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Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links

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Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links

Locally, statewide or across both Carolinas, Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links has received top honors from publications such as Golf Magazine, Zagat’s and GolfStyles. The nods from writers and visitors somehow seem to sell the course short.

Glen Dornoch has put its environment to use. It cuts through land boasting live oaks and plenty of marsh land, and the crescendoing track leads you to arguably the best last few holes on South Carolina’s Grand Strand while the scenery serves as a healthy reminder of exactly where you are.

“There are very few courses that have the [Intracoastal] Waterway views we have,” head professional Ben Acre said. “Aesthetically, it’s one of the best in the area. The course is in fantastic shape. As far as playability, it’s more of a shot-makers course. It’s not a course you don’t want to use the driver on every hole.”

That’s good, because you’ll want to save your energy there for the finisher. Chasing a fantastic par 3 on No. 17, the split-fairway No. 18 tempts even mid-range hitters to go after the secondary target area closer to the green. Reaching it means navigating past overflow areas tied to - you guessed it - the Intracoastal Waterway.

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199 reviews

Latest Review For Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links

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Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links Course Reviews

Recent Reviews

by Jonathan (High Point, NC) - 10/23/2016
Great course , scenic, just nice.
by Wendy - 10/07/2016
What a view, especially the last two holes and while enjoying a refreshment on the veranda post game. The course was very interesting with beautiful natural areas which made club selection very important. We would have liked to play this course twice as a second round should show improvement.
by Ted - 08/03/2016
Overall course conditions are good. A few spots in some fairways & greens. Lots of great views of the waterway. You need to be on your A game to score here. I would recommend playing.
by Jimmy (Lexington, NC) - 04/03/2016
Great layout, disappointed in overall condition given the time of year!
by Mark (Park City, UT) - 09/30/2015
Course in great shape despite lots of rain. Would have liked to know that Yardage Guide was under scorecard! May have hit less club on 16.
by Joseph (Marlton, NJ) - 09/28/2015
I played here years ago still a great venue. Greens need some work not much. Staff very professional.
by Mark (Columbus, OH) - 08/19/2015
Enjoyed several holes along Intracoastal Waterway. Presented good challenge.
by Dave W. - 02/14/2015
Great course - not in great shape.
by Eric (Durham, NC) - 02/08/2015
Holes 16-18 were very picturesque along the marsh/Intracoastal Waterway. For the time of year, the price was high for less than optimal customer service.
by Robert - 10/22/2014
I have been going to Myrtle for over 20 years and have played Dornoch every year since it opened in 1998. Used to love the place but because of my experience this past week I will never go back. Greens were absolutely the worst greens I have ever played. They had been over seeded and verti cut which all courses have to do. Unfortunately we were never told and paid full price. When we complained the manger said we were the only ones who had and refused to even apologize. it was amazing he said that because when in the Pro Shop we saw three other groups complaining. Dornoch does not care or respect their customers so they will never get another dime from me. I suggest everyone stay away and send them a clear message.
by Larry - 10/21/2014
Played there on 10/17/2014 & the greens were completely unplayable. The management said we were the only complainers. We saw other groups complaining as well. We are taking it off our list for next year....too bad the layout is good,
by Dave (Vernon Rockville, CT) - 09/30/2014
Loved that one the best!!
by Pat (Burke, VA) - 09/18/2014
Nice course. Played 27. Course in good shape.
by George - 09/02/2014
Beautiful layout with great scenery. Tee boxes and fairways in excellent condition as of 8/30/2014. Greens for me are inconsistent and slow, and you really need to read the grain to get the right speed.
