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Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center Quick Tip “Timing and Arm Speed”


Hey, guys, Dale Ketola here. I'm the Director of Instruction and Club Fitting here at the Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center. We're out here on the range today, and we're going to talk a little bit about timing and what influence your arms have on timing and getting your arms back to the ball.

 An issue I see a lot is I see, and it tends to be more with the middle-age or older golfer, going back to the top of their swing and wanting to use their arms to initiate the down-swing like this, and what happens is when you initiate your arms, your body won't work much, and then the club will work across the ball, and you'll end up with that little ugly chicken wing thing that everybody's talking about.

The idea is to, in your transition, try and give yourself enough time to let your body start to move towards the target, which will bring your arms down and allow the club to go through. My new word is marinate. I like to just let your hands and club marinate to give your body enough time to get out of the way. It should look something like this.

 If you're struggling with your game in any way, give us a call. Be glad to help you out. 

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