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5 New Retail Items to Check Out on Your Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation


Meredith:            Hey, everyone. Joining me today is Casey Cooke, director of retail of Founders Group International. Now, Casey, you work with over 22 courses here along the Grand Strand and every time I walk into one of these pro shops, they always have the latest and greatest stuff from apparel, to merchandise, to equipment. I'm really excited to talk with you today about some of your upcoming products that you're gonna have in the pro shops here in Myrtle Beach.

Casey:                  Yeah, absolutely. Thanks for having me out today. We're going to just cover a few items that I would consider a must purchase on your next golf trip. Some really cool stuff we have here. First thing we're going to show, it's called a Nextbelt. When you get one of these, they all come sized to 44, and you actually detach the belt from the buckle and then you can cut it. It's got your lengths already printed on the back of the buckle. So you can cut it off, reattach it, and then if you're worried about exact sizing it actually has a click system that clicks every eighth's of an inch.

Meredith:            That is amazing.

Casey:   So you can get a perfect fit with a belt every time.

Meredith:            That's incredible. I mean, who comes up with stuff like this? Obviously this company, right?Golf Shop Merchandise

Casey:                  Genius.

Meredith:            This is amazing.

Casey:                  And this is one of those few products too that if you like a buckle, all the straps with this company are universal, so if you like brown, black, white, whatever you want to get that may match your outfit, you can kind of color coordinate that back to the buckle, back to your outfit. So it's very universal, unique item. I own about six of these.

Meredith:            I'm sure you do because every time I see you you're styling. And you know what? Belts are coming back in. I've been watching the guys on tour, lot of them are really just wearing some really cool, bright stuff. Some conservative stuff, but they're just kind of dressing up their outfits with their sponsors and really making it look really pretty cool.

Casey:                  Absolutely.

Meredith:            I've been watching DJ and I think last week he had on this really cool brown leather one, so he's even-

Casey:                  Crocodile prints and--

Meredith:            Crocodile prints and ... This company, they have some amazing prints and stuff. Definitely got to check out the belts. Very cool.

Casey:                  Absolutely. The next item we're going to have is new to us this fall and we'll carry it through to Spring 19, PUMA Golf has created a line called Volition. Most notably seen on TV the last weekend of the PGA Championship by Gary Woodland. What Volition is, it's all proceeds from this line goes back to the Folds of Honor. For those of you who don't know what the Folds of Honor is, it is a fund that they have set up to give college scholarships to family members of fallen or injured veterans that couldn't afford to send their kids to college.

Meredith:            That's awesome.

Casey:                  So a great program here. We're diving into this more and more every year. The more research we do on it it's just something that you want to stand behind and it's near and dear to everyone.

Meredith:            Right. And they get, I think you mentioned earlier, 13% of the proceeds.

Casey:                  Absolutely, yeah.

Meredith:            That's a big chunk of change. So when you're buying something a lot of your money, 13% of your money, is going to this.Antiqua Apparel Line

Casey:                  Absolutely. And PUMA's goal every year is to donate the million dollar mark back to the Folds of Honor.

Meredith:            That's incredible.

Casey:                  So we're trying to help them as much as we can get to that max donation. So that's why we stand by this line, there's several golf professionals locally, we do a hundred hole marathon every year to support the Folds of Honor. We take pledges, we raise money. Last three years we've done it we've raised about $170,000.

Meredith:            Wow. That's incredible.

Casey:                  It's something that means a lot to us locally that we're starting to get behind more and more.

Meredith:            Okay, cool. So if you're wanting to participate in a great cause, the Folds of Honor, you can go to any of our pro shops here in Myrtle Beach and you can check out this line. It's called Vol-

Casey:                  Volition.

Meredith:            Volition, there we go. And then check out the back real quick, there you go. Volition there on the back. You showed me a few other of these shirts, so all of them are very patriotic in nature, the design and everything. But this is one of a few that they have. This is very cool stuff. So this is a way that you can help out with Folds of Honor, so that's always cool-

Casey:                  Absolutely.

Meredith:            To have some apparel that you know you're doing some good with, right? That's very cool, love that. And I see you have a jacket that I absolutely love.

Casey:                  Can't go through the fall season without a good jacket. This is new to the Adidas market, coming out this fall. This is called the Go-To Adapt Jacket. Basically it's going to go over several different temperatures. What you're going to have here it, it's going to be a climal warm bottom to keep you warm, it's going to have a vented top to actually-

Meredith:            You can actually feel the differences on this, this is amazing. So this is thicker and this is a little bit thiner up here, that's cool.

Casey:                  So best thing I like for the avid golfer is going to be the stay cuff. When I play golf I can't stand usually wearing jackets because the sleeves get in my way.

