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Pine Lakes Country Club

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Pine Lakes Country Club

Pine Lakes Country Club already had history. The home of the Myrtle Beach Golf Hall of Fame first opened in 1927 and is recognized as the birthplace of Sports Illustrated. Originally laid out by Robert White, the man who had already served as the first president of the PGA of America before coming a golfing icon, Pine Lakes eventually went back to its roots. A major overhaul in the last decade further plays into Pine Lakes’ ultimate trump card, one that accompanies so much else the club has to offer.

“The history and the service reputation that it’s had is definitely a big part of it,” head professional Matt Daly said. “The golf course was renovated in 2009 and restored to its original design. Those features, it is definitely the way it should be.”

A straight-line approach persists throughout the round, with only a few hole employing doglegs or other obstacles. That said, the par-four No. 9 wraps up the front nine in spectacular fashion. An S-shaped pond on the left of the fairway bleeds shots to the other side of a slim fairway landing area. From there, double tree lines and a well-protected green means players are thinking about anything but the course’s rich history. 

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Pine Lakes Country Club Course Reviews

Recent Reviews

by Bill - 01/14/2018
Over a period of 13 years our group of12 golfers from North East England have taken a two week golfing trip to Myrtle Beach. Over those years we have played over 50 of the excellent courses in South Carolina. Pine Lakes, The Grandaddy is our Number 1 course
by Drew - 11/13/2017
The course is in fantastic shape, and playing really well. It was a little wet due to the rain recently which is to be expected. Greens were fast and rolling smooth. The overseed has really come in nicely and the fairways are in great shape. Well worth the visit to play and the employees are always fun to chat with. Great experience.
by Brian W - 08/18/2017
Course is in outstanding shape. We were riding fairways even though we had rain 4 days in a row. Greens are just about perfect and rolled great. Staff is excellent; friendly and helpful. Great bar, we watched the PGA Championship there for a bit after the round..beers were ice cold and great sandwiches.
by Dave - 08/16/2017
Course was in great shape ! Tees, fairways & greens were perfect. Staff very friendly, course never disappoints when we play there.
by Trey W. - 07/18/2017
We play Pine Lakes every year we visit Myrtle Beach. Course is in great shape and never disappoints. The history of club is very interesting and love the clubhouse!
by MB Golfer - 01/29/2017
Course is always in great shape. Nice greens, good fairway over seeding, and even when it rains, course drains very well. I always try for some rounds when here in South Carolina.
by Joe - 09/25/2016
Great course...greens were as consistent and true as I have played...all staff was very friendly and it was a great experience...I played as a single and paired with three gentlemen from Ohio...super playing partners...will absolutely play there again
by Scott - 06/22/2016
Nice open track. Not overly long, but some shot making required. Greens were in good shape, but were VERY slow
by Ted - 05/19/2016
Course is great shape. Tee boxes,fairways & greens are awesome. I haven't played here in a couple of years & but was very pleased with what I saw today. Nice layout. Staff very accommodating.
by Ryan - 04/21/2016
Came down with a group of 32 players. Course was in good shape and enjoyed playing. However, the staff from the moment we got out of our vehicle was the most rude, crude I've ever witnessed. The bag boy was without question the most rude and it was evident all he gave a crap about was loading your clubs for a tip. I wouldn't spend another dime at this place nor will my group next trip. Beware!!!!
by Danny - 04/10/2016
Pro shop staff and bag drop staff were very friendly starter was good. The course was in good shape greens and fairways are excellent. Rough is still very brown. We had been played ten days in a row at many different Founders Group of courses and decided to eat at Pine Lakes after reading the menu. The service was not good and then our order when it came was not as explained by our server. Would recommend the course but service at the grill was not good.
by Mike(Oneida,NY) - 03/17/2016
Let me first state that the staff was very friendly and helpful. Have read other reviews about bad staff and I couldn't disagree more. This is a great course and was in very good shape. The greens were a bit slow but true. Definitely a must play.
by John M. - 10/27/2015
We played this course as an opener to our golf trip and we were delighted with the experience. From the magnificent clubhouse to the practice area to the staff and to the course itself we had a great day. The course was in great condition and is very fair in that it rewards good shots. The putting surfaces were very good but all putts required attention. Overall the experience was top class and for those making their first visit to Myrtle Beach then I would recommend the course as a good introduction.
