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Pearl East Course - The Pearl Golf Links

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9 Hole

Pearl East Course - The Pearl Golf Links

It isn’t the four-star rating from Golf Digest in 2008, the Dan Maples name attached to the original design or even the full-fledged renovation in the late 1990s that keep players coming back to The Pearl East Golf Course year after year.

Located in Calabash, N.C., just a few miles from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the Pearl East Course has placed its secluded terrain at the forefront of an attractive round. It relies on the Calabash River and the surrounding marshland to provide an enjoyable round that flows start to finish. All the while, outside distractions are held to a minimum.

“We’re out in the middle of the swamp,” head professional Mike Benson said. “There are no houses on the property at all. You’re playing in nature. You’re not hitting into someone’s back yard.”

That goes for one of the course’s premier holes near the end of the round, No. 17. This par-4 dogleg lines the marshes while playing from as far as 418 yards from the black tees. Even from one of the more manageable other four tee boxes Players must avoid a fairway sand trap off the tee and three more bunkers than protect a green sloping down toward the marsh.

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117 reviews

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Pearl East Course - The Pearl Golf Links Course Reviews

Recent Reviews

by Heather B. - 12/13/2016
The course was in excellent condition with very challenging greens. I loved the fact that there were not any homes on the course. The last finishing holes along the Calabash River were just beautiful. I would recommend this course to any golf group. Also, the food at the grill was delicious and reasonably priced. The staff were super friendly.
by Dwayne (Raleigh, NC) - 11/27/2016
The course was in good condition and the starters were friendly. Holes 6 and 18 were my favorite. Would play again.
by John H - 07/18/2016
I play the Pearl quite often when I am in Calabash for the summer months. Mostly it's convenient and the course is usually in pretty good shape. In fact, it's in about as good a shape as it's been in the last few months. Greens are pretty good and so are the fairways. Rough is reasonable too. Today was the first time I've run into 5-somes playing. Now I usually go out as a single late in the morning amd don't expect any priority in play as a single. When I come behind a 4-some I simply lay back until they are done with the hole and then tee off so as not to push them. I usually just play two balls and have a nice time. Today I got behind 2 5-somes. Even given that a ranger was out riding around. The first one I simply teed off, picked up my ball and jumped ahead of them. No problem. The second one was holding up a 3-some and then I was behind the 3-some. After waiting and waiting for 5 holes I simply picked up on 18 and went to the car. I'll find another course to play while I'm up here for the summer. I must give the course a high rating the criteria they present but allowing 5-somes is just wrong. I hope that policy is worth it for them.
by Don (Lima, OH) - 05/12/2016
Was an ok experience. Greens a lot slower than other courses played but ran true. Some fairways needed cut.
by Pino - 03/03/2016
A group of 12 of us came down and played several different courses. The design on this course was my favorite. Maintenance wise it gets 5 stars. Greens and fairways are plush.The layout and overall course design was a 5 star for me also. Great eco-friendly-design,the course blends in effortlessly with it's river and marsh surroundings.
by Bob (Rochester, NY) - 10/20/2015
by Seward - 10/14/2015
Absolutely beautiful course, well designed and manicured. Fairways are in great shape and the greens fast and lush. I look forward to the next golf outing at The Pearl Golf Course!
by John H - 07/21/2015
Update to my review in June. The greens have really come along and are now quite good. There are some sandy spots on some of them to further improve them. While they can come into play simply move the ball around them but it's not really a big problem. But the greens have really been improved. People really nice as usual. This is now well worth playing and very enjoyable.
by John H - 06/19/2015
I've played this course a number of times and always get stuck on the East course. You have to book for a tee time before 9:40 to get on the West due to the grass on those greens. They look great. Not so for the East. I knew they were plugged and sanded recently but decided to play anyway. The greens on this side have always seemed sparse and just something wrong with them. They seem to be rotting and have been for some time. Plugging and sanding them aren't going to help them. Best to play the West, they looked fantastic.
by Jong - 06/10/2015
Course was in good shape. Would rate course conditions as 8 overall. Greens were about 8-9. Some thin spots on the green,but ball stilled rolled very well. All greens in the area affected by Winterkill. Even my home course in Winston Salem affected. Definitely would play this course again. Starter was very helpful. I was a single and he got me started 40 min early in front of a 12-some. This allowed me to finish my round in 3 1/2 hours. That was awesome. Very tight course. Can't spray it around too much. Challenging but still fun course to play. Very scenic.
