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TPC Myrtle Beach Rated 5 Stars For Many Reasons

TPC Myrtle Beach is one of only three golf courses in South Carolina that has been rated 5 stars by Golf Digest Magazine. Meredith talks with TPC Myrtle Beach's Head Golf Professional Matt Daly about this stunning Tom Fazio design and all it has to offer. 

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Meredith:           We are at TPC Myrtle Beach, and joining with me is head golf professional, Matt Daly. Matt, thanks for inviting us out here today.

Matt:                     Yeah, great, and welcome to TPC. Happy to have you.

Meredith:           This is a beautiful course, one of the only five-star courses here in Myrtle Beach.

Mat:                      Yeah, there's only three courses in the Carolinas, us here at TPC Myrtle Beach, Pinehurst Number Two, and Kiawah Ocean Course, so we're in good company here.

Meredith:           Wow, yes you're in great company. This is everybody's favorite, when they come to Myrtle Beach, they want to play TPC. It's one of our most premium courses here along the Grand Strand.

Matt:                     Absolutely, we take pride in our tournament conditions that we offer every day and the services that we offer here at the clubhouse, as well. It's a Tom Fazio design, opened in 1999. Lanny Wadkins was his tour consultant for this project. It's a great layout and design through a lot of the low country wetlands that you have here in South Carolina and Myrtle Beach. It's a great golf course, good for some great risk reward par fives, some of the toughest par fours you'll see in Myrtle Beach with a lot of length to them.

                                We have some great vintage Tom Fazio par fours that are the shorter ones that you can make three, but you can also shake your hat and wonder how you made double bogey on a 310 yard par four. It does happen. Par threes out here are also four great par three designs. You're going to hit every club in your bag to play out here, and it's great. You can see the conditions of the golf course is phenomenal. We're blessed to have a great superintendent and his staff. The clubhouse staff here also takes a lot of pride in giving everybody that five-star experience.

Meredith:           Yeah, everyone out here is great. The condition of this course is just immaculate. That's one thing I can say, coming out here and playing this course often, it's just always in perfect shape. It is truly tour quality.

Matt:                     That's what we take pride in. We try to do that, and we have a couple of big events that we host. We have the Dustin Johnson World Junior Championship that we hosted this past February, and we'll host annually going forward. Actually, we were just chosen to host the NCAA regionals here. It's the first course in the state of South Carolina in over 30 years to be hosting such an event, so we're proud of that. That's going to be in 2019.

                                The great thing about being out here is, we try to set up this golf course for our guests to play just as if those juniors were here in February, or the collegiates were here in a couple years. You're always going to get tournament conditions here, and we hope you come out and see us.

Meredith:           Yeah, and the service is great. For the junior tournament, the Dustin's tournament out here, the kids have their lockers and all this cool stuff. They were like tour players, and you're treated so well out here. You pull in the parking lot, and everyone's getting your bag, and giving you a cooler. Even when you're finished with your round, you get a nice cold towel. It's just almost spa-like, ladies. Great course for you to come play.

Matt:                     We take pride in those services. Dustin Johnson is close with us here. Our company and his group, the Dustin Johnson Foundation, came up with the concept of starting this tournament. It's great for junior golf. We have his golf school out here that they're building on the back side of our range, Dustin Johnson Golf School. It does very well, and it adds to the TPC experience, for sure.

Meredith:           That's so exciting, because he is our number one ranked golfer in the world right now.

Matt:                     That's right.

Meredith:           And this is his home here, so it's great to have his name here, out here on the course. He visits here regularly, which is really cool and very exciting for us locals that live here in Myrtle Beach.

Matt:                     It is, and the other good thing about here is, after your round, we just opened the Champion's Club. It's the newest 19th hole in Myrtle Beach. It's a great way to finish your round. You can watch people play 18, and trade war stories with other people that came here and took their lumps on the golf course, as well.

Meredith:           Yeah, I know a lot of people that like to go to the 19th hole there, but they're not even out here playing golf. They just like to come here, and get out, and watch golfers come. If you're ever in this area, and maybe you're not a golfer, you need to swing by and just check out this facility. You can have a drink, and watch the players come in on number 18, which is a great finishing hole. Let's talk about that finishing hole.

Matt:                     Yes. It's a great risk reward par five right behind us here. You have to hit a good tee shot to give yourself a chance to possibly go for it in two. There's water that guards the tee shot on the creek. Then the creek will just go around the hole, and turn into a pond that guards the entire left side of the hole coming into the green. It's a peninsula green. We actually have several peninsula type greens out here, where water will come into play a lot on some of your approach shots.

                                It's really a second shot golf course. You really want to be hitting your irons well, and you'll probably hit every club in your bag when you're out here, so 18's a good finish. You have a chance to make birdie when you finish up, which is always good, but it's a great finishing hole. It's good to see groups come up every day trying to finish up on a positive note.

Meredith:           Yeah, this is definitely a must play in Myrtle Beach. Also, lastly, the practice facility here, it's one of the best in Myrtle Beach, as well. A lot of people don't realize that you have an amazing practice facility here.

Matt:                     We do, and when you play here, our range balls in the practice facility's included in your golf. We have a great practice short game, putting green, full range, everything you would want to work on your game. It's here.

Meredith:           Yeah, it's phenomenal. Everything you need to play golf in Myrtle Beach is right here, good food, a great practice facility, perfect greens that roll like butter.

Matt:                     Exactly.

Meredith:           Clay does a great job on those. It's just such a great course, so definitely one of our premium courses here in Myrtle Beach that you have to check out and to play it. Lots of options. You can go to, and also they can contact you here at the course, and your staff.

Matt:                     That's right, Also, you can check out our website. A lot of good things on there, as well.

Meredith:           Okay, great. Thanks for having us out, Matt. This is awesome. Maybe we should take some time out, and we could go play.

Matt:                     Let's do it. Let's go play.

Meredith:           All right, sounds good. Thanks.

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