by Cjl - 09/14/2015
The golf course was nice, the day was beautiful! The bag drop attendants were curt and very interested in only talking to themselves. The golf marshals at the turn continued the rudeness and unprofessionalism at Pine Lakes. Needless to say, this USED TO BE a favorite on our annual trip to Myrtle Beach!
by Jim - 09/13/2015
Today our foursome just had 4 pars on the 9th hole and we were all excited to be playing such good golf as we headed to the back nine. There was no other groups behind us for 3 holes and the pace of play was good. The starter named Ed (originally from Chantilly VA) was there at the green. He yelled to us 2:16!. I asked what that meant and he barked back you're playing slower than I would like - 4 hours and 15 minutes is what I want. I replied you're saying we're 8 minutes slow...? Well that's outrageous and you're missing the point of why we are here. It's to have fun. Clearly this guy is not in the right job. What he said ruined the day for me and soured the good course conditions and great layout. The fairways and greens were beautiful, the variety of holes was great and overall played long from the white tees. It's amazing that I hadn't played this course before, especially since I've played over 50 courses in the area over the past 30 years. Too bad the starter is such a small thinker and spoiled a fun day; fun thru 9 holes that is.
by Tom - 09/04/2015
Played there for the first time last year, left quite a few strokes out on the course. I intended to rectify that situation, when we go back in October. This is now one of our two must play courses, out of the 6 we usually choose. It was very beautiful course and even being in the center of town, there was quite a bit on wildlife. I would recommend this course to anyone, it was liked by everyone in our group, and our handicaps range from 2 -32.
by gjankowsk - 08/20/2015
Course was in very good shape. Very disappointed in the staff and overall experience. Played there about 10 years ago and it was great! The starter was fully dressed as a Scotsman. They served soup/chowder on the back nine. Great great time! This round however was just plain and business like and seeing where they cross started it took FOREVER to play the back nine! I believe the ranger knew the very slow foursome in front of us because he kept stopping and talking to them...never sped them up. Will not play there again. The ranger said to us we should not play so fast (we were not) as a response to our comments about slow play in front of us!
by Jim G. - 07/19/2015
I hadn't played this course for many years since our spring group years ago finally stopped coming because we felt that management was really never interested in whether we had a good time. I went back this year to play the updated course. I was a single, had a tee time around 8:00, and arrived about 25 minutes early. Starter immediately asked me to tee off in a earlier group without any time to warm up or ever hit a practice putt. I didn't want to make a fuss, but I once again felt that course management wasn't interested in whether I had a good time, they just wanted to fill all openings in the tee sheet. In my mind, management still didn't care about the customers. I ended up playing OK but will think twice before I return. Greens were OK, but many fairways had significant poor grass areas. Maybe this is a result of the harsh winter. You definitely can't play summer rules (or play it down) at Pine Lakes. I played the course at 6300 yards. There were two par five's, but also had 4 par four's over 400 years. So, it felt longer that a normal 6300 yard course. Last comment is that the greens crew needs better training. The 16th hole is a pretty par 3. The pin was in the back. The entire back of the green on the right side was perfect. But the greens staff placed the flag on the left in an area that has many pot marks of dead grass. There was no excuse for that pin position.
by Mike - 07/10/2015
Never ever again! Although the course was very nice the staff is horrendous. We played with a foursome of which one was handicapped. The staff was so rude we felt as if we were an employee being spoken to in a condescending manner. To top it off we were literally yelled at for driving our golf cart to the car as we do on every other course. Apparently you are not supposed to but no one told us and there are no signs stating so. I have been golfing in Myrtle Beach for 15 years and I can say never ever again here!!
by M Scott - 01/20/2015
The course itself was fun. However, it took just short of 6 hours to play. The group in front of us was so slow. No ranger, no one at turn to speed up play. Second time to course, will not visit again.
by Miles (Veazie, ME) - 11/21/2014
Rate of play not pushed and well manicured.
by Gail - 10/27/2014
The course has lost all of its ambience. No hot chocolate, no chowder, no kilts. It was get them in and get them out. This is definitely one of those times we should have never gone back and just kept the old great memories.
