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Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center Quick Tip “Club Face Control”


Hey guys, Dale Ketola here. We're out here at the Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center, and today we're talking a little bit about the club face control. Your club face has a lot more to do with where your ball goes than your swing, believe it or not. At the moment of impact, if your club face is relatively square, the ball's going to start pretty well where the face is pointed. If it's pointed left, the ball will start left. If it's pointed right, vice versa, the ball will start off to the right. I like to use these little noodles here and just kick field goals. I do this for chipping, iron game, whatever. You can start out, and I have students do this with chipping, irons. Obviously, your skill level is going to determine how close you put these. They'll give you feedback, so if you miss to the right your club face is open, left, it's closed. If you're kicking field goals, you're obviously doing pretty well. Hitting wedges kind of gets boring, so I like to just hit driver through there, see how we do. That went right through the middle of them. Ball started off very straight, hit a great shot. Club face control has a lot more to do with the direction of the ball than your swing. If you've got any questions or I can help you any way, please look us up, I'll be glad to help you.


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