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Video: Dustin Johnson Visits TPC Myrtle Beach


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Meredith:            Okay, so one of my questions is, tell me about one of your greatest memories here at TPC.

Dustin:                 One of my greatest memories.

Meredith:            You can go back to college too, whether it's playing or practicing.

Dustin:                 Well now, it'd be my junior tournament. We hosted a tournament here, in college. That was always fun. For me, just practicing, I pretty much grew up practicing here, all through college, and even after I turned pro.

Meredith:            Did you drive on the back of the range here? Like, how far were you driving in college? What's your distance, has it changed?

Dustin:                 I don't think so. I think I hit about the same as I've hit in college. I might hit a little further. Actually Coach Harmon would be better to ask.

Meredith:            Do you have a favorite hole here, on the course, since you've played here so many times?

Dustin:                 My favorite hole, yeah, I like 18.

Meredith:            18?

Dustin:                 It's a good finish to Par 5.

Meredith:            So with your drive, what would be your second shot on number 18?

Dustin:                 I'd probably use around a 5-iron.

Meredith:            And then also, with all these kids, they look up to you so much, and they're so excited about you being here. When you were a competitive junior golfer, who did you look up to?

Dustin:                 My idols growing up were, ... I was always a big fan of Davis Love and Freddie Couples were my kind of guys that I really liked.

Meredith:            Yeah, they're very nice.

                              All right, and lastly, if you ever brought your family on vacation here, to have a lot of fun, you know all the spots here to have a great time, what would you do with them? What would be your ideal vacation?

Dustin:                 There's so many things to do here. I'm trying to think what would be, ... I don't know, we'd probably go to the waterpark, go to the beach for sure. And then there's so many great restaurants, I wouldn't even know where to start.

Meredith:            All right, thank you for your time.

Dustin:                 You're welcome.

Meredith:            All right, thank you guys.


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