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Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center Quick Tip “3-Speed Putting”


Hey guys, Dale Ketola here. We're at the Grand Dunes Golf Performance Center here on the putting green in front of the clubhouse. Going give you a little tip today on putting and maybe something you can do when you practice. I'm going use one of our Scotty Cameron putters which is one of the putters that we fit for here. 

Today we're going to do three-speed putting. I like to get at a distance where you feel like you're going make golf three. We're going kind of kill two birds with one stone. We're going get your putter face aligned, you're going take the marker and put a line on the ground. That's going represent where the face should be pointed. The Superintendent will love that. What you're going do is when you putt, you're going try and make three putts in a row at varying speeds. 

So the first one, you're going make it a very slow speed. The second one, you're going to make it more of a medium speed. And then the third one you're going try and hit it almost as hard as you can where it's going hit the back of the cup liner and try and pop back in almost. So uncomfortably firm, I guess. 

So you're working on putter face alignment and you're working on speed trying to deliver the ball into the cup at varying speeds in which you're going find out is what speed you're comfortable with, but it's also going help you practice because you had some variance when you practice. So you can do this from, I would do it anywhere inside six or seven feet. You can change the spot up and work yourself around the green. Great little tip for putting so if I can help you with your putting, look us up, give me a call, be glad to help you. 

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