by Clayton (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/14/2014
by John (Great Falls, MT) - 09/21/2014
Nice course.
by David (Novi, MI) - 09/06/2014
Course is in awful condition. 2.5 hours to play 9 holes under those conditions. We quit playing.
by John (Bellmore, NY) - 09/05/2014
by Lawrence (Mechanicsburg, PA) - 07/29/2014
Great course
by Shawn (Chichester, NH) - 07/29/2014
Course in great shape. Extremely friendly and helpful. Nice extras like GPS, ball and club wash on carts unlike some others course. Excellent value for price.
by Ed (Munhall, PA) - 07/24/2014
Ended our round after 2 holes because of rain and lightning-have rain checks and look forward to playing the course next trip.
by Daniel (Newport News, VA) - 07/02/2014
I was a single and was paired with a great group of golfer. Lots of laughs on an immaculate course. Definitely recommend and will definitely play a couple of rounds when my family and I return to MB next year.
by Terry (Overland Park, KS) - 06/09/2014
by Thomas (Barre, MA) - 06/06/2014
Excellent experience
by Jerry (Mebane, NC) - 06/05/2014
Tees and fairways were in excellent shape, despite some players who do not repair their divots on the greens. Staff very helpful.
by Wesley (Kathleen ,GA) - 06/05/2014
Lay out of the course.
by Bill (Leesburg, VA) - 06/03/2014
Slow play, marshalls did nothing to improve pace of play. No driving range, taking out of rotation.
by David (Bluefield, WV) - 06/02/2014
My father, who recently passed, was a member here for almost 20 years ending in 2008. He loved this course and so do I. The facilities, the course, the service are outstanding and I needed to come here with my son and play it again.
by Steve (Kernersville, NC) - 06/02/2014
by Rick (Great Falls, VA) - 06/02/2014
The rough and fairways were sparse probably due to weather conditions this year. Greens were in good shape.
by David - 04/30/2014
David (VA) I didn't spend time in the pro shop due to the attitude of the staff encountered, primarily due to their overwhelming attitude and lack of appropriate communication skills. The grill was only barely passable as such, due to food served on cold buns and no options as to how you would prefer them to be prepared. All when the attendant finally decided to serve you, only after she meticulously cleaned the cash register keys. As for the staff... Other than the minority of a couple individuals, the staff should be meticulously trained in the basics of client etiquette!!! Unless they would prefer to operate as a private club and spare the public from spending their hard earned money to support them. Tees, greens and fairways were in great shape, but by April 19th, the water that had accumulated on the course resulted in cart path only constraints, other than particular holes on the back side and only where ropes were down to allow cart travel in well drained portions of the course, to allow 90 degree access to the opposite side locations, in order to improve speed of play. Subsequent observation of cart travels in such areas resulted in the Ranger going off on us for being in a location that was quite apparently used for cart travel, where permanent cart paths were not constructed or defined. Perhaps they should spend some of their money to finish permanently constructed cart paths that would certainly prevent any miscommunication regarding where the carts are to travel and purchase themselves some additional spikes and rope to insure that their intent is securely communicated. Anyone failing to abide by such constraints could them be escorted off the course without any question as to who said what to whom. Someone would have to pay me to play there again! I've played golf for over 40 years, including collegiate and other competitive events, including locations with quite a bit more esteem than Pine Lakes, without such personnel issues as I've experienced on this trip to Myrtle Beach.
by Bruce (Haverhill, MA) - 04/29/2014
Very helpful and friendly
by Nicholas (Brewster, MA) - 04/17/2014
by Buzz (Culloden, WV) - 04/08/2014
by Tim (Hodgeville, KY) - 04/08/2014
Really great
by Henry (Frederick, MD) - 03/14/2014
Liked the re-do of course (last time in 2003); starter was very knowledgeable of course/history. Move the chowder back outside Vehicle access to the clubhouse parking lot is wierd, it doesn't match the street address on GPS and their map is confusing
by Warren (Lexington, VA) - 12/13/2013
by Joe (Erie, PA) - 11/05/2013
by Jim (Loudon, TN) - 11/05/2013
by Peter (Modena, NY) - 10/29/2013
Greens were coming in but were the worst of all the courses played, they had not been cut or rolled.
