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Video: Myrtle Beach’s First Golf Course Celebrates 90 Years


Meredith: We are at Pine Lakes Country Club, the granddaddy of golf courses here in Myrtle Beach and Pine Lakes is getting ready to celebrate its 90th anniversary. And Jonathan Brock, head golf professional is going to tell a little bit about that.

Jonathan:            That's right. I'd like to welcome you to Pine Lakes. Pines Lakes is a very special place. Pine Lakes opened in 1927 as the Ocean Forest Club that went with the Ocean Forest Hotel which was the very first hotel built here in Myrtle Beach. We've stood the test of time. Here at Pine Lakes we have a lot of history, a lot of tradition that we're looking to bring back. Some of those traditions include the way that we outfit our personnel here, our bag drop guys in their knickers as well as our starters in their kilts and the golf shops in the button downs and plaid ties. So it's a little bit of the old school tradition that we're trying to bring back.

Meredith:           I love that. Now are you going to have the bagpipes. Are you all going to bring those back?

Jonathan:            We are going to have the bagpipes for special occasions. For tournaments and certain outings and things like that. Especially when we have our induction into the Myrtle Beach Golf Hall of Fame which is here at Pine Lakes as well.

Meredith:           So exciting. And speaking of the the Hall of Fame, when you walk into this course, it's like a mini museum at a golf course. So much history here. It is the oldest golf course here in Myrtle Beach. Tell the golfers a little bit about the history when they come to Pine Lakes.

Jonathan:            Sure. Pine Lakes opened in 1927, it's the first course in Myrtle Beach. The architect was Robert White who was actually the very first president of the PGA. Inside the clubhouse there's a few cool things that really happened. Sports Illustrated being one of the most famous here. 

Meredith:           So cool.

Jonathan:            Very first Sports Illustrated we have here on site, they sent it to us. Time Warner executives they met here in between golf rounds, had lunch, came up with the concept, gave us the first original magazine which is obviously still out today.

Meredith:           That is amazing. So much history here, definitely got to add it on your Myrtle Beach golf bucket list. The history here is phenomenal. And the course is in great shape, let's talk a little bit about some of the renovations that have been made here at Pine Lakes.

Jonathan:            Sure. We closed back in 2006 and opened back up in 2009. We switched all of our greens and our fairways over to a seashore paspalum which is a very salt water, brackish water tolerant grass being this close to the ocean. What you get with that is a very green, vibrant grass. Since we're going to reopen and celebrating our 90th year we're also going to bring back some of our favorite changes to the golf course being that we are going to serve clam chowder out on the course again.

Meredith:           I love it.

Jonathan:            On hole number six. We'll do that in the spring and the fall of 2018. And during the summer months we'll also offer mimosas here on the back porch which is one of my favorite spots here.

Meredith:           All right, so you heard it. There's so many reasons why you need to get to Pine Lakes Country Club. Jonathan thanks for sharing a little bit about the course and come celebrate the 90th anniversary this year. You can go to, book your next golf vacation. We'd love to see you out here at Pine Lakes.

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