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Man O’ War Golf Club

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Man O’ War Golf Club

Unique is one of the most misused words in the English language, but it applies to Man O’ War Golf, a one-of-kind golf course. 

Every hole at Man O’War is built around a massive 107-acre lake, meaning water is a factor on every hole. Rest easy, the water isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem. 

For starters, there is no rough or pine straw, making it easy to find (dry) balls and allowing a shot at the green from nearly anywhere. As an added bonus, it’s a huge help when it comes to pace of play. 

Just because the water isn’t suffocating doesn’t mean it’s not a factor. Man O’ War is the only course in the world with back-to-back island greens, the 14th and 15th, which are the sight of many selfies. 

Throw in the 9th, which is an "island hole," and it’s not hard to see why Man O’ War stands out in a crowded Myrtle Beach golf market. The layout is unforgettable and the conditions, highlighted by superior bentgrass greens, are always outstanding. 

Speaking of greens, Man O’ War’s are among the area’s largest, averaging 10,000-square foot per putting surface, giving golfers plenty of opportunity to enjoy their quality. 

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423 reviews

Latest Review For Man O' War Golf Club

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Man O’ War Golf Club Course Reviews

Recent Reviews

by Lawrin W - 11/12/2017
Always enjoy playing this course. Always in great shape the two times we've been there. Will definitely be going there again.
by Steve H - 04/06/2017
Course was OK. Tees were fair at best, fairways good and greens OK. Lots of water but rarely comes into play. Really need to stray off line to find most water hazards. Course lack usual Myrtle Beach amenities such as coolers on cart and on course beverage cart. Club house dated.
by Donald Hamilton - 03/22/2017
I think everything was covered by both the staff on an off the course.
by Chuck - 12/03/2016
Where do I begin? The pro shop was useless, it seemed like I was bothering them when I got there. First golf course I've ever been to that didn't have any cigars...told me they were out of them. Someone isn't doing there job. Arrived hour+ early to warm up and hit the range. We had to walk to range because they didn't have any place to park carts by it. Range had no yardage markers and no water bucket to clean off clubs when finished hitting, so it was useless. No chipping area even though they advertise they have one. Yes, the small things like this, that you find at any decent course, matter. They wouldn't let us have a cart until 10 minutes before tee time. Said they had to keep tabs on them and they didn't trust people with them, so had to stand at cart barn with many other unhappy people. Greens were inconsistent with the speed. In other words, I was not happy before I ever hit a shot. I recommend skipping this course.
by Ron (Pickrering, ON) - 11/21/2016
Liked the layout and enjoyed the free lunch
by Douglas (Effingham, IL) - 11/21/2016
Course was well maintained, the staff was friendly and helpful.
by Jeff (Rock Hill, SC) - 10/23/2016
Water was not really a factor as it looked on previews.
by Nick - 09/27/2016
I played Man O' War last week and was not very impressed. The nicest part about the course was that it was fairly empty and we almost had it to ourselves. Pros: Staff was courteous, it was not busy, and they give you free lunch with a tee time. Also the length of the course at nearly 7,000 yard from the tips was great. Cons: The course was not maintained well. The greens we very patchy and uneven. The bunkers needed new sand. The fairways were freshly mowed however there were huge clumps of grass clippings everywhere! Every hole was littered with chunks of grass. Most courses bag their cut grass but apparently they don't do it here. The tee boxers were average at best. The worst aspect was the fact that there were maintenance workers all over the course making