kent) - 06/02/2014
Tougher than Love course and in equally good shape
by Adrian (Pickering, ON) - 11/05/2013
Excellent design, excellent conditions, very well organized and great staff
by Bob (Grand Blanc, MI) - 10/23/2013
We should have been told that Wed was a special day for locals. The wait was terrible....over 5.5 hours for the round.
by Curt (Dillsburg, PA) - 10/03/2013
The number of sand traps
by Nick (Carlisle, PA) - 10/03/2013
by William (Carlisle, PA) - 10/03/2013
Many traps so must keep ball in fairway. All other aspects very good.
by Bill (Glen Rock, NJ) - 09/26/2013
by Paul (Pittsburgh, PA) - 08/15/2013
Beautiful and challenging golf course. Bring your A game and hit it straight.
by Matt - 08/09/2013
Greens are comparible to Grande Dunes & Blackmoor. Course layout is great, no flukes consistent through and through. Ive played throughout Hawaii, and this course reminded a little of Kapulua with how nothing surrounds and your in your own world. Played on Wednesday (they have a $63 deal in summer) and was a mistake. Round was about 5hrs 15 mins.
by Dan - 05/21/2013
Outstanding layout and course conditions.
by Jeff - 05/20/2013
Way over priced, Courses in the area for $50. a lot nicer shape. A lot of sand traps not raked, the sand was very soft & very deep.
by Mike (Denver, PA) - 04/29/2013
96 sand traps. Need I say more?
by Bruce (Lonetree, CO) - 04/23/2013
Course was in only fair condition for mid-April
by Dennis (Aurora, ON) - 04/08/2013
Great layout!
by Scott (North East, MD) - 04/02/2013
Most memorable thing about this course was the sandtraps. Way to many! Sand was very fluffy and several guys in my group of 16 actually lost balls In the traps. First time playing a Barefoot couse and was mot overly impressed.
by John (Midland Park, NJ) - 04/01/2013
Great layout - will remember all of the holes played. Greens were the best of 5 courses played this year. Overall condition was good / fair but one of the best of 5 played this year - with the cold weather, I would suspect most of the courses are probably a bit late greening up. We will definitely be back to try other 3 courses. Green fees are a little pricey if played on a day other than Wednesday - I don't really see what stands out about the course we played compared to others in the area that are comparable
by Steven (Worcester, MA) - 03/19/2013
Very difficult course. Many deep bunkers surrounding fairways and greens. Best layout of the week.
by Steve - 03/18/2013
Great golf course! Deep sand trap were a challenge and there were plenty of them. Top notch experience.
by Wille - 01/25/2013
Best course we played in 20 years going on our golf package! What a layout! Stay at Barefoot and drive no where to play! Free Breakfast on package. $15 relay during the winter for 9 holes. Should have left for home after 18 but could not resist! Service from start to finish was 1st class!
by Brian (McSherrystown, PA) - 11/23/2012
by Shane - 11/07/2012
Course was perfect. Greens were perfect prob around 11. Staff was great. Everyone was very professional but laid back (chill). Golf staff was very nice and helpful. Best part was the replay for $30. Was able to play 9 holes on the Love course. Just a perfect day, and would suggest if your looking to play a real golf course with perfect conditions. I would go here ... It was well worth the $ ...
by Gilles (Laval, QC) - 11/01/2012
Excellent course, well done.
by John - 10/28/2012
Fazio was the best of the 5 courses that we played - the greens were sooooooo fast but really true. We loved everything about the course and the amenities - the clubhouse is outstanding. Barefoot Fazio deserves 5 stars..........period!
by James (Indian Head, MD) - 08/17/2012
Course was outstanding. Played in rain. It was a great course and fun.
by Max (Sylvania, OH) - 06/26/2012
Great layout. Course in great condition. Nice touch with the cold towels at the end of the round.
by MMH - 06/21/2012
Great condition & fast greens. Stay away from the bunkers. Fazio puts them all where you can drive them off the tee. Enjoyed the round. They need to put the white tees back a little further. Too much of a difference between the white & back tees.
by Andre/Helene (Repentigny, QU) - 05/22/2012
by Chris - 05/09/2012
Superb track and conditioning. Best we played of the week by far. Greens are A+ near perfect and pretty fast. Almost a perfect day until a ranger came by and stated the we need to pick it up a bit. First off we had 8 players and our 4 some was at least 3 holes ahead of the group behind us and no one in front of us from the start. No need for the ranger to say anything. Got back to my cart and the GPS said we were 20 min ahead. We ignored him. Later he said good job picking up the pace. the GPS still said 20 min ahead. He was bored I guess.
by Jeremy (Lakeview, OH) - 05/02/2012
by Ian - 05/02/2012
Played the course on 19/04. First time at Barefoot, great layout, great condition, nearly spoiled by a ranger telling us on the 17th tee that we were 3 minutes behind schedule, when the course was clear for two hole behind us.
by William (Roanoke, Va.) - 04/03/2012
The bunkers were too severe. I had 3 plugged lies, one of which was on a slope so severe that I almost fell as the sand gave way under my lower leg as I hit the ball.
by Brian (Belphre, Ohio) - 03/05/2012
Nice facility.
by Drew (Hackettstown, N.J.) - 03/04/2012
(Loved the) layout and challenge.
by Jeff (Hackettstown, N.J.) - 03/02/2012
The course goes out of their way to make your experience special.
