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Palmer’s Designs at Myrtle Beach National Continue to be a Staple in Myrtle Beach Golf

This was a Facebook Live Video

Meredith:           Good morning everyone and thanks for joining us live here at And today, I am at the beautiful Myrtle Beach National and joining me is Head Golf Professional, Brad Crumling. Brad, thanks for having us out today.

Brad:                     Thank you for coming out. We really appreciate it.

Meredith:           Yeah, well, it's a beautiful day. I mean it's like 80 degrees right now. There's no wind and just a perfect day for Myrtle Beach Golf.

Brad:                     Absolutely perfect for the end of July, early August, the low humidity the last couple days; it's been absolutely gorgeous.

Meredith:           It's been awesome. So, tell us a little bit about Myrtle Beach National.

Brad:                     Ok. 54 hole facility here. Three 18 hole golf courses. King's North is our premier golf course. We also have two very nice establishments in the West Course and SouthCreek. Totally different layouts between the three golf courses. You have the premier Arnold Palmer design with the really great aesthetics in King's North. Totally different layout in the West Course in which you get the more wide open, longer golf course that the long bombers like to pull out driver all day long.

Meredith:           I've heard that before, too at that golf course.

Brad:                     And then SouthCreek is the shorter, tighter golf course that goes through our community, you get to see the beautiful houses in the SouthCreek community. So, yeah, three totally different layouts, but yet it gives people a different, an eclectic view of different facilities when they come out to play.

Meredith:           And I love that. And that these courses are known for that. They're so versatile. And so many different types of golfers could come out here and play. Like you said, the South Course, a little bit more course management and being able to pull out that driver or the other course, it's ... You have so many different options out here. I have seen it, because I come out here and they'll plan to play each course three days in a row. And I'm sure ... Do you find that a lot?

Brad:                     Oh, yeah.

Meredith:           When people come out?

Brad:                     Oh, yeah. A lot of package trips through the golf season; they'll do a three day package and it'll be all Myrtle Beach National courses. Just because the first two: SouthCreek and West Course are both player friendly, not overly difficult and then they take their last day to play the premier course and challenge themselves a little bit. So-

Meredith:           Oh, I like that. Yeah, and you have a great staff out here, too.

Brad:                     Yeah. We do. We do.

Meredith:           One thing I love. Every time I come out here, everybody is so friendly. I mean you get out of your car and they're taking your bag, loading it up. Great customer service out here.

Brad:                     Yes.

Meredith:           I've had people, either when they play this course, they're like, "Oh, everybody is just so friendly and nice." And they want to come back for that aspect too.

Brad:                     When I came to Myrtle Beach National it's something I strived, with the staff, was customer service. There are 80 some golf courses on the beach and one of the ways you can differentiate yourself between other courses is by your customer service. So I basically tell people, "I know when we get busy in season and we have 700 players a day. It gets a little hectic, but I expect all 700 of those people to be treated like they're members for the day."

Meredith:           Yeah. Well, y'all are certainly doing a great job out here. And right now we are standing, right behind us is one of your popular holes here.

Brad:                     Oh, yes.

Meredith:           The Gambler on King's North. This is a very cool hole here, right here. Tell us a little bit about this hole.

Brad:                     It's the ultimate risk reward par five. If you're daring enough to try and hit the island fairway, you'll have a really good chance to hit the green too and at least make birdie and even give yourself a shot at eagle. But if you don't want to be daring, you can play it out to the right and play it the long, like a true par five. See a ultimate risk reward, it's appropriately called The Gambler.

Meredith:           Yeah. It's a beautiful hole, too. And the condition of this course is phenomenal. It's just in perfect shape, too. Look at it.

Brad:                     It does.

Meredith:           It's beautiful.

Brad:                     Well, Mike Weinreich, our Superintendent and his three Assistant Superintendents keep this place plush year round.

Meredith:           Yeah. It's fabulous. But this hole is so cool. I love playing this hole. I've played it a gazillion times and I know that you get to play it today for us.

Brad:                     Yeah.

Meredith:           Yeah.

Brad:                     Yes, I do.

Meredith:           So, what are you thinking? Are you going to go with the island? Take the risk?

Brad:                     I have to make our viewers happy. I have to try and go for the island.

Meredith:           Okay. So, we have a risk-taker today on The Gambler. That's going to be fun.

                                Another aspect that I love about all three of these courses is the nature out here. So, I'm a huge nature fan. I love just being out in places where there's lots of birds and wildlife and that's one thing that I notice. Every time I come out here ... I mean right now we've birds flying over us during this interview and everything.