by John (Westerville, OH) - 10/25/2013
Unique greens grasses
by Tinker (Cary, NC) - 10/25/2013
Waitress and cart attendants unconcerned.
by Jim (Lutherville Timonium, MD) - 10/18/2013
Been going to myrtle beach for 6 years played approx. 30 courses. pine lakes most taken care of course i have EVERED . I felt like I was a PGA tour player
by Joe (Pawleys Island, SC) - 10/14/2013
Liked the course
by Rick (Champaign, IL) - 10/14/2013
Nice layout with great pines and holes set up well from the tee. Plenty of grass on greens, just too slow. Good pace of play even on busy day. Some tough holes on the back 9.
by Mark (Rocky Mount, NC) - 10/09/2013
by Gordon (Lutherville Timonium, MD) - 10/09/2013
Really enjoyed Pine Lakes. Terrific shape.
by Joerg (Ooltewah, TN) - 10/07/2013
Better directions to the club house. But I go told they are working on it.
by Ryan (Schenectady, NY) - 10/03/2013
by Kevin (Brooklin, ON) - 10/03/2013
I would like to see a new tee box or a hybrid set created on the score card. Tee 2 is too short and Tee 3 is 600 yards more. Creating a hybrid on the score card for an in between distance would be good
by Terry (Hollidaysburg, PA) - 10/03/2013
by Bob (Sun Lakes, AZ) - 10/03/2013
This was one of the only course I thought was over-priced.
by Alan (Jacksonville, FL) - 09/16/2013
Did not like the grass on the greens
by Thomas (Staten Island, NY) - 09/12/2013
Course was in excellent condition. Course is very fair for the average golfer. Food in club house was very good. Repeat customers would recommend to friends and family.
by Robert (Camden, SC) - 09/06/2013
Excellent overall condition, great layout. Enjoyed playing it. Greens were perfect. Fairways perfect.
by Gary (Califon, NJ) - 09/05/2013
First time playing here. We really liked it. Everyone was pleasant and the course was in great shape. Great Bermuda greens. Careful getting to it. They have a new entrance on Grissom Parkway which I didn't know.
by Phil - 09/02/2013
Always a great time here....Great layout , very good condition, staff helpful and friendly. Very enjoyable all around.
by Tom - 09/02/2013
Course was in great shape, staff was very friendly.
by John - 08/16/2013
I played Pine Lakes on Tuesday, August 13th. The entire course was in wonderful condition but the greens really beautiful. They were very receptive to incoming shots. Although a little on the slow side, they putted very true and were easy to read. The staff was very professional from the bag guys to the pro shop to the snack bar. Overall, a very positive experience.
by Charles (Totowa, NJ) - 08/01/2013
Played theGrandDaddy about 15(+) years ago. Heard that the course had undergone a complete re-design. Not even recognizable as the same course ( not a bad thing, actually really like the new layout). Missed the old course, with the Rolls Royce golf carts, Mimosas served on the 1st tee, and the beautiful Augusta National like landscaping. For those who are looking for the nostalgia of that old course and it's amenities, they are GONE. The new course is beautiful and challenging, even from the ##3 tees. Only BIG disappointment were the aerated greens, some of which were almost with nothing but sand and a little grass. How do you putt on a green like that ? Some of the greens were almost fully grown back. I was told they aerated the greens back in early June, and was surprised ( and not happy to find that by the end of July they were still in this condition. **They should post what conditions the greens are in before you book your tee time. Playing the morning after the 7 hour torrential rain storm, the bunkers were all flooded and wet sand was like wet concrete, but this is understandable, and during our round, the grounds crew was out raking and grooming the sand traps back in place after much of the sand had washed away from the edges. Would I play there again ? YOU BET !
by Brian (Raleigh, NC) - 07/29/2013
Great course great shape!
by Greg (Lancaster, SC) - 07/18/2013
The tees and fairways were amazing. The course is well marked.
by Austin (Charlotte, NC) - 07/11/2013
Great course conditions and layout... only complaint would be bag drop/starters. They appeared miserable, offered no instruction on the course, and were downright rude.
by Thomas (Acworth, GA) - 07/04/2013
Prefer facilities with a driving range.
by Larry - 06/28/2013
Visited from Washington State. Great course. Staff was fantastic. Started with an excellent breakfast at the club and then met our pairing. Members Joe and Charlie were great gentlemen to play with and made us feel relaxed. Highly recommended.
