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Meredith Kirk’s Latest “Quick Tip”

In her recent visit to Grande Dunes Resort Club, Dustin Johnson Golf School lead instructor Meredith Kirk offers some advice on the benefits of squaring the club face.

Hey. Meredith here and I'm at the beautiful Grande Dunes. Today we have a group from Texas out here playing. While they're out on the range, I'm going to go see if they need any fixing with their golf swings. Give them a quick fix. One of the benefits of being an LPGA teaching pro, so come along with me and see if their quick fixes help fix your game.

Meredith: Okay, so I'm taking a look at your swing here and I have one question for you. When it comes to your irons, have you been fitted for those irons?

Golfer: I have.

Meredith: You have? Okay. One thing I do notice is the toe comes up a little bit on your club. Can I take a look at your club real quick?

Golfer: Sure. They're two down. Two degrees down.

Meredith: They're two degrees down. Do you have a tendency to hit on the toe a little bit?

Golfer: I do. I always have to pay attention to that.

Meredith: Yeah. Okay so one thing that you can correct and you don't have to correct it today. Okay, so if you're out here playing and you don't want to make the correction with the game playing today you don't have to, but sometimes it really helps when you square up the club face to make sure the leading edge is flush to the ground. What you can do is that ... Yeah, when you set up, what I've noticed is the handle, you have it dropped down a little bit.

Golfer: I do.

Meredith: The toe's coming up. You want to make sure when you get set up that the butt of the club runs through your belt buckle or your belly button. It's right at address. What you're doing is you're kind of dropping the handle down a little bit which is causing that toe to come up. Right there, okay.

Golfer: Got it.           

Meredith: Second thing, I would actually open up your hips just slightly more to your target. You're barely closed at address, okay, so it's not a major issue. Yeah, but that's just a little tip that will probably help you with all of your irons. Okay, bring your right foot up just a nudge. There you go. All right so you're a little bit open there, and we're just going to focus on making sure the leading edge is flush.

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