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Myrtle Beach Boasts New State-Of-The-Art Hard Rock Café

This was a Facebook Live Video


Meredith:           Everyone thanks for joining us live here in and we are at the Hard Rock Café and joining me here today is Janice Vest, she is the marketing director here. Janice thanks for inviting us out here today and doing an interview here with us.

Janice:                  Well my pleasure. Happy to be here with you.

Meredith:           So we are out here at Broadway at the Beach today because there's been so many changes in just this past year with new development. It's almost like it's been revitalized, it's not what it was 20 years ago and it was fantastic then. But so many new places including the new Hard Rock Café. You all tore down the old one and now you have this amazing place here. I'm looking around saying, this is so cool. I love it. I love what you all did with it. Tell me, when did you all open your doors to this new, the new Hard Rock?

Janice:                  We opened in October, I believe it was October 3rd in this new place and we were open a few days before Matthew came by and closed us for a few days after that. I was just telling someone, we had planned a big grand opening with a guitar smash and the mayor and Matthew changed that to a fundraiser for the Red Cross so one of our pet charities there so we were able to help them instead.

                                Since our move it has been spectacular. You watch people walk in and they have that wow moment.

Meredith:           Right.

Janice:                  And they just walk around taking it all in, the all new memorabilia and the new music videos, just everything is new, fresh and so much brighter.

Meredith:           It is. I love it. I love the memorabilia, the Guns 'n Roses drum set and then that Lady Gaga outfit, that was super cool. I just love, it's very, the style is very contemporary, very progressive looking.

Janice:                  Yes.

Meredith:           So I love the style and you have a lot of the gray. Tell me a little bit just looking at the bar right now, what is that over the bar?

Janice:                  Well it's a little homage to southern baptist organ pipes as well as motorcycle pipes so it's whatever you interpret it to be but we think it's pretty cool.

Meredith:           Very cool. Actually here we're in South Carolina so we are in that bible belt.

Janice:                  Exactly.

Meredith:           Little southern piece over to the bar. Welcome to the south.

Janice:                  Exactly. It's a pretty amazing piece there. And of course our drum chandelier there which is so spectacular. One of a kind.

Meredith:           That is amazing. I love it.

Janice:                  Everybody takes their picture there, that's become the selfie spot. That and the of course the giant guitar outside.

Meredith:           Yes, very cool. Now tell me a little bit about when it comes to golfers, how many golfers do you get in this place?

Janice:                  Not as many as we would like.

Meredith:           Okay.

Janice:                  Not as many. But we just started happy hour to try to entice some of that traffic. We do happy hour every day from four to seven at the bar and then we do happier hours Sunday through Thursday from 10PM til 12AM with half price on select appetizers.

Meredith:           That's so great.

Janice:                  So again, just to kind of entice them to come in, here's some live music, grab some great food, a cold drink.

Meredith:           All right so you hear that golfers? From four to seven o'clock every day here at Hard Rock Café is a nice happy hour and then you can stay and get a little happier, right?

Janice:                  Yes.

Meredith:           More specials. But you gotta get up early for that round. I'm sure you have a tee time you got get up early for. At least come to that first one.

Janice:                  Just push it back a little bit.

Meredith:           So what are some of the popular food items here? I have not eaten at your new place here but at the previous Hard Rock Café the food was amazing and delicious so I'm sure it stayed the same. Any new entrees or any popular dishes that people should try when they come here?

Janice:                  Absolutely. Well first we are a from scratch kitchen so a lot of our items, in fact many are made from scratch, our sauces, our dressings. We have a couple new menu items, we have cauliflower wings which is just a little twist on your traditional classic wing. We get them in the tangy sauce or the classic sauce, they are phenomenal, they have become the popular item on our menu.

Meredith:           That is so cool. So is it like, is the chicken breaded in the cauliflower?

Janice:                  No the cauliflower heads are breaded and fried just like a chicken wing and then tossed in the same sauce.

Meredith:           Oh I see, okay.

Janice:                  And you can get ranch or blue cheese with it and carrot sticks and celery sticks so it's served just like a traditional chicken wing but they are spectacular and for those who might want to just believe that they're doing something healthier, we give them the cauliflower option.

Meredith:           I love that. That is so cool.

Janice:                  Some new salads and our jumbo combo is always popular, it's a little taste of everything on our appetizer menu.

Meredith:           Sounds delicious. That cauliflower thing is amazing. Now when it comes to music, tell me a little bit about your live music here, any events that you have up and coming that as we're moving into fall here, anything that stands out?

Janice:                  Well we do have music Friday and Saturdays, starts at 10PM right now, it'll go a little earlier once the summer season is over, probably start at 8 or 9PM. Some local and regional acts, the popular ones, Paul Grimshaw, Black Lass, they guys that are really bringing in a crowd and a great following. We also do salsa nights on select Saturdays throughout the year. So we're excited about that because that really packs the house in, people love their Latin music.

Meredith:           Tell me a little bit about that, is the Latin music.

Janice:                  Yes. Absolutely.

Meredith:           Is this cleared out now. Now we're standing on what looks like what would be a dance floor. Do people come out here and dance at all?

Janice:                  We actually do. This actually transforms to our stage. We clear all the tables out in front of the stage, take the railing down and that's your dance floor. We have the DJ for salsa night, DJ Alberto who's a great party host.

Meredith:           That is so cool.

Janice:                  Gets everybody up dancing. We also bring somebody in to offer free lessons so if you want to learn to rumba or pachanga or whatever those Latin dances are that I don't do, I'm a spectator but we have some teachers here to tell our guests how to dance.

Meredith:           That is amazing. So you have, you can learn Latino dances here as well. Oh my goodness so much fun.

Janice:                  Yes.

Meredith:           Well you have so many things here. Anything else that you would like to tell our viewers, maybe the main reason why they need to come visit Hard Rock Café Myrtle Beach?

Janice:                  It's an experience. We know that you can get a meal anywhere in Broadway at the Beach and at Myrtle Beach, there are thousands of restaurants. What you're going to get here is just something a little different. Outstanding service, a great meal and you are dining in rock and roll museum here. All of our pieces are authentic, they were either used or owned by artist so that's pretty cool that you could sit next to a guitar the Jimmy Hendrix used or the boots that James Brown wore. So there's a lot of really cool features like that. So I think if people come in looking for just a meal, that's fine, but we want them to come in and really experience the whole vibe and feel that energy that we feel every day, it's pretty cool.

Meredith:           Absolutely this definitely, like you said, it's got an amazing vibe very cool in here, you gotta come and check it out after your next round of Myrtle Beach golf you gotta head the Hard Rock Café Myrtle Beach. This is amazing. So thanks for showing us around.

Janice:                  Thank you.

Meredith:           I might have to try that little cauliflower appetizer thing.

Janice:                  Okay.

Meredith:           Sounds delish.

Janice:                  We'll hook you up.

Meredith:           All right, thanks for joining us.

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