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Meredith Has a “Quick Fix” for Visiting Myrtle Beach Golfers

LPGA and Dustin Johnson Golf School instructor Meredith Kirk visited Grande Dunes Resort Club recently – and, while strolling the range, had some impromptu advice for visiting golfers.

Hey, Meredith here, and I'm at the beautiful Grande Dunes and today we have a group from Texas out here playing. While they're out on the range, I'm going to go see if they need any fixing with their golf swings - give them a “quick fix.” It’s one of the benefits of being an LPGA teaching pro. Come along with me and see if their quick fixes help fix your game!

(After viewing golfer’s swing)

That's pretty darn good right there. I think it looked really good. You do have a little unorthodox swing there at the top, but you know how to get down at impact. The only thing that I would suggest is when you get set up, go ahead and get in the addressed position. Alignment was great. What I would like to see ... Go ahead and get in the addressed position. I'm going to make a little small adjustment with your shoulders, say here.

Okay, now I want you to step behind. Right now, go ahead and step out. (Shows club lined up the way the golfer’s shoulders were, originally in a more open position). That's your alignment for your shoulders right there. Go ahead and step back up to it and get back into address. Alright. What we're going to do is, I'm going to hold the club right here. All I'm going to do is, don't turn your lower body. I'm just going to make a small rotation with the upper body (to close the stance). There we go. What we're doing is we're making sure your shoulders are getting nice and square. You want to make sure your left shoulder leads the swing.

That's the only tip I would give you. The rest you've got down pat. That was really solid. That takes just a little practice, and what you can do before you tee off, just grab your club. You can practice with criss-cross hands, you can just hold it up and just make sure you just check your shoulder alignment.

Your left shoulder lead, and then obviously for the left-handed players, the right shoulder. You did great.

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