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Meredith Speaks with Davis Love III

Meredith caught up with 21 time PGA tour winner and two time Ryder Cup Captain, Davis Love III.

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Meredith: With two time Ryder Cup Captain. Thanks for just a minute here. I'm an LPGA Teaching Pro and I love talking to the pros about the golf swing and ways that recreational golfers can have a lot of fun on the course because certainly most people can't hit the ball like you. I was wondering for our viewers today, we're live at, and would you be willing to give a golf tip for us, maybe just a quick demonstration before you head out there today and play? Davis Love III: Well, I think the biggest thing that we do consistently is we work on the fundamentals. You'll see the pros walk out here on the range. They'll do their stretching and they'll do their alignment drills and lay clubs on the ground. I think that's the biggest thing, is we don't have any secret, we just do the fundamentals, work on them very, very hard. That keeps us going. Meredith: Really just grip, aim, alignment, finding your target. It just ... Davis Love III: Yeah, we all have a bunch of sticks in our bag that we work on making sure our alignment's good, making sure our set up is good. If we do all those things, then the swing will come naturally. Meredith: All right, so you all heard it. You got to work on your fundamentals. Now, your stick is a little different. I have just the really skinny ones that you can stick in the ground. This one's a little bigger. Davis Love III: Yeah, well, it's a stretchy pull/ aiming stick and this one does it all, but I have all of the little sticks. Then I use the boards that are on the range so often now. Use anything you can to get aligned and any teaching aid is helpful. Meredith: That's really cool. Thank you so much. You're very devoted to this tournament. You come out here year after year. The fans are all waiting for you right now. Thanks for your time here on the range. Davis Love III: Thank you. Meredith: Have a good time. You can utilize your own. You don't even have to worry about fundamentals. You have those down. Davis Love III: I'm going to let Darius carry me with his handicap. Meredith: I saw you all were playing. That's going to be a lot of fun. Thanks so much. Davis Love III: Thank you. Meredith: All right.
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