tremendous amounts of noise while we were playing. I realize mowers, weed-eaters, and blowers are loud and that work has to be done to the course, but why was it all being done at 11:00 am? It was very distracting and none of the employees seemed to care. I usually don't complain about golf courses but this course did not meet my expectations. I realize it's on the lower price scale but still, I was expecting nicer conditions and a course that didn't have maintenance workers all over it as we were trying to play. The pictures of this course look pretty but overall, reality doesn't match up. I don't think I will be going back. There are so many great courses in MB that are much better in my opinion.
by Paul (Mississauga, ON) - 09/07/2016
Many of the greens are showing the stress of summer otherwise course was in great shape considering the volume of rain received 2 days prior.
by John D - 08/30/2016
Nice layout in the links style course but it just ticked me off when I pay full price and I am told to ride the cart path. Now this had nothing to do with rain since the area was generally dry for the last week.
by Vincent (Coatesville, PA) - 08/15/2016
All good.
by John D - 08/13/2016
This is a fair golf course considering all the water. The condition of the tee boxes are excellent but the greens have been in better shape. My only setback with this course would be that even if I had booked the first tee time of the day some connected twosome managed to be ahead. It may not matter too many but for me it is called do not be surprised if you get forward golfers in front of you.
by James (Millville, NJ) - 07/28/2016
The course was in very good condition.
by Winston (Gallipolis, OH) - 07/21/2016
Play this course every year when visiting. Sometimes twice.
by Norm (Brampton, ON) - 06/15/2016
by Flint - 05/29/2016
Always in great shape. More playable than you might think. Of more than 100 courses in the area this is easily in the top 10. Now for the bad news, you don't get the discounts you used to. I paid 68 dollars to play 18 holes. Used to play 3 rounds for $100.
by Robert (Cincinnati, OH) - 05/29/2016
Shot best round ever.
by Rickey (High Point, NC) - 05/04/2016
Had been raining and carts on path but was an enjoyably round.
by Ed (Davison, MI) - 04/29/2016
Should have booked t-time when I got to Myrtle Beach! Booking ahead with f time through the Internet costs twice as much. Disappointed with the Cart Girl service on all courses
by Jason (Baldwinsville, NY) - 04/28/2016
All the water.
by Jim - 04/26/2016
Played there today with my wife, best friend, and his son. Wide variety of skills, and all had a great time. Beautiful course, great staff from starter to pro shop. We played the Witch last year, and this course was a little more wide open. Had more water, but not for ladies as much as tees were after initial water. Highly recommend for all levels of players. Played on a Tuesday morning for $52 per golfer, which included lunch, and 2 beverages. Highly recommend for all levels of players!!!
by Howard (Fallston, MA) - 04/15/2016
The openness of the course and the water all around. 14 out of 18 where water is in play, nice!
by John (Ottawa, ON) - 04/05/2016
Pro shop staff and restaurant friendly. And courteous. All around good experience. Enjoyed our afternoon.
by Gary (Bennettsville, SC) - 03/28/2016
Great course.
by Mike (Oneida,NY) - 01/29/2016
Always enjoy playing this course. These are by far some of the best greens I have putted on, fast and true.
by Timothy - 01/06/2016
Always a great course in good shape. Staff were pleasant and the pace once we got past a foursome of beginner golfers good. Lots of water to avoid and the wind always blows here but it was a good course.
by Timothy - 12/29/2015
Extremely wet from heavy rains the night before but not much puddling to be found, it drains well. The greens were in very good shape for this time of year. Some of the bunkers need some care but otherwise it's in better shape than most and better than I have seen it in the past.
by Bill (Mountain Top, PA) - 12/01/2015
Greens were in excellent condition.