by Douglas (Raleigh, NC) - 08/19/2014
Playing in a 2some behind another 2some behind a 4some was not ideal in my mind. Might as well have paired us up.
by Richard (Cranberry Township, PA) - 07/29/2014
Disappointing that yardage distances are not on most of the sprinkler heads, etc. That should be an easy fix and speaks to course maintenance.
by Mike (Charlotte, NC) - 07/24/2014
I loved the layout of this course holes 8,9,16,17&18 are very nice holes. 16,17 & 18 are a really good set of finishing holes probably the best on the grand strand. the fairways were in great shape greens were 8 days after being aerated and in pretty good shape considering that. the course is a shot makers course.
by Tass (Billerica, MA) - 06/06/2014
Really enjoy playing here. the views are tremendous and the course and staff are first rate
by Richard (Seneca, SC) - 06/05/2014
by Herb (Baltimore, MD) - 06/02/2014
Really good
by Dennis (Cincinnati, OH) - 05/23/2014
Really good
by John (Canton, MI) - 04/30/2014
by David (Schaumburg, IL) - 03/18/2014
Not as great of shape as the other course we played on our trip. There signature holes were tough as mentioned.
by Tommy (Madison, VA) - 03/07/2014
Everything great, time of year was reason for not all 10's
by Brian - 02/25/2014
The course is very challenging for the average golfer but fair. Played on a sunny 70 degree day which added to the enjoyment. The views of the intercoastal waterway that were a backdrop for a number of the holes made it even more appealing. Will most certainly play again!
by Tim (Chatham, VA) - 01/28/2014
Finally some good weather and the course was in good shape. Again, we were impressed with the free lunch that was provided. A very nice course that was fun to play, that was spoiled by the Pro Shop refusing to issue rain checks when two of our group had to leave early to go home. If they stay with a policy like this, we will not be back, even though we thoroughly enjoyed the course.
by Derek (Concord, NC) - 01/23/2014
Golf Marshall was not smart! He was telling us to speed up because we were holding everyone up. There was 2 groups behind, the first one was our second group and the next group was a twosome that was invited to play through but said there was no need. Also, he stated that he sent us out right behind another group. First, he was not out there when a young guy loaded our cart and sent us out, next there was no other group anywhere in sight. Then on seventh hole he decided to follow us every move we made. He continued to follow until we got to the clubhouse. Then he ran in to tell the boss. Well, the boss came out and asked if we would start the back nine on hole ##12 and we agreed if he kept that Marshall away from us because he had already irritated us enough that we were off our game. Well, after we started on 12 we were then held up the rest of the round by the slow group in front of us ......To summarize, front nine holes finished in 2 hours and 5 minutes, back nine 2:45 minutes because of the hold up. Plus the course was cart paths only. So if we played the back nine at the same pace, we would have finished in 4 hours and 10 minutes which is pretty good when you gave to walk that much.....needless to say, Glen Dornoch is now off our list. We have been coming to myrtle for 15 years and have never been treated like that before....
by Kevin (Clayton, NC) - 01/23/2014
This was the worst experience I have ever had golfing. We have been coming to Myrtle Beach for 10 years and I have never been treated so badly and rudely as I was at this course. If I were the owner I would come in and clean house of every person there. There is a systemic problem here and it starts with the manager if everyone who works there exhibits the same attitude. The people were so rude and disrespectful, from the tee off to the club house to the cafeteria. The starter was a bit over aggressive. In addition, there seems to be some confusion regarding the free lunch coupons we were given upon arrival. The man inside the club house who was apparentlyin charge dismissed everything we had to say as this was business as usually. The great thing about Myrtle Beach is there are plenty of courses to go to and this one will never get our money again. As I said we have been doing this trip every tear for 10 years now, it is 8 of us, we spend lots of money, and I can assure you this course will never see us again. In addition I will make sure I tell everyone I know and meet To stay clear of this course.
