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Meadowlands Golf Club

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Meadowlands Golf Club

Meadowlands Golf Club has spent a significant portion of the last decade re-attracting a customer base that once flocked to this course like the wildlife that tends to reside here. Beginning in 2012, Meadowlands - which frequently draws praise for a female-friendly design - renovated its greens by putting down TifEagle Bermuda grass. Then, Nos. 3 and 6 were essentially scrapped and re-done to make them jive with the rest of the player-friendly round.

“They were just weird holes,” General Manager Jason Monahan said. “There was no flow or blend with those holes. It changed the dynamics of the front nine night and day. Since the renovation, they have been getting a lot more recognition for the layout and the playability. We’re essentially rebuilding our reputation. It’s working perfectly. It’s just what the doctor ordered.”

Those types of moves, which include becoming the first area course to add foot golf in 2014, helped refurbish Meadowlands, although it’s not fair to say it was starting from scratch. Willard Byrd’s original 1995 design already included marshlands seamlessly morphing into open meadows, lakes highlighting would-be farmland. The combination of before and after, then, is only that much better. 

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174 reviews

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Meadowlands Golf Club Course Reviews

Recent Reviews

by Ted - 08/10/2016
Course in very good shape. Very busy but still did 18 in 4hrs 10mins. Staff very nice. Course not overly difficult but water comes into play on lots of holes. Pay Attention. I would recommend this course.
by James (Roanoke, VA) - 06/21/2016
Variety of hole distances and challenges- course in good shape for this time of year.
by Don (Shelby, NC) - 05/04/2016
Lots of brown spots on course
by Karl (New Bern, NC) - 04/11/2016
T times started on time with no delay
by Manon (Morin Heights, QC) - 04/07/2016
Great traditionnel course. Fairway are in good shape, better then the other course we played in Myrtle. Greens roll best.
by Barron (Taylorsville, NC) - 03/04/2016
Nice course reachable par 5s greens were good for time of year about a 10 on the meter have a lot of slope in most of them will play again.
by Richard - 02/23/2016
Great, fun course to play. Easy at times, challenging at other times. Had a great day.
by Joseph - 02/23/2016
We had a great time.
by Dorothi - 02/23/2016
by Mike - 02/23/2016
by Claudette - 02/23/2016
I will come back again.
by Louise - 02/23/2016
I like this course. Very women friendly.
by Gerald - 02/23/2016
Great experience.
by Andrea - 02/23/2016
by Bob - 02/23/2016
Very good.
by Don - 02/23/2016
Nice Course. Enjoyed it thoroughly.
by John - 02/23/2016
Very good.
by Dave - 10/17/2015
Our threesome had a very enjoyable round. The positives: an interesting course design, kept in very good condition, and generally helpful staff. The negatives: another course that jammed too many tee times in on one of the busy weekends of the season. To their credit, the rangers tried to help and kept us informed. But when you can see the open fairways a few groups in front of you, you wish they were doing more. We have experienced that at a bunch of places, so we can't really single out Meadowlands, but the facts are the facts. The lasting impression is positive: very friendly staff in all areas, an engaging course that is not too hard and not too easy and overall one of the best values on the Grand Strand.
by Caleb (Martinsburg, PA) - 07/18/2015
We showed right at tee time. Attendants were a little rude. Other than that great course.
by James (Crossville, TN) - 05/27/2015
I would not play there again.
by Tim (Seymour, IN) - 05/16/2015
Course in great shape considering how much rain fell the previous weekend from Tropical Storm Ana. Looking forward to playing again along with Farmstead when everything is drier.
by Jay (Alexis, NC) - 04/14/2015
Good overall.
by Frank (Brunswick, ME) - 03/21/2015
Enjoyed the whole experience and would definitely play it again. Most holes had wide open fairways where you could see everything in front of you with no guessing on where to hit the next shot.
by John (Calabash, NC) - 03/16/2015
Did not like the condition of the greens.
by Benjie (Wilmington, NC) - 03/15/2015
Great service, awesome greens, fun to play!
by Charlie (Colorado Springs, CO) - 10/08/2014
Fair challenge. 2 different nines.
by Dennis (Calabash, NC) - 09/04/2014
by John (Wilmington, NC) - 09/02/2014
General condition was excellent, sand traps were hard.
by Geoffrey (Hamilton, NJ) - 08/20/2014
Very well maintained course. First class.
by Carlyle (Falls Church, VA) - 08/09/2014
Played after it had been raining every day for a week, so the fairways were a bit soggy.
by John - 06/09/2014