by Tim (Maineville, OH) - 11/08/2015
Wide variety of holes and challenges. I would have liked to know that the greens had been aerated recently and the ground pretty soft.
by Stephen - 09/30/2015
Man-O-War is fantastic. A beautiful golf course with the best island green this side of TPC Sawgrass. Immaculately conditioned as well.
by Todd - 09/21/2015
Loved everything about this course - from customer service to course layout. Must play in Myrtle.
by Andy - 09/21/2015
This could be the best course, hands-down, i've ever played in the Myrtle Beach area. SO much good going on there, variety of shots, plenty of water hazards to keep you on your toes, and immaculate conditions. Was our last stop on our buddies trip and we truly saved the best for last. A must play for anyone visiting, or heck living, in the area!
by David - 09/18/2015
Fabulous course, with the best greens on the beach, along with it sister course, The Wizard. Love #18. Hit 'em straight!
by Glenn - 09/18/2015
Best in Myrtle Beach!
by D W - 09/18/2015
Man-O-War is flat out a real golfer's layout by Dan Maples. Although there is water on every hole, there is plenty of room in the well-maintained fairways. The greens run smooth, but are tricky to putt. We play this course every year on our annual pilgrimage to Myrtle Beach. Really a fine golf course. Cheeseburgers are great in the clubhouse as well!
by Linzie (Mount Washington, KY) - 07/22/2015
Course was in great shape.
by Bryan (Sykesville, MD) - 07/21/2015
Course in great condition. Clubhouse not so much.
by Ron J. - 06/30/2015
Played Man O War on 06/26/15 and all I can say is WOW. The course is beautiful. No complaints at all. Clubhouse staff was awesome.
by Todd (Hurricane, WV) - 06/28/2015
Layout, green complexes,starters are incredibly nice. Watch out for the gnats.
by Va (Little Canada, MN) - 06/25/2015
The course was nice but the pace of the game was slow. We were behind a threesome and they were holding up the line. No ranger or marshal came out to enforce them to speed up or let us pass. After the 5 hole we just pass them. After we pass them, we had a great time.
by Paul (New Milford, CT) - 06/04/2015
Nice layout.
by Ron - 05/19/2015
Mid handicappers from the uk. We were looking forward to this course after some great hype and reviews. We were so disappointed when we arrived to find that the tee time had slipped by one hour and then suffer a 6 hour round due to the club double booking and using the course as a cash cow rather than a golf course. Surprisingly the greens were the main challenge on the course rather than the water hazards. Pay close attention to the pin positions on these massive undulating greens as if you are on the wrong side of the green you will do well to 3 put.
by Scott (Glen Allen, VA) - 04/13/2015
Lots of water, very little elevation change, a few blind shots. Not overly difficult. Greens a bit slow, but rolled well.
by Kevin (Wyckoff, NJ) - 12/28/2014
Great round! We enjoyed so much! Everyone was super friendly. Thank you.
by Bob (Franklin, IN) - 12/10/2014
by Robert (Hughesville, MD) - 12/09/2014
by Kevin (Aiken, SC) - 12/03/2014
Very good.
by Mimi (Vancouver, BC) - 11/28/2014
Very nice course was very pleasant to play on as well as looking at all the natural scenery and ponds. The lay of the course was pleasant to play on. The guys enjoy the beers and hot dogs as usual.
by Daniel (Allegany, NY) - 11/13/2014
Totally unique with the placement of water (everywhere!) and need to play for specific areas of the course to be 'dry.'
by Gerard (Athens, NY) - 11/08/2014
Liked the course ... Ladies at the grill were very friendly.
by Jason (Fairfax, VA) - 10/31/2014
Very good.
by Joe (Whitby, ON) - 10/27/2014
Loved the course.
by Don (Lynbrook, NY) - 10/26/2014
Our golf group loves playing this course as it is always in exccellent condition both greens and fairways. The driving range and putting green are within walking distance from the parking lot. The lunch package was also worth the time playing this course and an added feature.
by Frank (Greensboro, NC) - 10/25/2014
Excellent overall.