by Bruce (Lincoln, Ill.) - 03/01/2012
Too hard for me, there's nothing wrong with the course.
by John (Bel Air, Md.) - 11/08/2011
Overall great time - great greens.
by Michael (Buzzards Bay, Mass.) - 10/30/2011
Nice course. Difficult for high handicappers.
by Jim (Toronto, Ontario) - 10/26/2011
Unfortunately, it had rained significantly prior to our round, so the course was a but mushy - cart path only made for a lengthy round.
by Art (Methuen, Mass.) - 10/21/2011
Great course, a beauty indeed.
by Robert (North Easton, Mass.) - 10/18/2011
All around great time.
by Chuck (Sicklerville, N.J.) - 10/09/2011
Excellent course, great greens, fantastic condition, starter was excellent.
by Jay - 09/26/2011
Beautiful course, in excellent shape. Very pricey, but a fun splurge. Free shoe cleaning was a nice amenity (only $7 + tip to get new spikes). If you want to use the driving range, allow for extra time, as a shuttle ride is needed. Well furnished pro shop and bar and grill.
by Wade & Laura (New Cumberland, Penn.) - 09/21/2011
We showed up at Fazio and the attendants took our bags and didn't say another word to us until our tee time. Nothing about going to the driving range (since we got there early), just talk about nothing to each other. Then we were called for our tee time. It was like we weren't even there. Others groups were stating the same thing. Course was very nice!
by George - 09/07/2011
Great greens, OK layout, pricey.
by Joe - 09/07/2011
Great greens, good layout, pricey.
by Scupper - 08/16/2011
Really nice course; greens were perfect; staff was helpful.
by Steve - 07/27/2011
Great new greens, super layout, but overpriced.
by Jerott (Cedar Hills, Utah) - 05/10/2011
The first two holes were pretty beat up. The greens had some sort of disease on the first three holes, after that conditions improved slightly. The course seemed a bit dry, and just wasn't very visually appealing at all. Not what one would expect for a Fazio. The design was great, but seemed it simply just isn't maintained.
by Azlan (Grimsby, Ontario) - 04/24/2011
Course was nice. Fairways and greens were in good shape.
by Timothy (Upton, Mass.) - 01/28/2011
We played 1/28/11 and loved the course. Very tough so choose the correct tees for you abilities. We'll go back again.
by Sean (Ladson, S.C.) - 01/16/2011
Great course and nice greens. Wish people would repair ball marks on greens. Very nice course and is a must-play.
by Mike (Chicago, Ill.) - 10/29/2010
Greens are in bad shape. Lots of ball marks, several greens have dead spots. Some of the holes are very close to the expressway (Rt. 31); lots of road noise. Played True Blue 2 days prior, greens were immaculate.
by Dannie (Maidstone, Ontario) - 10/19/2010
Barefoot Fazio was nice, it too had some rough greens.
by Rich (Toms River, N.J.) - 09/11/2010
Played in July, was told that the course was in great shape. Found the greens were punched and in questionable condition. Talked to a member of staff and was told that the person that gave this misinfo was new ... Finally talked to the pro who gave us a greens fee for a cart fee price next time out ... The course layout is the best ...
by Jack (Drexel Hill, Penn.) - 06/15/2010
All was fine.
by Craig (Towson, Md.) - 05/01/2010
Very good course. In great shape.
by Peter (Land O' Lakes, Fla.) - 04/13/2010
Good experience.
by Matt (Grand Island, N.Y.) - 02/24/2010
We played the Fazio course on 2/14, the day after all the snow melted, and couldn't believe it was not absolutely soaked. There were some wets spots and cart paths only on a couple holes but overall very playable. Great drainage here. This is definitely one of the best courses in the Myrtle Beach area and everything about Barefoot is top-notch!
by Stewart - 12/03/2009
Course much better after crossing the street. Opening and finishing holes weaker. Excellent greens.
by Fraser (Toronto, Ontario) - 12/03/2009
Very nice layout and extremely challenging. Beautiful clubhouse and great service.
by Alexander (Fredricksburg, Va.) - 11/06/2009
It was a good course in all categories. Barefoot Fazio was excellent.
by Cliff (Union, N.J.) - 09/03/2009
Outstanding layout in very good condition.
by Kenneth (Westmont, N.J.) - 07/20/2009
Conditions were nice. Maintenance taking place all over the course. Bunkers are in play from everywhere. Don't hit it there.
by Kevin (Schwenksville, Penn.) - 02/14/2009
Played Aug. 10, 2008: Barefoot courses always offer excellent conditions, play and service. Starter was a bit unorganized, but accommodating. Overall experience was built around the golfer and all staff were eager to help.
by Kelly (Albuquerque, N.M.) - 02/14/2009
Excellent layout; great pace of play -- we were done in 3:35 minutes; they had just sanded the greens and didn't let us know -- should be an automatic discount! We did a re-play on the Love course and really enjoyed it. Both of these courses are in the top ten in the Myrtle Beach area (that I've played so far}.
by Dennis (Ardmore, Okla.) - 02/14/2009
excellent course
by William (Davidson, N.C.) - 02/14/2009
A course I've played several times; it has lost nothing. It was a relief not to see the course overrun with houses and condos.
by Svetlin - 02/03/2009
Great course. Can't wait to play again.
by Cindy (Mosinee, Wis.) - 12/12/2008
Played July 28, 2008: The Fazio Couse is our favorite among the Barefoot courses. Always in excellent shape and challenging enough without being too difficult.
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