Meredith:            Right.

Casey:                  Here, you pull the sleeves halfway up and they stay up with the stay cuff.Oakley Sunglasses

Meredith:            That's awesome. And it gives you that arm room that you need when you're swinging.

Casey:                  Exactly. It's come in a quarter zip in the men's size, the ladies will have the same jacket, there's will come in a full zip model. So it will be men and ladies-

Meredith:            Love it.

Casey:                  Seen in most of our properties this fall.

Meredith:            Yay, great. The ladies as well, I'm loving that. Now this next thing I get to share with you guys. This is one of my favorite lines here, it's called Lucky in Love. You have a lot Antigua for ladies and you also have this Lucky in Love, a few of these pieces in your pro shop here, but these are my favorite though. So check out these skorts, how cute are these? And velvet is coming back in folks, okay? 2019, you're going to see a lot of velvet. This has velvet on some of the patterns here. So a little bit shiny, and it's just got a nice feel to it, you can wear summer or winter. Especially if you're coming to Myrtle Beach you can get away with this in the wintertime. But these are just adorable, and you can actually, this is just a suggestion, you can go to the beach. You can wear your swimsuit, throw one of these one, and there you go, you've got a cute beach coverup. Of course I'm thinking about ideas like that.

Casey:                  Absolutely.

Meredith:            I'm all about that. But anyway this is the Lucky in Love line. I love this, hence the name, Love.

Casey:                  Absolutely.

Meredith:            Alright, then the last product we're going to talk about is Oakley glasses. I got a lesson today on different types of sunglasses, so let's tell our viewers what the Oakley Prism is.

Casey:                  So this is the Oakley Golf Prism. We've sold these in our shops for about two year now. They've done some research and found out that playing golf in polarized lenses is no good because of the reflection, depth perception, reading greens, it makes it a lot harder. So they have come out with a prism golf lens that Meredith tried on when we walked out here. It brightens everything up-

Meredith:            So bright, it's awesome.

Casey:                  It shows up a lot more color, a lot more details, you can visually see depth and read greens a lot better. I started playing golf in these about 18 months ago and this is all I wear.

Meredith:            Right.

Casey:                  Outside, driving, in the car, playing golf, whatever, it's a universal lens. I like it because it brightens everything up, you can see better.

Meredith:            And it's not dark too. So when you put these sunglasses on if anything it brightens things up, it protects your eyes, but you don't have that darkened feel. One thing I don't like is if I'm playing golf and I have sunglasses that are too dark I feel like I can't see everything even in peripheral vision. These just, it's almost like it highlights everything. And protects your eyes, you don't feel like you're squinting when you wear them.

Casey:   Yep. Solid product and you can probably find these in about a dozen of our properties

Meredith:            Yeah. That's great, I love these. So these are five products that Casey and I have picked out for you guys when you come visit one of our 22 courses. Let's give our viewers a way to contact our courses, do you have any suggestions on that? Where should they go?

Casey:                  Most of the time would be website, would have a list of our golf courses. We do have online retail shops available at all of our golf courses now, so if you see something you like you can check the online shop. If it's not there you know you'll find it in one of our properties.

Meredith:            Yeah, and I wanted to ... you know, the reason why I asked you that, because I wanted to bring up that option. To go to the website, you can go there right now, you can click on one of our 22 courses and it will say "Shop," and you click on that, and it will direct you actually to the pro shop where you can check out all of this new apparel and merchandise. They really have the latest and greatest of everything here when you come to Myrtle Beach that you'll find. So you guys are definitely on the up and up. Thanks for having us out.

Casey:                  Thanks for coming.

Meredith:            Now I have to go shopping because Casey has showed me so many amazing products. But we want to show you guys so that way you know what you can find here at many of our Myrtle Beach golf courses. So Casey, thanks for having us out.

Casey:                  Thank you for coming.

Meredith:            Alright, and you can go check us out at Joy Shoes

Founders Group Collection of 22 Golf Courses

Aberdeen Country Club

Buring Ridge Golf Club

Colonial Charters Golf Club

Founders Club at Pawleys Island

Grande Dunes Resort Club

Indian Wells Golf Club

Litchfield Country Club

Myrtle Beach National King's North Course

Myrtle Beach National SouthCreek Course

Myrtle Beach National West Course

Long Bay Club

Myrtlewood Golf Club-Palmetto Course

Myrtlewood Golf Club-PineHills Course

Pawleys Plantation Golf Club

Pine Lakes Country Club

River Club

River Hills Golf Club

TPC Myrtle Beach

Tradition Golf Club

Wild Wing Plantation

Willbrook Plantation

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