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Multimedia and Social Media: A Great Pairing for Promoting Golf

This article appears in the Fall 2016 issue of Golf Insider Magazine. To read more from this issue, click here.

Whenever Nate DeWitt sees a great picture or video clip that showcases one of his company’s golf courses in a flattering light, he’s quick to act.

It has become easy to see why. DeWitt, who manages the social media strategy for Founders Group International (FGI) and its collection of 22 Myrtle Beach-area golf courses, knows he’ll get a fairly immediate array of reactions when he posts these items to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

“It’s fascinating to see not only the volume, but range of positive reactions,” said DeWitt. “An aerial picture of ‘The Gambler’ hole at King’s North (at Myrtle Beach National), or a flyover video of the 14th hole at Grande Dunes are the kinds of visuals that really generate a buzz. And it will be anything from a one- or two-word reaction from a Twitter follower like ‘Wow’ or ‘Beautiful,’ to a share from a Facebook fan to a fellow golfer in his annual buddy trip group, asking why they haven’t played this great course yet.

“It really has become a great branding tool for our golf courses.”

The aerial photos and flyover videos, in particular, come to DeWitt via the use of their company’s remote controlled quadcopter capable of capturing multimedia in high resolution and high definition. A random flight in the skies above an FGI course has become a fast, easy and effective way to get the imagery they need to generate a quick social media reaction.

Notes DeWitt, “A 10-second video, or even a random overhead shot of a course from an angle that no one’s really seen before, is often all it takes to get the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ really going on any given day.”

While dramatic imagery is a big part of his company’s social media equation, it’s surely not the only part.

“Featuring engaging content is the bigger-picture focus,” says DeWitt. “It may be an article on one of our Web sites that highlights five unique par-3 holes on the Grand Strand, or a write-up that offers an opinion on the best places around town for a post-round meal.

“It’s really about providing resources and information in an easily accessible form, to help folks learn more about the Myrtle Beach golf market and make more informed decisions about their future golf plans.”

See for yourself at the Founders Collection’s primary social media outlets:

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