Played this upon first day open after aerating greens on July 4 they said. I booked through Tee It Up Tomorrow and they made no mention of this. This is the second time for them to not include this. Be careful with that if you use them. Anyway, shop offered me a raincheck right off. Decided I was here to play so I did. The greens had been sanded and looked like they were rolled. Actually, other than some speed problems greens were pretty good. Ball rolled true with no bumps at all. Fairways were really nice. Fairways were soft due to all the recent rains but no problems at all, expect less roll of course. I rated the greens a bit low but in a week or so they will be fantastic. If you're on the line for this course with the greens don't worry about it.
by Paul (South Weymouth, MA) - 06/09/2014
Would not play this course again. It was in terrible shape
by James (Yorktown, VA) - 04/30/2014
Good course. What it gives up in length is off-set by the tricky greens and pin placements. Long hitting seniors will enjoy this course!
by Mark (Portage, MI) - 04/30/2014
Very busy! Took 5-1/2 hours to play 18!
by Jeff (Siler City, NC) - 04/16/2014
Greens were really firm, so we had to allow for the bounce. Couldn't leave a ballmark if you tried. Other than that, the course was beautiful!
by Paul (Midlothian, VA) - 04/02/2014
Great experience
by Dave - 03/21/2014
Played Meadowlands with our group of 12 on March 13 2014. The course was in good shape and we had a beautiful day. As my foursome was coming down the 18th fairway we were asked to speed it up, we were 15 minutes behind their anticipated finish time. At that point it seemed rude to even say anything. After completing our round we were parked behind the 18th green, waiting and watching our other two foursome complete there round. One of the staff handling carts came out and told us we were to return the carts immediately and not wait for the others. After ignoring him and later approaching him in the cart barn he said he wanted to get home too.
by Jonathan (Butler, PA) - 03/21/2014
by Michael (Chatham, ON) - 03/18/2014
Nice layout. good condition. challenging and fun
by Martin (Rockford, MI) - 11/05/2013
by Robert (Lexington, SC) - 09/12/2013
Excellent course.
by Jerry - 07/30/2013
What an improvement from what I remember a few years ago. The greens are excellent especially for summer. This used to be a middle of the road course, not very interesting. But it is now very good and I've been known to be somewhat of a critic.
by Chad - 07/29/2013
Great course, from the bag attendants to the proshop everybody was extremely nice. Greens were nice and quick. Fairway was good. Ladies tees were fair for my wife too. Will play again for sure.
by Chad - 07/29/2013
From the bag attendants to the proshop, everybody was extremely friendly. Greens were in great shape and fairways were nice. Will play again. Was not too difficult for my wife either. Ladies tees very fair.
by Timothy (Hagerstown, MD) - 07/26/2013
Beautiful course, great staff, would definitely play again.
by Micah (Morganton, NC) - 05/20/2013
Had high hopes after playing farmstead earlier in the week. Nice course but was just ok. Wished we had replayed farmstead.
by Stephen - 04/08/2013
Meadowlands has vastly improved since their major renovation last Summer. The new TifEagle Bermuda greens are as good as any I have played in Myrtle Beach and better than most. They are now very quick and smooth and true. One detail I would mention that could use some attention is that they still do not have reflectors on the flagsticks so it is sometimes very difficult to get a yardage reading on a laser range finder........and who does not use one these days. Also, we found it extremely hard to hold the greens with any iron over a wedge. They are very very firm. Still, the course was a pleasure to play and is a stern test from the blues or deeper!!
by Ian - 03/11/2013
Disappointed to say the least. Been playing here for several winters and this year the place is in much poorer condition. Trying to calculate how much green paint it took to cover almost then entire 13th fairway...when I reached the green my golf ball had turned from white to green. Greens are below average. Hard to believe this course is related in any way to Farmstead, across the road. Save your money and find another track.
by Buck (Lawrenceville, VA) - 01/24/2013
The greens and tees were in excellent shape and confirmed the magazine article on course improvements. Comments from our group. Consider the play in course in October. Very surprised based on last play. Playable for all our golfers in October that range from 2 handicaps to 24 handicaps. The 1:30 tee time was excellent for our travel time to the course and play. Fairways required very little roll. Carts on path meant more walking than some would like but condition of course warranted carts on path and our play was right at 4 hours.
by Ray - 01/05/2013
The complimentary yardage book was a plus.
by Patrick (Columbia, SC) - 12/01/2012
Nice layout with few forced carries. Winds through residential area, but feels open. Good greens and variety of holes for every golfing ability.
by Herbert (Summerville, SC) - 11/26/2012
Very good course and friendly people.
by Gerard (East Weymouth, MA) - 10/25/2012
Very good.
by Harold (West End, NC) - 09/13/2012