by James (Gilbert, SC) - 06/19/2013
First time playing the course. Will definitely Play again. Beautiful Course. Longer course in length.
by Ryan - 06/18/2013
Played as a single and was paired with a group of locals by the starter. Thoroughly enjoyed playing the course, which is tough but playable. Fairways and greens are in fantastic shape, but the fringes were a little rough at times (appeared to be under repair). Pro shop staff were courteous and understood exactly what I wanted in my purchases. Only complaint was that the grounds crew were working during my round in the afternoon. I've rarely seen that in an upscale course. They shut off mowers and trimmers as we were about to hit, but didn't appreciate them mowing our area during play. (minor complaint) Overall, it was an exceptional experience for the price I paid, which was a last-minute reservation at $39
by Elizabeth (Raleigh, NC) - 06/17/2013
Beautiful course and impressively well kept!
by Carroll (Pawleys Island, SC) - 06/17/2013
Greens punched? Course was in great shape. Lost a lot of tradition. Scottish attire...clam chowder??? Where did it go?
by Bracken - 05/20/2013
Great course!! Greens were amazing and the course was lush and layout was great
by Jeff (Sumter, SC) - 05/20/2013
Tremendous service and excellent staff from the moment we entered the course. Everyone went above and beyond and always greeted you with a smile. The course was in amazing shape and could not have asked for a better day or a more enjoyable round of golf. Would definitely recommend Pine Lakes Country Club to anyone in the Myrtle Beach Area.
by Robert (St jean sur richelieu, Quebec) - 05/13/2013
I change Pines Lakes to the TPC and I find it very challenging and I enjoy it
by Jean (Delson, Quebec) - 05/09/2013
Too long for average player
by John (Midland Park, NJ) - 04/29/2013
Nice course, all around good experience. Played in late March on cold day. Course was in best shape of 5 played. Will definitely be back!
by Roberta (Pittsburgh, PA) - 04/22/2013
Very women friendly. arrived late to course. staff was very gracious.
by Robbie (North Wilksboro, NC) - 04/17/2013
Will play again
by Bruce (Victor, NY) - 04/16/2013
The course was in great shape, for dormant season. Great service everywhere, particularly in the grill. It's tough to find courses in resort areas without houses/villas lining the holes and this was a great unobstructed exception.
by Robert (Greenville, NC) - 04/08/2013
We did not know that there was not a driving range to hit balls before our round.
by Alan (Owego, NY) - 04/08/2013
by Gary (Saint Paul, MN) - 04/02/2013
Very nice course. Conditions and layout very good.
by Gail (Port Stanley, OT) - 03/26/2013
Really liked the course - greens were excellent. As mentioned above, the course was too busy, so we left after ##13 - made for very slow play - it would have been at least a five hour round.
by Jim (New Castle, DE) - 03/20/2013
For march I think everything was great can't wait for next year
by Rick (New Albany, IN) - 03/20/2013
Always love playing Pine Lakes while in Myrtle Beach, love the history. The course layout is great.
by Steve (Georgetown, IN) - 03/20/2013
Great course, great condition even for early in the year. Curious as to why there where no GPS units on cart?
by Tom - 03/12/2013
Fiftieth anniversary of playing Pine Lakes. It remains one of my favorites. Terrific redesign!
by Steve (Raleigh, NC) - 02/18/2013
by Darrell (Gary Allen, VA) - 01/31/2013
by Paul (Elizabeth City, NC) - 01/28/2013
Great course - looked for old entrance - Was not aware of changes.
by Jeff S. (Delaware) - 12/27/2012
Always a favorite on my List to Play. The Grounds and Facilities are always Top Notch. But I never seem to catch all of the Staff, on a good day.
by Joseph (Sewickley, PA) - 12/09/2012
Very enjoyable course!
by Brian (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/06/2012
We really enjoyed the course and I was surprised how peaceful it was ... being right smack in the middle of Myrtle Beach. They do need to have some direction signs going to #6 tees ... a bit confusing with no signs until after passing #4 tee.
by Anthony (Newton Square, PA) - 11/28/2012
Wonderful experience. Course was forgiving and interesting. Pleased that I played a legend.
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