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Willbrook Golf Club Celebrates 30 Years of Spectacular Lowcountry Golf



Meredith:           We are at the beautiful Willbrook Plantation, and joining me today is head golf professional Kevin McGuire. Kevin, thanks for having us out.

Kevin:                   Thanks for coming out today.

Meredith:           This is one of my favorite courses because this is so picturesque of the low country Southern feel.

Kevin:                   It is beautiful down here, a lot of live oaks. We've lost a few over the years due to hurricanes and storms, but still plenty out there, and it's pretty out there.

Meredith:           Wow, it's so beautiful, and one of my favorite times to come out is in the spring when your azaleas are blooming.

Kevin:                   We try to time it for the Masters, but sometimes Mother Nature doesn't cooperate. When they do bloom, it is spectacular out here.

Meredith:           Yeah, and you guys are getting to celebrate your 30th year.

Kevin:                   Mm-hmm (affirmative), yup. I've been lucky enough to be head professional here for 17 years, but the course over the 30 years has really matured, and it's in fantastic shape this year.

Meredith:           Who has designed this course?Willbrook Plantation Golf Club

Kevin:                   It's a Dan Maples signature course.

Meredith:           Dan Maples, and it's very player-friendly. I love that, and ya'll have had an award with Golf Digest for most player-friendly for women. Is that correct?

Kevin:                   Yup, four-and-a-half stars consistently every year. We were ranked number 25 in the nation for lady golfers as well.

Meredith:           Okay, so it's very prayer friendly. Another reason to come out and play: it's not too challenging. You also get the beauty of the low country feel, this wildlife, and let's tell our viewers maybe a few other reasons they should come out and join us and celebrate the 30 years here at Willbrook.

Kevin:                   Well, we're a little bit further south than Myrtle Beach. It's the low country. It's got a great feel down here. We've got some great restaurants as well after your round, but the courses down here are beautiful. You've got a lot of the different trees that you won't see up in Myrtle Beach area.

Meredith:           Absolutely.

Kevin:                   It's a great golf course. Year after year, we've got returning guests, brand new guests, and we turn our guests into members and make them feel right at home.

Meredith:           That's awesome. All right, you need to come out and join us here at Willbrook. Experience the beauty of this course. You can go to and book your next golf vacation.

                                Kevin, can they contact you here at the course?Willbrook History

Kevin:                   Absolutely, our phone number's 843-237-4900. Give us a call. We can plan anything for you, from a twosome to a big group outing. The course is ready. Come on down and see us.

Meredith:           Sounds great. Thanks for joining us!


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