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Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center: 4 Reasons to Have Properly Fitted Clubs


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Meredith:            Hey, everyone, we are at the Grand Dunes Golf Performance Center, and joining me today is Director of Instruction and Club Fitting, Dale Ketola, PGA. Dale, thanks for having us out.

Dale:                     You got it.

Meredith:            Every time I come out here it's like walking into a golf candy store, because you have pretty much every shaft, every type of head you were looking at. Anything you need here at the Performance Center. Truly an amazing place to walk into.

Dale:                     Yeah, it's awesome. Isn't it?

Meredith:            It is great.

Dale:                     Yeah.

Meredith:            So, I'm always sharing with people, "Listen. You gotta get club fit. And, you gotta go to the best, which is you." So, I wanna give our viewers a few reasons why they need to come out and get club fitted with you

Dale:                     Sure. So, I mean we could probably go over a few. Number one, is consistency. So, everybody always says, "I wanna be more consistent." Well, you can't be consistent with three or four different products in your golf bag with flexes, and weights, and whatnot. So, if they get fit their stuff will be consistent throughout the bag.

Meredith:            Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dale:                     It'll all match.

Meredith:            Right.

Dale:                     Okay. So, we kinda take out the excuses of, you know, "I've had this club for years, and I won this one in a Pro Am." You know? So, number one is probably consistency. Number two, is confidence. Once they know that their stuff's right for 'em they have confidence. Okay.

Meredith:            There you go.

Dale:                     Probably the other one is their misses are better. So, when you have a club that's not fit for you, you'll hit good shots with it. But, when you miss it it'll go all over the place.

Dale:                     I know I've got a pretty good fit when a person starts mishitting shots and they still are good shots.

Meredith:            Right.

Dale:                     So, their bad ones aren't as bad.

Meredith:            Okay.

Dale:                     They're gonna play better.

Meredith:            That's awesome. Better misses. I like that.

Dale:                     Yeah. And, probably the other one is, you know, whatever their skill level is you can max out what they can do with the equipment, you know?

Dale:      As this cub hits the, with this, ... If I give you this you're gonna be able to hit it this far.

Meredith:            Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dale:                     You know, it's just math. So, I'd say probably those things are pretty cool.

Meredith:            Okay. That's a lot of cool reasons to get out and book with Dale. Now, if somebody does wanna book with you how can they reach you here.

Dale:                     They can go to the website which is Send me an email, or my phone number's on there. Probably be the best way.

Meredith:            Okay, great. And, Dale, he responds right away. 'Cause, I'm constantly bugging him.

Dale:                     If I'm with somebody, I'll call you when I'm done. I won't interrupt that session.

Meredith:            Absolutely.

Dale:      But, I'll get back to you by the end of the day.

Meredith:            Absolutely. Well, so many reasons to get out here and schedule your next club fitting with Dale Ketola here at the Grand Dunes Golf Performance Center. Dale, thanks for having us out.

Dale:                     You're welcome.

Meredith:            Alright. You guys, you gotta check this out.

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