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Mel Sole’s Golf Tips: Push Drill for Putting

Good afternoon everybody, Mel Sole here at beautiful Pawleys Plantation, on a lovely winter's day but it's not cold. It's about 56 degrees, blue sky, sun shining, why aren't you here? If you want to come down and take Golf School, go to Mel Sole Golf School, just type that in. My URL is different, but type in Mel Sole Golf School, you'll find us and I have locations at Pawleys Plantation. I have a location at Sea Trail Golf Links in North Carolina. I have a location at Greenville, South Carolina at Furman University. I have one at Holiday Valley in Upstate New York, in Ellicottville. Also one in Mexico, but that one, I've just come back from that, so that one is closed until I go back at the end of the year. This Golf tip is about putting and 95% of the students that I teach, when I videotape their golf swing, their tendency is for the putter to go left and the putter face to go left. You're not going to hold a lot of putts like that. Watch the pros, next time you're sitting, watching golf on TV. There's two things that they do. They stay in their posture, so when they hit their putt, they stay right here. They don't hit the putt and stand up like that. They'll go here and hit the putt and stay and then they'll hold their follow through, always, they'll hold their follow through, because their eyes are coming back to their putter, to see if they've kept their putter face online. This is called the push drill and it's a great drill for teaching you to get the putter working straight back and straight through, and keeping the putter face. You want to have your posture, and you can look at this in the mirror, but you want your hands below your shoulders. If your hands are not below your shoulders, that's out here, then the putter's going to arc this way. If it's in here, then the putter's going to arc that way. You want to have it below your shoulder so you can get the putter to go straight back, straight through. I would also recommend that there's no harm in putting a putting mirror down here as well and work on it with a putting mirror to make sure your posture is correct and getting your eyes in the right place. The first part of this push drill is you put the putter directly being the ball and from here, you just push. All I'm trying to do is I hold my follow through so I can see that my putter is stayed between the alignment sticks and the putter face stayed square, so I'm trying to teach myself. The second part of the drill is I put the putter about 6 inches behind the ball and from here, I go through and I want to make sure that I go through at least 12 inches here on the other side. My follow through is twice as long as my backstroke. I'm taking it on a 2:1 ratio, back six, through 12. If I went back 12, I'm going to go through 24. That way, I'm always accelerating and then the last part of this drill, is to combine these all together. What you want to do is you want to do part one for a week, then part two for a week and then put it all together in week three. Week three, I now put the putter back down behind the ball, now I take the putters back through and I can see why I missed that left. My putter is slightly, the heel of the putter is this side of the alignment stick and my putter face is not perfectly square. I did not make a good putting stroke there. The very next putting stroke, I want to focus on making sure that I do it correctly. If I do it correctly, the ball goes in the hole. Isn't that funny? This is something, for those of you up North that are snowbound, this is a great drill to do on your carpet at home. You don't really need a target. You can, if you've got a putting cup and you want to use it, that's fine but I would say just focus on the stroke. If you work on the stroke, for the next three weeks and then, by that time, you will be maybe the middle of February, maybe do it another three weeks, and that'll get you, so you do it again. When spring comes and you go out, you won't have to think about your putting stroke. You will have trained yourself to swing this putter straight back and straight through, hit the putts online, you'll definitely hole more putts, for sure. 

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