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Mel Sole’s Golf Tips: How to Generate More Power



Today we're going to talk about something that everybody wants, power in the golf swing. And power in the golf swing comes from a number of things, width of the arc, weight shift, but here's the one thing that most amateurs struggle with, body rotation, getting that through. A lot of people swing with the arms, and they don't get body rotation. In the videos that I tape for my students, at impact they're all very flat footed with the hips over here. So here is a great drill. This is the best drill that I've ever seen for video ... for body rotation. I want you to take an alignment stick, and you're going to put it through your belt loop, so ladies you're going to have to wear your slacks when you want to do this, but I want you to make sure that this end ... for right handed golfers, it'll be the right ... the back end does not stick out more than an inch here. Your arms are going to come in here. I do not want your arms to catch on this, so everything is out here. Now, what you can see, is it's going to tell me, as I start down how much body rotation I have, and to make it more difficult, what I'm going to do is I'm going to put my golf bag behind me, so if I stand here, what I'm trying to do is rotate this until my ... this alignment stick touches the golf bag. Obviously, then my hips are all the way through.Now, I know that I'm not going to get there by the time my club hits the ball, but what I'm doing is I'm trying ... I'm trying. I want to try and get there. Obviously, the faster I try, the more open my hips are going to be at impact. The more open my hips are, the more faster my arms come through. The faster my arms come through, the faster club weight comes through. So this is just a sequence of events. As I go back, what I'm trying to do is take this alignment stick and turn it, and see if I can whack my golf bag. So here we go. I'm going to ... so I felt it hit, but I felt that just a little bit after impact, but we're going to show you an overhead view to see exactly where this alignment stick is. Work on this. It's a simple drill, but it's going to improve your distance.

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