by Nancy - 02/24/2015
Played both East and West courses this weekend and was amazed at the conditions of both courses. Beautiful layout and perfect greens make for a fun day. Can't wait to get back and play them again.
by Bob - 02/23/2015
Played the Pearl East in the morning. Was pleased on how well the grees rolled. Very smooth and still FAST!
by Larry - 02/05/2015
Played the Pearl East with our regular league group. I usually don't write course reviews, but the Pearl East was in such great shape that I had to let everyone know. This is certainly a top-tier course in the Myrtle Beach area.
by Stan - 02/05/2015
Played the Pearl with a group from out of town. The Pearl was in our package, and I must say, I was very impressed. Pro shop staff and bag drop staff we very professional. We played the East Course, great shape, greens were outstanding. Nothing painted here, the course was completely over-seeded. I can't wait to play the West next.
by Bill - 01/29/2015
Played the East Course. Greens were outstanding and rolled FAST! We play here on a regular basis. Out of all of the courses in the Myrtle Beach area, the 2 courses at the Pearl have the best greens I have played.
by Dave - 01/27/2015
Beautiful course! Great greens amazing views! Helpful friendly staff a must play while in Myrtle.
by Dave - 01/27/2015
Beautiful course! Great staff a must play.
by Craig - 11/19/2014
This place should be on everyone's list. Very nice. The east is in the trees so it seems tight. Good challenge. Greens great. People there were also great. The tees and fairways were a little high due to rain and overseed.
by Dee (Severn, MD) - 04/30/2014
Replayed the East and remembered why I didn't like this course. I just don't like the layout--it has some really funky holes that simply don't make sense to me (personal preference). The tee boxes were pretty chewed up, as were the fairways. I guess the East gets more play--it shows it. The greens were terrible...the worse of the 9 rounds we played. They had what appeared to be weeds, or at least a variety of different grasses, and were very bumpy and slow. Just didn't like them at all. For the last round of the trip, The East was a bit of a let down. It was more like one of my courses at home vs. a MB course. Just okay.
by Frank - 05/01/2013
Nice course. Slow play. Greens were fair. Excellent shape. April 2013. Beautiful layout. Scorecard did not have hole layouts. Made it difficult to play for the first time. They had them in the clubhouse.
by DCH1950 - 12/07/2012
Played 12/02/12, fairways overseeded, greens continue to be bent grass, light residue remains from the last top dressing, improved conditions from earlier this year, greens can be severe as they are shaped with false fronts and sides, pin placements near the sides of greens are very tough, cart paths are quite tired and need repair, remains good architecture and a nice piece of land.
by M/M Normand (St Basile-Le-Grand, NJ) - 10/18/2012
Better than the last time I had played....
by Randy (Waxhaw, NC) - 10/15/2012
Finishing holes are great. Overall nice course. One of my favorite in MB.
by Dallas (Mount Holly, NC) - 07/07/2012
Played with 11-year-old daughter, the staff very accommodating, thanks.
by NoVABuckeye - 06/26/2012
Bait & switch. Reserved West - got East. Pushed tee time back 20 minutes. Teed off of DIRT many times today. I have a photo I wish I could upload!
by Glenn - 04/30/2012
I must say the Pearl East was a disappointment. While the tees and fairways were in very good shape, the greens were awful. Bad bare spots on each green gave us the impression they were losing them. Also, the greens were so hard approach shots bounced off like they were hitting concrete.
by James (Orleans, Ontario) - 04/10/2012
Very much enjoyed our day. Starter was excellent as were the clubhouse staff. Course was in good shape for this time of year. We will definitely be back.
by Jeff - 03/23/2012
by Kyle - 03/13/2012
Good layout ... greens in pretty bad shape. Have played better.
by Glenn - 11/07/2011
I like the course.
by John (Conway, S.C.) - 10/17/2011
I and 3 friends played this course on Saturday, October 15th. We were told that the greens were just replaced. We found the course in particularly bad shape. The tees were barren in most places as were the fairways and rough. The new greens were opened too soon (in my opinion) and were inconsistent at best, not completely grown in at worst. It turned out to be a bad value for the money paid.
by Danny (Westerville, Ohio) - 08/06/2011
Away from houses, scenery, landscaping, color.
by John - 05/23/2011
2 great courses at the Pearl and the absolute best customer service anywhere. We will be back every year.
by Mike (Charlotte, N.C.) - 05/20/2011
Very nice Dan Maples designed course. I haven't played the course in several years and forgot how pretty it was. 16, 17, 18 are gorgeous finishing holes. Tees and fairways were perfect but the greens were a little grainy. (However, I did play late in the day. No houses on the course and a lot of natural wildlife. Great value as well).
by John (New Windsor, N.Y.) - 05/14/2011
