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Mel Sole’s Golf Tips: 3 Important Keys to Chipping


Today we're going to talk about chipping and several important aspects about chipping: one is grip pressure, two is keeping the V, and three is understanding which club you need to chip with. Grip pressure, when I'm teaching students, and I try and help them, it feels like they're squeezing, the rubber's literally coming through their fingers here when they're gripping the club. You want your grip pressure to be ultra-soft. On a scale of one to ten, ten being as hard as you can, and one being very sloppy, it's no more than a two-and-a-half, maximum three, so very light grip pressure. This helps you generate a lot more feel when it's there. Second thing, the club. For me, when I'm chipping, my six iron flies in the air about one-quarter and rolls about three-quarters. The golden rule is fly the ball in the air as little as possible, roll the ball as much as possible. I've got a one-quarter, three-quarter shot here, but I'm going downhill, so I'm going to change clubs from a six to a seven to compensate for the downhill. The very last thing is what I call the V; see how my arms are set in the shape of a V. You want to keep that V the whole time. You don't want arms like this and you don't want wrists like that. You want to just create the V. There's a nice straight line down my left arm and shaft. I'm keeping the V. That helps me control the bottom of my arch. When I'm doing that, I don't scuff behind the ball and I don't hit the ball thin. I'm going to catch the ball right at the bottom of my arc each time. Here we go, I'm going to land the ball about three foot on the green with a very soft grip pressure and keeping my V. You can see the distance is going to be perfect. I'll show you one more time; soft grip pressure, keeping the V, and I'm using a seven iron because I'm going downhill, so I'm just landing. The reason this fly the ball in the air as little as possible is important is because, if I'm using say a sandwich, I'm going to have to make a much bigger swing. The bigger the swing the more change I've got at making a mistake. A small swing with a seven iron is going to allow me just to land the ball just on the green, the ball will roll out; easy-peasy.

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