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Willbrook Plantation Golf Club~Southern Charm and Lowcountry Beauty

This was a Facebook Live Video

Photo Gallery of Willbrook Plantation Taken on 5/3/17

Meredith:           Hey everyone. Thanks for joining us live at and today I am at the beautiful Willbrook Plantation Golf Club and joining me is head golf professional Kevin McGuire. Kevin, thanks for having us out today.

Kevin:                   Thanks for coming out today. Appreciate you coming.

Meredith:           Yeah well, it's beautiful coming into this place and a lot of people ask me, "What is this low country? What does that mean?" I'll tell you what. Coming into this course, driving in here today, it's almost like you're in an oak forest with the Spanish moss draping down and a lot of marshes and wetlands and I really think that Willbrook Plantation really fits the bill for that low country feel, so tell us a little bit about this course, maybe a little bit of history behind this course.

Kevin:                   Well, originally it was a rice plantation, a long time ago, converted into a golf course. We do have some members on site, but we're open to the public. We're a resort play. People do love to come back year and year again, because it is so pretty out there. The live oak trees abound, there's a lot of history on the golf course, we're got some placards on some of the holes that'll show different things that were interesting back in the day. Dan Maples was the designer. It's one of his signature courses, and he considers it one of his best.

                                It's very playable out there. It is very lady-friendly as well, which is something we're proud of. Excuse me. There's a lot of flora and fauna out there. A lot of the northerners who come down want to see Alligators, and I'll tell you what, there's a bunch out there.

Meredith:           Yeah. I just noticed that. We just walked past one coming here.

Kevin:                   Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Meredith:           Also I know that you've received many accolades on this course by Golf Digest and Golf for Women and you mentioned the player friendliness of this course for women. I would have to agree as a female golfer. You can come out here and really shoot some great scores. Tell us a little bit about that for women, why women should come down here and play Willbrook Plantation.

Kevin:                   Number one is we're friendly. We appreciate any and all golfers, but when ladies come in we've got a great ladies selection of clothing, the golf course itself, there's no forced carries off the tee, generous fairways, medium to large-size greens, and it's just very playable. Mr. Maples gave you a tough hole to start on number one, Lee Trevino said it was one of the toughest starting holes he'd ever seen, but after that he gives you a couple of easy ones to regain your composure and again, hope you have a great day.

Meredith:           Okay, that's great. Ladies, if you want to come down to Myrtle Beach and play a player-friendly course, you've got to come down to Pawleys Island and check out Willbrook Plantation. It really is a must-play for women. Let's talk about signature holes here, some of the popular holes. What would be the one signature hole that really stands out, that really will leave a mark on a golfer when they leave this course?

Kevin:                   Number 15 is a par five and its got an elevated fairway for your second shot, so it's deceiving. It doesn't seem as short as it actually is to clear that and a lot of golfers do have a problem for that second shot, but it's a true three-shot hole for a par five.

Meredith:           Okay.

Kevin:                   Our other signature hold would be number six, which is a island green par three, so that one, surrounded by water, that'll make you second-guess your club selection.

Meredith:           Yeah, those are always fun. Another thing about this course is you can bring a camera out here and get some great pictures, because you all have been on TV for I think it's Nature TV Scene, you all did a show there, and so the nature here is just spectacular.

Kevin:                   You can see deer, wild turkeys, we've got some bald eagles out there and of course a lot of alligators.

Meredith:           All right, well thanks for having us out. Is there anything you'd like to add to this course on why a golfer needs to come out here and play? We've already talked about women.

Kevin:                   It's just a great location. The south end of Myrtle Beach. A lot of people stay in Myrtle Beach itself and don't take the extra couple minutes to drive down, but it's well worth it.

Meredith:           It is and definitely you're going to get that low-country feel, and I always want golfers to come down here on the south end, this Waccamaw Golf Trail, and experience golf down here. It's great. If you would like to come down here and play Willbrook Plantation Golf Club, you can go to and you can create your own golf package, but make sure you add this on your bucket list. Kevin, thanks so much for having us out and I'm going to check out some of those alligators over there.

Kevin:                   Come back anytime. We've got an open tee time for you if you want to tee it up.

Meredith:           Okay, I'm going to take you up on that. Thanks.

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