OK, time to eat a little crow. We played this course last year and it was not in great shape. By mistake (my own) we set up tee times on both the East and West courses. Oh, by the way, last year I did not leave a favorable review. The East course was a pleasant surprise. The course was in good shape and a complete turnaround from last year. Still, some tee boxes need work but, overall course is very playable. We played on 5/5. If course stays this way I would play again!
by Meghan (Asheville, N.C.) - 03/21/2011
This weekend I went to The Pearl with my dad. While he played a round of golf with my brother, I decided to relax at the clubhouse ... I can only rate the tees, greens, and fairways as he described them to me. I wanted to write this review because I was so impressed by the friendliness of the staff at The Pearl. While I waited on my dad and brother to play their game, I did some shopping the the pro shop. I purchased a blue polo shirt, one of those that is made from that breathable material. I also bought my boyfriend a pair of shorts. The prices were very reasonable and the Head Pro was very helpful in showing me the latest offerings. After my shopping, I sat out on the veranda and read a book for a few hours. The weather was beautiful and the view gorgeous. Although I had only ordered a Diet Coke, the bartender made sure to come out to check if I needed a refill on my beverage. Once my dad and brother had finished their round we had lunch in the restaurant. I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich, my dad the chicken strips, and my brother, the burger. Everything was great! We all had a great time. Thank you to The Pearl for a wonderful Saturday afternoon.
by Stephen (Roanoke, Va.) - 03/10/2011
Course was in great shape. Staff was very helpful.
by James (Saint Joseph, Mich.) - 08/03/2010
Nice layout, some challenging holes. Greens were extremely slow due to the weather conditions. Friendly staff and nice clubhouse. Would play again.
by Neal (Jonesboro, Ga.) - 07/08/2010
We played on 7/7/2010 and the course was in incredible condition! The fairways were perfect and the greens spotless. The staff was super friendly and they didn't force foursomes so we never had to wait on another group. My only regret is that we didn't book this one twice.
by Nancy (Alburtis, Penn.) - 06/22/2010
My husband and I have played both the East and West courses at the Pearl. Every year we find the course to be in great shape-nice fairways, good tee boxes and excellent greens. The scenery on the course includes beautiful landscaping and wildlife. The staff is the friendliest of any golf course we played in Myrtle Beach.
by John (Cranston, R.I.) - 06/17/2010
Would like to have known prior to play that it was a true links-type course, and that you couldn't stop by the clubhouse for a snack at the turn.
by John (Chicago, Ill.) - 05/17/2010
On a recent trip to Myrtle Beach I was fortunate to talk to Michael (Pearl owner). He asked why my group was not playing the Pearl courses. I explained on a trip about 7 years ago we played both courses and the conditions and management was the worst I had ever encountered in 20 years of going to M.B. ! And jokingly I said my group would not play for free! Michael responded with I will buy lunch if you play! Well, we thought at least we will have lunch! The experience was wonderful, the courses are in great shape the staff could not be nicer - and lunch was good! Michael was there to greet us and could not be nicer! To sum it up, if you have not played the Pearl courses you must! If you had a bad experience, go back - all is good! We were so happy we made tee times for our next trip!
by Glenn (Spartanburg, S.C.) - 05/02/2010
Beautiful course, well maintained and fair. Crowned greens can be difficult but they keep them a little slow to help the average golfer out. Fun course to play and defintely reccommended.
by William (Hampton, N.H.) - 03/22/2010
With the harsh weather in the previous weeks the course was in OK condition, the roughs were not overseeded. Even with the cold conditions I almost stepped on a gator looking for my ball near the water (pretty cool).
by Jeffrey (Elizabethtown, N.C.) - 03/11/2010
Friendly layout, very straightforward. Greens and bunkers need work - by work, I mean please spray to remove the grass from out the bunkers. Nice staff.
by Ty (Wilmington, N.C.) - 12/14/2009
The course is beautiful, and challenging enough to keep your interest. Lots of wildlife and a gator!
by David (Brantford, Ontario) - 11/05/2009
First time playing with my son and good friend, all males. Beautiful course; looking forward to a return.
by Jay (Ely, Minn.) - 10/29/2009
Disappointed with the greens. The cups looked like they hadn't been moved in a week.
by Bam (Greenville, N.C.) - 10/26/2009
Great layout - Fairways and greens were some of the best we played down here - Very polite staff - Keeping this one on the short list.
by Michael - 08/07/2009
Beautiful layout with a great finish along the Calabash River. Challenging course. Greens and fairways were in great shape, very friendly staff.
by Mary - 05/08/2009
Very friendly staff. Had a great time on the course. Excellent and challenging design, would definitely play again.
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