by Pete (Pasadena, MD) - 01/15/2014
by Morales - 12/17/2013
Wonderful course with the most breathtaking views in the area. A beer after the round on the back patio is the best.
by James (Decatur, IL) - 11/25/2013
General comment: This course played differently from Heather Glen in the types of holes played, the views on the water-sided holes, and while the greens again were not in full 'seasonal' condition, I enjoyed playing the course. The staff was very accommodating.
by Bill (Pittsburgh, PA) - 11/21/2013
Greens were in extremely poor condition and very inconsistant, greens fees much more than course was worth on this day!!!!
by Ray (Campbell Hall, NY) - 11/05/2013
by Peter (Parkville, MD) - 11/05/2013
Too many forced carries for me; especially don't like more than one per hole.
by Bob (Delmont, PA) - 10/22/2013
by Ralph (Browns Summit, NC) - 09/30/2013
by Ed (Ocala, FL) - 09/23/2013
by Rich - 05/14/2013
by Bob - 05/01/2013
Tried to get to the Glenns courses for years now,will definately play them again next year. spectacular track with awesome views and some very cool holes. worth every penny for holes 16-18. these holes are where the true shot makers come out.
by Ronald - 04/03/2013
I had a great time at Glen Dornoch. The course did not inhibit me whatsoever, neither in terms of compulsive challenge nor intimidation of staff. Each hole at Glen Dornoch is enjoyable and manageable, yet can play difficult from a improper tee deck. The course meanders through an attractive piece of North Myrtle Beach terrain, rubbing elbows with the intracostal waterway on three or four holes. The remaining etchings that sit inland leave their own trace on the memory. Greens are smallish with plenty of room for multiple pin locations. I felt very much at home at Glen Dornoch. I did not eat in the grill, so I gave it a perfect score.
by Dave - 04/01/2013
Played glen dornoch Feb 25/2013 asked the bag person if the course was in good shape he said yes,talked to person at desk she told me it was in great shape.We started on # 1 tee off grass sparse and very spotty,fairways grass very thin and ground hard ,greens lots winter kill and NO GRASS when you put the ball bounces all the way towards the hole .I asked the person behind the counter why she told me the course was in great shape told me she had not been out there,DA DA DA.DO YOURSELF A FAVOR DO NOT PLAY THIS COURSE AND WASTE YOUR MONEY
by Aaron - 03/25/2013
Golf course had an especially friendly staff. To say the course is challenging is an understatement. This course demands accuracy. Truly an enjoyable course with great views.
by Jeff - 03/18/2013
Greens were horrendous. Aeration done on course with several holes having inch wide sand trenches. Grass in fairways is sparse, tee boxes are not much better, Don't let practice green fool you,the greens are bad. The good part of the course is the layout, which is excellent, just a shame course conditioning is SO BAD
by Jerry - 03/13/2013
Again, disappointed with the conditions. Over priced. But a great layout with the last 3 holes a treat.
by John (Pittsburg, PA) - 03/06/2013
by Dean - 03/05/2013
Played 2 rounds.
by Chris - 02/25/2013
Great course, great lay-out, good shape for February.
by Ed (Tiffin, OH) - 02/06/2013
by Thomas (Tiffin, OH) - 02/04/2013
Our group felt this was the least conditioned of the courses we played. Like the course layout, but will not be played again next year. Companion course, Heatherglen was in much better shape.
by Phillip (Chesterton, IN) - 01/03/2013
by Randy (Gastonia, NC) - 12/31/2012
Been playing Golf in MB for 30 years. Finally played Glen Dornoch last year and have been back 3 more times including Thanksgiving weekend. Never crowded, never rushed. Last 3 holes are worth the price of admission. This is a great golf course, not too hard but not a push over. One of my top 3 courses along the Grand Strand.
by Jim - 11/28/2012
We played back in mid October and the course was in great shape. When you lose the thought of where you are just stop for a moment and look around at the inlet water way and the boats going by and you soon remember your in Myrtle Beach. This was our first time at Glen Dornoch but not the last time. It's on our list for next year.
by Ray (Shelby, NC) - 11/27/2012
by Bill (Manhattan, KS) - 11/13/2012
