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Video: Dustin Johnson Discusses His Wedge Game at TPC Myrtle Beach


Brian Bateman:                 We're back here at TPC Myrtle beach. Tournament host Dustin Johnson, and oh, by the way, the number one player in the world.

                                             DJ, you've got a wedge in your hand, and I think you would agree, this is the most improved part of your game in the last few years. I know you've spent a ton of time working on mechanics, feel, so forth. So let's start with this, what is your breakdown of loss with your three wedges?

Dustin Johnson:                So I use a 48, a 54, and a 60 degree wedges. And I try to keep it fairly simple as far as what I do with them. I've got three swings, I've got a half, a three quarter, and a full. And then I know max numbers too, just in case.

Brian Bateman:                 So you base everything off of those three numbers and give it little more gas, or a little less gas based on those cross numbers?

Dustin Johnson:                Yeah. And then say I'm laying up on a par five, or it's a short par four, I will try to hit to that number, to one of those numbers.

Brian Bateman:                 So what do you have there, 52?

Dustin Johnson:                54.

Brian Bateman:                 54, all right. So what's your stock number there with the 54?

Dustin Johnson:                125.

Brian Bateman:                 All right let's see 

Dustin Johnson:                That's stock. And then I've got a three quarter, which is 115, and then a half is 105.

Brian Bateman:                 So that's your stock 125. So if you had to take say 10 yards off of it, 8 yards off of it, still flight it and trying to get the correct distance, not letting the wind eat it up, what do you do, anything mechanically to subtract 6 or 8 yards off that stock?

Dustin Johnson:                What, using a 54? So how far?

Brian Bateman:                 Let's go 119.

Dustin Johnson:                119, I'm going to make my three quarter swing and then I'm just going to add a little bit more speed than what I would normally do for my 115 shot.

Brian Bateman:                 So this is the 119 shot.

Dustin Johnson:                Yeah.

Brian Bateman:                 I love the precision.

                                            So back swing length looked like it was about the same, follow through was about the same. There was just a little bit less speed coming through, simple as that. What would you say ... if you had to point to one thing that's allowed you to improve so much with your wedge game in the last few years, what have you done specifically to dial in those numbers?

Dustin Johnson:                Practice.

Brian Bateman:                 Practice.

Dustin Johnson:                I mean that's literally all it was for me. It was an area of the game where I practice it, but just not with as much focus. And so it just made it a lot easier to improve, because it was an area in the game where I could really improve.

Brian Bateman:                 Well I think there's no question that your improvement in that area, statistically at least, has made a tremendous difference for you, and I know for your confidence, because you're in that range of 50 to 125 yards so often that whatever you hit a big drive on a par four, or you lay up on a par five, or after coming out of the rough and laying up to that numbers. It's pretty good to be able to get to 87 yards and know that you have a baseline to work off, to try to convert par, or even make birdie.

Dustin Johnson:                Absolutely. And it's improved my game, the way I think around the golf course too, because ... a really good scenario would be at the Northern Trust this year, when I drove it right into the rough on 18, and laid up, when before, two years ago, I would've tried to hit that shot on the green, because I wouldn't have as much confidence in my wedges.

Brian Bateman:                 Well confidence plays a huge role in this game. Thanks for having us, I know you're busy.

Dustin Johnson:                Thank you.

Brian Bateman:                 It's good seeing you again as well.

Dustin Johnson:                Absolutely.

Brian Bateman:                 Sharing some of your knowledge and info. Look, best player in the world just told you how he improved his wedge game, I hope it helps you as well.


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