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Meredith Catches Up with the Number 1 Player in the World Dustin Johnson


Myrtle Beach Golf Ambassador Meredith Kirk spoke with the 2016 United States Open Champion and recently ranked number one player in world, Dustin Johnson. DJ offers up some advice on how the recreational golfer can improve their game. Johnson was at TPC Myrtle Beach during the second annual Dustin Johnson World Junior Championship.

Meredith:           I enjoyed watching you with Charlie, going through your bag and all your different shots. We're live right now at I want you to give a golf tip just for the recreational golfer. What would you say to somebody who does not have your handicap?

Dustin:                  Practice your short game. Chipping and putting. I think that's the big difference between guys that are okay, and guys who are really good, is their short game. Because we all miss greens. We all hit bad shots. But the guys that are really good, when they do hit a bad shot, they get it up and down.

Meredith:           All right, do you hear that? Chipping and putting, y'all. You need to work on it.

                            When you work on your short game, how much time do you spend on your short game?

Dustin:                 I spend more time around the greens than I do anywhere else.

Meredith:           Would you say 75 percent of your time, short game? What would be the ratio you would use?

Dustin:                Yeah, 70 percent.

Meredith:           70 percent, okay. 70 percent, you need to work on your short game.

                            Just one general golf tip? Maybe something in your pre-shot routine that you do? What would you tell the recreational golfer?

Dustin:               Just picture your shot. Whatever shot you're trying to hit, picture it. See it.

Meredith:           Power of intention.

Dustin:               Yes.

Meredith:           Power of intention. You've got to picture your shot. From the number one golfer in the world. Do you hear that, folks? You need to try that next time you're out on the course.

                            Thank-you so much.

Dustin:                You're welcome.

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