Beautiful course, great service, friendly staff. Course was in great shape. List in the top 10 of my favorite courses. Finishing holes are excellent!!! A must to play.
by Harry (Uncasville, CT) - 10/31/2012
Condition was somewhat compromised overseeding. Staff was wonderful.
by Manuel (Newark, OH) - 10/09/2012
by Benny (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/07/2012
by Don (Little River, SC) - 09/30/2012
Greatly over priced.
by David (Oakville, CT) - 09/14/2012
Very good.
by Matthew - 07/30/2012
Course was in good shape for Mid July MB golf. Next to empty for a Saturday morning and played in under 4 hours (3 players). Last 3 holes on each nine were spectacular while the rest just seem like filler. Those holes are very tight.
by Matthew - 07/30/2012
Great views of the waterway. Last 3 holes of each nine are spectacular, while the rest seems like filler. Course was next to empty for a Saturday morning. Conditions were above average for mid July MB golf. Greens were on the slow side but rolled true.
by Daniel (Waldorf, MD) - 07/29/2012
Everything about this round made this a very memorable day. Excellent service from all personnel, the condition of the course as well as its beauty made a certainty of a return next year.
by Alan - 07/22/2012
Played on July 17th, nice course. Good views of the boats on the Intracoastal Waterway. Tight in some places, greens were a little slow but good. A long drive from South Myrtle.
by David (Odessa, FL) - 07/16/2012
Course is interesting - not penal for marginal shots. Last 3 to 4 holes are special.
by David (Williamsburg, VA) - 05/31/2012
We've played many Myrtle Beach courses and this is the best maintained, and the most thought-provoking. It is challenging but not overwhelming for an average golfer. Number seven is my favorite since I had a hole-in-one! But 16, 17 and 18 are easily the best finishing holes due to their combination of beauty and challenge of all the courses I have played.
by Craig - 05/24/2012
Very good shape. Greens great.
by Art (Wilmington, DE) - 05/15/2012
Has a Scottish flavor with pot bunkers, but is tree lined. The White tees at 6000 yards still play challenging, because it is a tricky course, with some tight and lay-up holes. The small to medium sized greens would be hard to hit/hold with longer irons in, if you play the blue or black tees. It is a scenic fun and challenging course, that requires accuracy and course management. Best to start on #1 and finish with the challenging 16-18 on the waterway. If you do start on #10, you will finish with the challenging #8 + #9 on the waterway. The first 3 holes on each side are short, making the total yardage play like it's longer than listed. Some holes become significantly harder if playing the blue/black tees. On hole #18, you have the option to drive over the marsh (easy from white, hard from blue). If you play safe to the right fairway (no bargain), you will have to hit a 180-210 shot to the narrow protected green, which is a double green with #9. They have one of the best back porch views in MB. The course was in good condition everywhere. The old style bermuda greens had more speed, less grain and a smoother roll than usually found in years past.
by Ray (Myrtle Beach, SC) - 05/09/2012
Very good.
by James (Morristown, TN) - 05/04/2012
by David (Rutland, MA) - 05/03/2012
Very nice course. Cart girl very nice. Great finishing holes. But a little over priced.
by Bob (Greer, SC) - 05/03/2012
by Doyle (Greer, SC) - 05/02/2012
Very well maintained. Staff very friendly. Greens rolled nicely.
by Louise (Quebec City, Canada) - 04/27/2012
Exceptional golf course. Really different than that other one. Holes on the waterway are perfect. Tough holes and challenging the 16, 17 and 18. Challenging for good golfers and possibility to learn for others. Best view from the porch of the clubhouse. Great conditions, well manicured. Must-play in MB.
by Ed (Scoharie, NY) - 04/25/2012
Very demanding course, liked very much.
by Steve - 04/20/2012
Very interesting course. Enjoyed it very much and will definitely come back. Course was in very good shape. Holes 16 - 18 very challenging with great views of the Intracoastal Waterway.
by Peter (Madison, Wis.) - 04/18/2012
Very good.
by Paul - 04/01/2012
It has the wow factor. Waterway views are spectacular. 16 is the best hole in Myrtle Beach. Drinks on the deck overlooking the Intracoastal are a must.