Brad:                     Yeah.

Meredith:           It's really cool. But the wildlife out here is just beautiful. Do you get a lot of feedback from that from golfers?

Brad:                     Yeah. The good thing about here is that we're right next door, people don't realize how close we are to Wild Wing Plantation and for those who don't know, Wild Wing, for the past 20 years or so has been a bird sanctuary.

Meredith:           Yes.

Brad:                     So, we feed off of ... We get some of the birds that travel over this way. So, yeah, we do get a lot of different types of birds flying around. You can probably hear them in the background. They're all over the place.

Meredith:           Yeah. They're very active this morning.

Brad:                     But, yeah, with especially in King's North, when you get in Spring time and the azaleas are in bloom and the birds chirping.

Meredith:           Oh, it's gorgeous.

Brad:                     Early morning Spring time around here, you don't beat it.

Meredith:           Yeah, it's one of those courses I tell people to bring your camera.

Brad:                     Exactly.

Meredith:           Take a couple pictures in between holes if you can, because it really is that beautiful out here. Definitely a must play. So, if somebody's wanting to come out here and play Myrtle Beach National, one or all three of the courses, how do they get in contact with you? Do you have a website?

Brad:                     We do. that you're watching on today. Yeah. Everything can be taken care of through our folks at Tee Time Central and they are great at booking packages and they'll get everything taken care of.

Meredith:           Yeah. So, you definitely have to come out and play one of these courses, maybe King's North, maybe you want to try The Gambler or you can play all three for a three day package. I think that's a good idea.

Brad:                     That's a great idea.

Meredith:           You can also go to and you can book there as well as like Brad was telling us. So, well, I think we've covered a lot here. Is there anything that you'd like to add about Myrtle Beach National?

Brad:                     No. In regards to King's North, I like to tell people what differentiates King's North from other courses. I tell people, "When you come and play King's North, you're going to get three signature holes between number 6, The Gambler, number 12, The Island Green and number 18, that you're never going to forget. It's three holes that are going to ingrained in your memory for life." So, if you're looking for a truly memorable round of golf, I suggest coming out to play King's North.

Meredith:           Yeah, absolutely. And then The Island Green.

Brad:                     Yes.

Meredith:           I want to talk about that real quick.

Brad:                     Okay,

Meredith:           Because you just brought that up. That that's another signature hole. But the bunker is in ... It has South Carolina.

Brad:                     Yeah, it's -

Meredith:           S-C on the bunker, which I think is super cool and I've heard-

Brad:                     It is.

Meredith:           That when you're flying in certain plane routes coming in to Myrtle Beach.

Brad:                     You can look right over the top.

Meredith:           You can actually look right over the top and see S-C on the signature hole, which I think is super cool. And you can actually Google that, if you want to go on Google. Google Myrtle Beach National, the island hole and you can see a picture of that. Because it is super cool and that, like you said, it's one of three signature holes that you get here on The Gambler.

Brad:                     Yes.

Meredith:           King's North.

Brad:                     And then number 18, not to daunt anyone as they finish their rounds, there's only 42 bunkers on the 18th hole. So-

Meredith:           42?

Brad:                     42.

Meredith:           I didn't know that.

Brad:                     Shouldn't be too challenging for you, but yeah, like I said-

Meredith:           42.

Brad:                     It's three holes that you're never going to forget, so-

Meredith:           Those bunkers, are they a lot of fairway too or just-

Brad:                     A lot of fairway-

Meredith:           On the green?

Brad:                     Quite a few around the green. They're all over the place. There are 42.

Meredith:           Alright. Well, Lisa's on 18 now.

Brad:                     That's right.

Meredith:           So-

Brad:                     Don't worry, the 19th hole follows right after that. So-

Meredith:           There you go and the 19th is very large. You've got a great Clubhouse.

Brad:                     Yes.

Meredith:           Lots of yummy food in there too.

Brad:                     Yes.

Meredith:           Lots of options for eating and everything. So, yeah, it's definitely a great place to go after that 18th hole.

Brad:                     Yeah. That's right.

Meredith:           Alright. So, Brad, we're going to go out now and we're going to play The Gambler so stay tuned, watch us here in a few minutes and it's going to be a lot of fun.

Brad:                     Yeah.

Meredith:           And I'm interested to see you take this risk.

Brad:                     Oh, we'll see.

Meredith:           Yeah.

Brad:                     We'll see how that goes.

Meredith:           Alright. Thanks. Join us in a few minutes.

King's North at Myrtle Beach National

SouthCreek at Myrtle Beach National

West Course at Myrtle Beach National

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