by Tammy (Sparta, NJ) - 10/22/2014
by Greg (Walnut Cove, NC) - 10/21/2014
Great golf experience.
by Jack (Stevensville, PA) - 10/20/2014
Fun course to play. Our group really enjoyed the course even though it was cart path only because of heavy morning rains. The course dried nicely within an hour of the rain stopping. We will be back next year.
by Curtis (Walnut Cove, NC) - 10/20/2014
by Don (Raymore, MO) - 10/16/2014
by Pete (Marshfield, MA) - 10/06/2014
by John (Crystal Lake, IL) - 10/01/2014
by Frank (Shippensburg, PA) - 09/29/2014
by Phillip (N. Wilkesboro, NC) - 09/17/2014
On nearly every hole the maintenance crew was in front of us. Made it very difficult to concentrate and hit a good shot with a huge mower setting in the fairway.
by John - 08/24/2014
Starter made sure we were kept hydrated and brought out water and cold wet towels out to the course. Also made sure we were OK and if we were having fun. Thanked us for playing the course.
by Floyd (Middle River, MD) - 08/08/2014
by Donald (Creedmoor, NC) - 07/24/2014
Fun and challenging
by Bill (Florence, SC) - 06/18/2014
I enjoy playing Man O'War. When you take into account the price and the conditions, it is a very good value. I will keep it on my list of courses to play.
by Dave (Chelmsford, MA) - 06/13/2014
Very friendly staff, gave cold towel because it was so humid, nice course layout, would recommend to friends.
by Russ (Atlanta, GA) - 06/09/2014
by Lee (Jacksonville, NC) - 06/06/2014
I always keep coming back to this course. It is always in great shape.
by Robert (West Springfield, MA) - 06/05/2014
by Dale (Cincinnati, OH) - 06/05/2014
by Jeff (Weaverville, NC) - 06/03/2014
Really good
by Doug (Lakefield, ON) - 06/03/2014
by Mike (Elyria, OH) - 06/03/2014
Great course from start to finish ,awesome experience
by Mike (Strongsville, OH) - 05/21/2014
by William (Center Valley, PA) - 04/30/2014
Fun fair course good comdition
by Joseph (Oceanside, NY) - 04/08/2014
by Duane (Annawan, IL) - 03/21/2014
Great layout loved the course overall
by Wes (Supply, NC) - 02/06/2014
Had a great time.
by Gary - 12/20/2013
Course was very wet due to morning rain, but still was very playable. Not as many water holes as shown in website photo. Layout was a challenge to play, but wouldn't describe it as spectacular. Would choose other courses to play on next trip.
by Ray (Jacksonville, NC) - 11/26/2013
Greens were hard to read. Enjoyed the water holes. Course was rather long for our group's 80 year old players. Had a great time.
by Ed (Virginia Beach, VA) - 11/19/2013
by Tom (Coldwater, OH) - 11/07/2013
by Robert (Pinehurst, NC) - 10/22/2013
by Christopher (Wexford, PA) - 10/18/2013
Course in good shape. Enjoyed playing around the water. Difficult approach shots. Greens were in phenomenal shape. Favorite hole = 14
by Jerry (Erie, PA) - 10/18/2013
Very nice condition.....
by Roy (North Haledon, NJ) - 09/19/2013
The course was in excellent condition and we played in under 4 hours. I would definitely play here again.
by Alexander (Burr Ridge, IL) - 08/14/2013
Greens were a tough read but very enjoyable to play. Nice forgiving layout.
by Ronald - 07/23/2013
Wow. Awesome experience even in heavy showers. All 32 in our group had the opportunity to play this course twice,due to flooding at the Witch. Course and staff all great.
by Bo (Salisbury, NC) - 06/10/2013
Its great. Third time playing here.
by Chester (Cornwall, NY) - 05/08/2013
by Bill (Wasaga Beach, ON) - 04/24/2013
by Allen (Raleigh, NC) - 04/16/2013
by Tim (Elgin, SC) - 04/05/2013
Good course in great condition. Greens were a bit fast though
by Jim (Avon Lake, OH) - 03/19/2013
Really enjoyed this course, and especially liked the turfs that the course uses--makes us feel like we're back north. Starter and staff were disorganized, and our only complaint was pace of play, which was unacceptable at 5:20.
by Bob (Hummelstown, PA) - 03/14/2013
Greens were hard and fast. Lots of water but only in play with poor shots.
by Carol (Chicopee, MA) - 03/12/2013
by David (Wileyville, WV) - 03/06/2013
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