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John Daly at Monday After the Masters

Meredith spoke with John Daly in between holes at the 2017 Monday After The Masters Event held in Myrtle Beach. John talks about this great charity event and reveals a new phrase he has coined.

Meredith:           You draw a huge crowd here and everybody loves that you come out here to support this event. Could you just tell me, maybe one, of your best memories out here playing at MAM?

John Daly:           Oh, every year is a memory. For us it's just to see each other, all our friends. We're always so busy. All the entertainers are on the road singing. I'm playing golf, all the golfers are ... it's just so good to come back and see everybody and raise some money for the kids.

Meredith:           It's an awesome event. One other question, you've kind of coined that model, "Grip it and rip it," everybody knows that about you, it's so cool. How did you come up with that? When you coined that term it became so popular and it's still popular to this day.

John Daly:           I, you know, it's just kind of what I do. I grip it and rip it, instead of gripping and sipping and now I grip and gulp it, so I mean ... (laughter)

Meredith:           Grip it and gulp it (laughter), that's awesome. That's cool. 

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