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Myrtlewood PineHills to Feature New Greens for Fall Golf


Myrtlewood PineHills is Scheduled to Open Saturday August 11th with new Sunday Bermudagrass Greens!


Meredith:            Hey, everyone. We are at the beautiful Myrtlewood Golf Club today, and joining me is head golf professional, Dustin Powers. Dustin, thanks for having us out.

Dustin:                 Absolutely, thanks for coming.

Meredith:            Well, I am standing on one of the tee boxes here at Pine Hills. But nobody is out here playing golf. We're going through some renovations.

Dustin:                 Not a soul on the golf course. Yes, we're renovated the Pine Hills course at Myrtlewood, green renovation. We're upgrading to a Sunday Bermuda grass, kind of a new hybrid that's out there. Really excited about it.

Meredith:            That's awesome. So, and you're also expanding the greens, as well?

Dustin:                 Taking them back to their original size, back in the original design. So, a little easier to hitch. It will be a little more enjoyable, a little more playable, as well.

Meredith:            That's always a good thing.Myrtlewood PineHills

Dustin:                 Always. For me, too. Especially.

Meredith:            Now, you're re-opening this course here in August, coming up this month. So, that's pretty exciting.

Dustin:                 Very exciting.

Meredith:            Yeah. And I know that there's a lot of golfers out here today on your other course, which is Palmetto. Let's talk about that.

Dustin:                 Palmetto, longer of the two golf courses. A true link style course, if you want to say. You go 9 out and 9 in. You don't see the clubhouse until you return back on 18, once you leave.

Meredith:            Yeah, and 18 is an amazing finishing hole, because you have the inter-coastal waterway. It's gorgeous. And if you haven't been to Myrtlewood, you're really gonna love coming out here because there's quite a few holes here on the inter-coastal waterway. And let's talk about the clubhouse that is situated on the waterway, which is really an amazing view. You wanna come out and have a drink, sit on the veranda, have a meal, which y'all have great food, as well. So, let's talk about that a little bit.

Dustin:                 We're actually getting ready to undergo, this winter, a food and beverage. Basically, taking it back to the studs. We're gonna upgrade everything, everything's gonna be new. A new bar, it's gonna be centrally located within the restaurant with an inside-outside feel. So, it's gonna be really nice.

Meredith:            Yeah, and this facility is really large. And at times when I'm here, I see big groups like to come out here. So, if you have a large group, Myrtlewood would be a great fit for that. You have a large dining area, that beautiful veranda. You get the inter-coastal waterway. And that really cool sign that you have on the back of the waterway, where it points to Miami and New York. Because the intracoastal it goes both ways.

Dustin:                 Both ways.Myrtlewood PineHills

Meredith:            Yeah, it goes both ways, it's pretty cool. So, if we have a viewer that would like to book here at Myrtlewood, can they contact you directly.

Dustin:                 Absolutely. Give us a call at the pro shop, 843-913-4516. You get a little prompt, just select the pro shop and we'll be happy to help you out.

Meredith:            There you go. And also you can always go to and book your next round here at Myrtlewood. Anything else that you would like to add?

Dustin:                 Just come out and see us. We have a great product to offer. I'm really excited about the reopening of Pine Hills and what we have in store for the clubhouse renovations. We just got new golf carts, so a lot of positive things happening. So, come and experience them.

Meredith:            Yeah. Golf carts. They're awesome.

Dustin:                 Brand new.

Meredith:            They have a USB charger in there. Sweet. Loving that.

Meredith:            All right, folks. So, a lot of reasons why you gotta come out and join us here at Myrtlewood Golf Club. We would love to see you.


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