Staff was great. Course was busy. Encountered rude golfers who were hitting up very close to us, even though we were keeping up with the group in front of us. Would loved to have seen a ranger on the course.
by Robert (McKeesport, PA) - 05/22/2012
Liked the greens.
by Randy (Moncton, NB) - 04/30/2012
Great greens, didn't like it as much as sister course Farmstead. Staff starters all good.
by Jeremy - 04/25/2012
Not a bad track, and certainly not as over-crowded as many this time of year. A few bare spots on a few greens, but fairways and tee boxes were in good shape. Worth playing again, if on the north side of the beach. Great staff.
by Carole (Dublin, N.H.) - 04/15/2012
Course was fair, facilities not kept up, people friendly.
by Ed (Manassas, Va.) - 03/05/2012
Open areas. Not a lot of blind shots.
by Jon (Sterling, Va.) - 02/29/2012
Greens were great and putted well.
by Joe - 09/12/2011
Nice course in good condition. Rough was long & tough. Greens were smooth and consistent (a few small rough spots but nothing to complain about). I would happily recommend this course in its current condition.
by Colin (Fort Dover, Ontario) - 04/12/2011
We had an issue with slow play by a group of five two groups ahead of us. No marshal appeared to increase pace of play. This caused the foursome ahead of us to abandon. I will not be back.
by Gerard (Hernando, Fla.) - 09/13/2010
I would have liked it to be more apparent that this course is in North Carolina. I was staying in South Myrtle Beach and it was quite a drive to the course. As far as the course itself, there is plenty of water and without knowledge of the course, you are going to be in the drink a great deal. Course management is a necessity. It would be nice to have a course layout and hazard location in each cart. Back nine is far easier than the front. Course condition is excellent.
by Jay (Lancaster, Penn.) - 08/17/2010
Enjoyable round of golf. Conditions were superb and course layout was great. A definite come back-to course.
by Paul (Charlotte, N.C.) - 06/08/2010
Fairways were in very poor condition - no grass or very thin.
by Frank (Windber, Penn.) - 04/18/2010
Good round of golf at golf course, but after round - we were treated extremely rudely by a tall man (Mgr.?) who told us to leave the grill area after playing our round and having some snacks while watching the televised end of The Masters. Guys were NOT misbehaving - just wanted to watch the finish, and he wanted to close. He could have been polite about it, but was very nasty and chased away a lot of business. We went down the road to a sports bar to watch The Masters. Bad ending to a nice day by a man who has no concept of customer service, and/or making money for his grill area. As a result, we will no longer play any courses in the future managed by Burroughs & Chapin.
by Liz (Peterborough, Ontario) - 12/06/2009
We have golfed at Meadowlands for the past 4 years and have never been disappointed. The course is beautiful (wet this year but that can't be helped) and the staff - every one of them is friendly, professional and extremely helpful. The atmosphere is casual, friendly and professional. We love it.
by Chuck - 10/08/2009
We were satisfied with our experience at Meadowlands.
by Ron (Indianapolis, Ind.) - 09/27/2009
Course layout was very good. Could have used info on tee regarding distance to waste areas. If it was there, I missed it. Several greens apparently having problem with heat. Second green in bad shape. Snack area closed when I finished. I was really thirsty. I would probably play it again to see if I can improve on my score.,Course layout was very good. Could have used info on tee regarding distance to waste areas. If it was there, I missed it. Several greens apparently having problem with heat. Second green in bad shape. Snack area closed when I finished. I was really thirsty. I would probably play it again to see if I can improve on my score.,Course layout was very good. Could have used info on tee regarding distance to waste areas. If it was there, I missed it. Several greens apparently having problem with heat. Second green in bad shape. Snack area closed when I finished. I was really thirsty. I would probably play it again to see if I can improve on my score.,Course layout was very good. Could have used info on tee regarding distance to waste areas. If it was there, I missed it. Several greens apparently having problem with heat. Second green in bad shape. Snack area closed when I finished. I was really thirsty. I would probably play it again to see if I can improve on my score.
by Derek (Fallston, Mass.) - 08/07/2009
Just an okay course. Nothing too special about it. They had thick rough that was immpossible to get out of, so it made the course not fun. We won't be playing here again.
by Karen - 03/30/2009
Because of rain, we believe the tee boxes and fairways were not mowed the way they normally would have been, so the grass was longer. Also, the pace of play was slow. We did enjoy the course, however, and the employees were very nice and helpful.
by John (Carolina Shores, N.C.) - 02/16/2009
Course was in great condition Not a bad 1st round of golf since Oct 2008
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