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Myrtle Beach Courses That Offer Great Combination for Links and Football

Champions Pub at TPC Myrtle Beach

Story by Ian Guerin

Every golf course has at the very least a snack bar. And nearly all of them have a TV or two. But when it comes to fall golf, the best 19th holes are the ones that practically invite players to kick back, enjoy a post-round drink and watch some football. Because much like golf, football has the ability to bring even the casual fans together unlike much else. Along South Carolina’s Grand Strand, there are several such choices. What’s more, there are some that go above and beyond, matching their viewing environment with great staff known for accommodating the players who don’t bolt immediately after the cap removal, hand shake and cart return. Here are four joints as good as any to catch the action on the gridiron in style after 18 holes in the sun.


It may not look like much, but Indigo Creek’s bar and grill is almost the focal point of its business during certain parts of the year. The area won’t accommodate 200 people, but it isn’t meant to. This is a low-key course, and a quaint bar mimics that. However, much like its links, renovated after a relatively recent ownership change, the lounge has been heavily updated - including a beautiful bar wall. Multiple televisions have excellent sight lines from anywhere in the vicinity, and the venue has more than enough space for you and your buddies.


Describing the Legends’ Scottish-style clubhouse as “massive” sort of sells it short. The castle-like structure houses an oversized pro shop, check-in counter for its three home courses, the resort offices, and one of the best course bar and grills Myrtle Beach has to offer. A boatload of seating at the bar and its layers of tables is accompanied by an off-set pizza stand and numerous flat-screen TVs. The location is a favorite for those staying on the property for a vacation and even more players who want to catch up on any number of post-round football games.


Not that TPC, which originally opened in 1999, was all that old. But when the course renovated and re-opened its Champions Pub, the clubhouse took another step forward. Located a few feet away from a mini-shrine to current PGA stud Dustin Johnson, the pub has developed into a post-round hangout with serious clout. Flat screens adorn the outer walls and bar, and a game of Cornhole on the back deck is a perfect time killer between football quarters. Oh, and did we mention you’re overlooking one of the most spectacular 18th greens in all of Myrtle Beach?


Want an oversized bar and grill? You’d struggle to find one quite like this. The clubhouse, which once served as the center point of four 18-hole courses, was built to withstand massive traffic from all sides. So when the property scaled back to 27 holes, the structure seemed almost out of place. Players finishing up at either the Avocet or Hummingbird courses now benefit - think of it as getting first-class leg room for the coach price. Stretch out, snag some grub and a brew and ask them to flip on any game you want to watch.


Ian Guerin is a DJ and freelance writer based in Myrtle Beach. You can follow him on Twitter @iguerin and Facebook

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