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Translating Video Analysis From the Beginner to the Advanced Golfer



This was a Facbook Live Video Broadcast from the Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center

Meredith:           Thanks for joining us live here at the Grande Dunes Performance Center. With me is the Director of Instruction and Club Fitting, Dale Ketola, and we are getting ready to go over some really cool stuff that he does here at the Performance Center, and that is video analysis. Dale, this is cool stuff. I love watching this stuff. You're going to walk us through one of your current students that you're working with here.

Dale:                      This is just a guy that was here yesterday, really good player, pro actually. When I do a lesson, we'll start them out on the grass, and we do video out there usually just so the lighting's better. We come back in here, and then we use the V1 to upload all the swings that I videoed out there, and then I'll video from a few different angles. Here, I'll be able to compare him to maybe something that I wanted him to do and show him, "Okay, if we're working on your takeaway, then we may want it to look more like this," so on, so forth. Then there's all these different drawing tools that I can use to help the student see things better. If we want to change the color or any of this, we can do that.

                                Also, all the video that we take here is saved. I've got students that I've been working with forever, and we can go back and say, "Hey, 10 years ago, this is what you looked like and this is how good you look like now."

Meredith:           That is awesome.

Dale:                      Whatever we talk about during the lesson, the system will record it and then we send it to them in an email, so they've got all their notes when they got home from the lesson.

Meredith:           They could just go back and watch their videos again.

Dale:                      Some of them get obsessed with watching it over and over.

Meredith:           Some of them get obsessed. That is very cool.

Dale:                      You can do all kinds of stuff on here. It depends. I shoot from all different angles, so we can get a closeup of the club, and just depending on who I'm working with, what I want to show them. It's pretty neat. They like to see it. Again, I like the video because it doesn't lie. This is what it is, and this is how we're going to make it better, and then when we make it better, I'll film it again, and we come in here and show it to them. Then they get a kick out of it and they get some confidence going and then they can go out and practice.

Meredith:           Exactly.

Dale:                      Pretty neat.

Meredith:           Almost like a progression of growth in a golf swing.

Dale:                      It is. That's how I use the V1, as a progression. They don't like to see it, but I'll go back and show them, like, "Okay, this is where you were two years ago." They're like, "I don't wanna look at that [inaudible 00:02:50]. I just want to look at the good one." It's pretty neat.

Meredith:           When it comes to the type of students that you work with, do you do video analysis for all your students or is it just certain students you want them to see? How do you determine when do they need video analysis?

Dale:                      I'm probably going to video almost everybody. If they're coming for a lesson, I'm going to video them. As far as how much I show them or how much they need to see, that might change or what they can understand, but even if it's a beginner, especially if it's a beginner, I would do some video and take some pictures and stuff. I just send it to them, to their email, so when they get home, they can remember what we talked about and stuff like that. A lot of times, people come for a lesson and they're excited and then they don't remember what I've told them and then they get home and they forget, but this way, they've got it.

                                I use it pretty well every lesson. Probably the lower the handicap, the more detailed we might get.

Meredith:           Sure.

Dale:                      Even for basic stuff, I would use it.

Meredith:           Are you able to help the student identify goals? Once they leave her, they have this awesome information about their swing and all your instruction, but it probably helps you determine your goals having this.

Dale:                      It does. In a first meeting with a student, I do a little more of the assessment and trying to do some detective work and figure out what they're doing, what direction we need to go, and then before they leave that first day, we're going to have a good idea of where we'd like to be in whatever they're goal might be, three months or six months or a year from now, and then we'll do some really slow motion swings with a video camera to show them this is what we want it to look like and then these are the little exercises that you're going to need to do. Sometimes, we'll film the exercises and I'll send them to them, as well.

Meredith:           That's great.

Dale:                      Holds them accountable and they know, they have a picture of what they want, where they want to be, so it helps.

Meredith:           I love that. Folks, we are at the Grande Dunes Performance Center right now. With me is Dale Ketola. I love your comprehensive approach that you take here to instruction and club fitting. It's not just, "Hey, give me a quick fix." It's more than that. You're taking a student, whether they're an elite golfer at the pro tour level or someone just coming into golf for the first time, maybe someone who's just retired and wanting to learn the game, and it's almost you hold their hand through that process. I think that that is so important with golf because you have to trust the person teaching you and giving you good information. You certainly have all of that. You have this, and we've talked about Flight Scope. You've been in this business a long time. You're a highly renowned instructor.

                                I love that approach because I like working with people who are comprehensive all the way from beginning to end. You have all this data, and you can always go back and look at it. I love that.

Dale:                      It's a good way to keep track of how they're doing. You're right. If you can create a good relationship with the person, find out a little bit them, they're more likely to trust you and then they'll be more inclined to do what you want them to do. It helps them to relax, too. When they come here, sometimes, they're nervous. You just ask them questions about everyday stuff, and then before they know it, they're smiling and then they can be their normal self and hit shots, and I can go from there.

Meredith:           Folks, you don't have to worry about ... Dale's not going to come film you on your first shot here. You get to come hang out with him for a little bit, get to know him, and he'll get to know you and warm up. The process is slow going into it, which helps relax them I'm sure.

Dale:                      I don't start judging them until maybe the 37th or 38th ball, something like that.

Meredith:           There you go, there you go. I can tell you. I'm relaxed in here. We're inside right now in the indoor hitting bay, and nice, cool breeze here in a summer day. Actually, the temperature is really nice in here. We're in the heat of summer right now, and it's nice and cool, nice breeze. I'm very relaxed in here right now.

Dale:                      Can't beat it.

Meredith:           This is great. I do want to talk about a few other aspects because you have so many amazing things in here. I know we've just discussed the video analysis, but maybe let's go into a little bit about what's taking place when you have a student on the mat and maybe some of your favorite gadgets or tools that help you instruct and maybe you can give us a golf tip before I leave today.

Dale:                      We can. Should we do that now or we going to do that in a different segment.

Meredith:           Yeah. You know what? What we'll do is we will go ahead and do that now and, folks, just stay with us. Give us about one or two minutes, and we're going to get Dale here on the mat and we're going to continue this conversation here at the Grand Dunes Performance Center.


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