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Dustin Johnson Golf School Quick Tip: Arm Structure at Address


This is a first part of a two part segment we're gonna do on arm structure and the importance that it plays in the golf swing. The first part we're gonna talk about arm structure the address, and how the setup can influence that. So at address, a lot of times I see on the tee, people have told to bend their hips, hinge their hips. The problem is they over hinge their hips and it makes their chest too up and their chin too up, and their arms are too much on the side of their body. When your arms are too far on the side of your body your arms are gonna separate too much in the backswing, and when they separate it causes a poor structure at the top of your swing, which really sets a chain of events and makes it difficult to hit the golf ball from the inside. So what I want you to feel is your hips are more under you at address, not so much hip hinge. Don't think butt up and back. Think more ... Our hips are more under us. The belt buckle is pointed more straight ahead, not so much down. And then feel like your arms rest more on top of your chest rather than on the side. Fill your arms more on top, and try to lower that down with minimum hip hinge. So your quads are feel more flat versus a lot of angle in your legs. Arms on top, lower that down with minimum hip hinge. And what you're gonna see is the butt of the club is gonna point lower at address than your belt buckle. We always wanna have that set up at address. So we're gonna talk about how this set up at address and the next part, in the backswing of the takeaway how it's gonna help our arm structure at the top.


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