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Tidewater Golf Club

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Rates for October 23, 2017
9 Hole

Tidewater Golf Club

About as decorated as any course on the north end of South Carolina’s Grand Strand, Tidewater Golf Club continues to clean up in awards year after year. It was named one of America’s top 100 Great Public Courses by Golf Digest multiple times in the last decade and is frequently named among the top 10 courses in South Carolina by various ratings panels.

Keeping up with all those honors, though, pales in comparison to the beauty Tidewater’s visitors see each time out. It leaves even the club’s staff wondering which hole here is its best.

“That’s one of the greatest things about Tidewater. There isn’t one signature hole,” head professional Archie Lemon said. “It has drawn some chatter.”

Narrowing it down to three is a little more feasible. No. 4 has been named the best par 4 locally by The Myrtle Beach Sun News, a tribute to a picturesque streak of waste bunker down the left side and sand traps measuring six deep protecting the green. 

The par three at No. 12 requires a shot over the marshland associated with the Cherry Grove Inlet, while the longest hole of the round follows on No. 13 with that body of water again affecting shot selection.

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Tidewater Golf Club Course Reviews

Recent Reviews

by Greg - 03/05/2017
Excellent course layout! conditions were much better than the last time we played it. would play again in the future. challenging with quick greens.
by David (Manchester CT) - 01/17/2017
First time playing Tidewater. Course does live up to it's reputation. Beautiful layout, great staff and excellent conditions. The only complaint I could make was that the greens were slow, but it is January after all.
by Stephen (Wilmington, DE) - 12/09/2016
The layout and location of the course was fantastic. The greens were probably the best greens I've played in a long time. Would have been nice to know about the overseeding and cart path only.
by Craig - 11/09/2016
I read last couple of reviews and was not sure if I should play Tidewater. I did see where they did maintenance around greens but all good now. These greens were the best I played. The only bad part of Tidewater was that they are overseeding and it will be cart path only soon.
by Keith (Pickerington, OH) - 08/28/2016
Portions of the fringe around the greens is being repaired on every hole. Really affected play around the greens. Our group and several other groups had to wait between 9 and 10 for them to finish am tee times that go off the front and back. Our wait was 35 mins on the 10th tee to continue our round. When we questioned the staff about the wait they told us it was because we played the front in 2 hrs and the pace of play is 2:15. We waited on every shot on the back 9. Really wish the experience would have been better because the course is really beautiful and scenic. Will give this course 1 more chance in a year or two when the fringes are repaired and will keep in mind they double book tee times in the am.
by Lou R - 08/18/2016
Nice layout, poor conditions. Collars around greens have been removed, have to pitch over missing sod. Inconsistent greens. Fairways and tee boxes passable. Not worth the money.
by Marco - 08/17/2016
How the hell is this rated over 6. The greens were a total mess with a 2 foot area of grass cut out around them. Not one true roll all day. Fairways unevenly cut with tons of dried grass on them. Tee boxes mangled. Only the staff and practice area was good. There are many many better price ratios available in Myrtle Beach. At $60 we got ripped off royally. Will never never play this again.....
by Taswiyah - 08/08/2016
Golf course was nice.
by Joshua - 07/13/2016
This is a fantastic course, but it can play pretty hard if the wind is up. The greens were receptive and putted well. The people in the pro shop were wonderful.
by David - 07/02/2016
One of the top courses in the area. Great layout, great views and overall very good condition. Also the carts have built in GPS and come with ice boxes, all of which adds to the experience. A must visit.
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