by Jong - 03/29/2012
Played 3/22/12. Fairways were in great shape. Greens were good shape, couple of spots but very good overall. Scenery beautiful.
by Keith - 03/18/2012
Best course in MB area. Great staff. Will play on every visit.
by Denny - 02/23/2012
Scenery second to none, greens difficult to read, tight holes, tough for higher handicaps.
by Wille - 01/18/2012
Great layout. Looks like the winter rye did not take on the greens or fairways completely. All of the staff from the cart guys, starter and pro shop were great! Let us replay for $20 nine holes!
by Ansell - 01/16/2012
The course is in great shape and Vickie at the desk was both professional and very helpful.
by Jay (Excelsior, Minn.) - 12/15/2011
Favorite hole 16, I like the combo of water and trees on the course.
by Ed (Bolivia, N.C.) - 12/14/2011
(Liked) the waterway.
by Richard - 12/09/2011
Overall good, a little overpriced.
by Dennis (Blacklick, Ohio) - 12/03/2011
Glen Dornoch is a great golf course, my favorite. Each hole is unique requiring accurate shot making and crisp putting. It is on my list to play on each visit to Myrtle Beach. A challenge yet very enjoyable!
by Jack - 11/17/2011
Outstanding course but bad experience with female attendant in the pro shop. Don't play this course if one in your group is sick. They refused to give a rain check. Our group of 32 will never play this or any Glens course in the future. A shame because it is a beautiful course.
by Jon - 11/12/2011
Had a friend drive up from Hilton Head to play with our group. Since we only had 7 with our group we welcomed an eighth golfer. The pro shop guy was very unwilling to give him any kind of discount. He charged him $113.00. This is not a $113 course especially since it was overseeded and cart path only for the 1st 7 holes.
by Mike (Wilmington, Del.) - 11/10/2011
Really enjoy some of the great holes they have, especially along the Waterway.
by Mark (Cumming, Iowa) - 11/06/2011
The attendant/starter was very friendly and helpful. The course was in great shape greens were a little slow.
by Marty - 11/05/2011
A great sleeper.
by Andy (Langley, U.K.) - 11/01/2011
Great course, only let down by the poor quality greens.
by Karl (Knoxville, Tenn.) - 11/01/2011
Nice and tight course that demands accuracy. The starter needs to stress the tees to some groups a little more. We were paired with another pair that should have played the gold tees. That additional 800 plus yards in length brought more obstacles & hazards into play for them.
by John (Palmyra, Va.) - 10/31/2011
The staff couldn't have been more pleasant and attentive ... best course experience I've had in years.
by Jim (Toronto, Ontario) - 10/26/2011
Group enjoyed the course. Felt that the greens were a little rough, though.
by Lillian (Atlanta, Ga.) - 10/24/2011
There's nowhere in the world like the Noch. No houses on the course - just one stunning hole after another. Very fair, not all tricked up. Stay afterwards for a drink - sit on the porch and watch the boats cruise along the Intracoastal. Magic. This is the best clubhouse in the world.
by Dan (Kitchener, Ontario) - 10/03/2011
Great golf ... very different type of golf I am used to playing ... very difficult ... on-cart GPS would be nice.
by Casey (St. Mary's, W. Va.) - 09/13/2011
Very good shape. Greens were nice - a touch slow but nice. This course is tough.
by Stephanie (Irwin, Penn.) - 08/16/2011
Nice course. Nothing spectacular. Great finishing holes.
by Randy (St. Elmo, Ill.) - 07/23/2011
Best course on the Strand hands down!! We have played this course every year since the course opened. Played 7/21/2011 and we will be playing again 7/22/2011. The scenery at this course and the elevation changes make for an enjoyable round of golf. This course also features the 3 hardest finishing holes on the Grand Strand. The par 4 16th is the hardest of them all. A 220-yard layup to a 200-yard approach shot into the teeth of the wind coming off the Intracoastal Waterway makes for a tough hole. The par 5 8th is another hole that offers elevation drops playing back into the wind from the Waterway. The par 4 9th plays alongside the waterway to a two level double green. We have seen many boats and ships cruising up and down the waterway each time we have played. ADD THIS COURSE TO YOUR LIST OF COURSES TO PLAY! Best condition of any course we have played this year.
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